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  1. I received all my SAR info in a huge envelope this morning delivered by courier. The bulk of the envelope being made up of credit card statements from 2001 until November 2017. I thought it a bit strange receiving a NatWest credit card statement for November 2017 as the debt was sold to Cabot in June 2017 and is still being managed by Wescot! Perhaps their system just keeps generating the statements as if I was still a customer! The CCA (application form) from 1997 included with the SAR info, is of even worse quality than the one they sent to me in 2014, so perhaps now i
  2. Thanks dx I’ll have a read, however how could Canada Square have rejected my ‘original claim’ when I didn’t make a claim?
  3. Until this morning I'd never heard of Canada Square Operations, and now I'm just a little bit concerned. I received a letter from them stating that they'd previously rejected my ppi claim as it hadn't been mis-sold but that I can now complain again due to Plevin v Paragon. However I didn't recognise the account number they quoted and was surprised to see a complaint reference. So I dug out my old files and can see that the 16 digit account number is for an old Citi Visa Card that was defaulted in 2006, and when I cca'd them in 2008 they couldn't provide a copy of the agreement so t
  4. I sent NatWest a SAR request on the 15th September (which was signed for on receipt) but I haven't received anything from them as yet, and 58 days have now passed. Is this normal for NatWest or should I be chasing them up?
  5. ***UPDATE*** I haven't yet sent a CCA request to Cabot, but here's what I have done. When I sent my CCA request to Natwest 3 years ago, they sent back a copy of the application form from 1997 that didn't include the prescribed terms (copy posted earlier in this thread). However I can clearly see on the application form that I've ticked the box requesting PPI Also when NatWest sent me the copy of the application form, they also sent me copies of the general terms and conditions for the PPI informing me that the policy would be with Sun Alliance & London (no policy number)
  6. I had an overdraft of around £2k with Abbey when it was defaulted. It was quickly sold to Debt Managers and I started to make repayments to them. Then I found this message board and CCA'd Debt Managers (not knowing at the time that overdrafts weren't covered by a CCA request) However, Debt Managers managed to obtain and send to me a copy of the application form used to open the Abbey National Bank Account. On the Application Form there was a box that had to be ticked if you wanted to request an overdraft. I hadn't ticked that box. So I wrote back to Debt Managers and pointed
  7. I'm definitely going to send a CCA request to Cabot.
  8. Hi Bazooka, I can no longer pay NatWest direct surely!!! as they have definitely sold the debt to Cabot. I probably should stop making the payments, but I'm just worried in case the application form/credit agreement (that I've attached to post #55 on this thread) is compliant, even though it doesn't have the prescribed terms on it.
  9. Received letter yesterday stating that NatWest have now sold the debt to Cabot. It goes on to say that Wescot will still be managing the debt and all future payments (£1pm) should be remitted to Wescot. Is this good or bad?
  10. I just wasn't 100% sure that the above cca had failed!
  11. No dx, Natwest haven't sold it on yet. Card taken out in 1997, then defaulted in 2006. I've paid token payments since 2006. In 2016 the account has been managed by Wescot but my £1 token payment is still remitted direct to NatWest. Is that correct that NatWest never take court action against debtors?
  12. Hi dx, I'm just looking for a little bit of reassurance that it may be unlikely they could be successful if they ever tried to take me to Court!
  13. Hi, hope you don't mind me posting this NatWest CCA once again - hopefully I've done it better (and more readable) than I did almost 3 years ago! As above it was a credit card taken out in 1997 and defaulted in 2006. I pay NatWest £1 per month (although now managed by Wescot since 2016). I CCA'd NatWest in 2014 and this is what they sent me: An Application Form (pdf copy attached), signed by me but with none of the prescribed terms. It was one of those Application Forms that when completed was folded and sealed then posted off to NatWest (you can just about see part of th
  14. Hi Helen How did you get on with your F&F offer to RBS/Wescot? I haven't heard anything from Wescot for a few months when they said it was time for my annual review (first one since they started managing the debt) but if I was happy to continue paying £1 per month, then no need to contact them.
  15. Hi fletch, yes I cca'd Natwest 2 or 3 years ago and they managed to produce a compliant cca - at least I was told by someone it was compliant and accepted that. I'll need to look it out again - it was an application form for a credit card taken out in 1997. However although they've produced the prescribed terms, I think they're on separate pieces of paper that Natwest also sent to me. I'll have another look tomorrow.
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