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  1. Wondering if you have any updates on this? Been in Canada for 3 years - been paying back UK debt and SLC. Its crippling me with the currency conversion.
  2. I moved to Canada 2 years ago as a Permanent Resident and I've been paying the SLC for the last 18 months but now I've had a private loan recalled (father in law) and I can't make payments to him, MBNA UK (£10,000 on 0% credit card) and the SLC. I've decided to pay my family and MBNA but I want to know what damage the SLC can do to me. If not paying the SLC is going to ruin my credit then I'd rather lump it all in and default on the MBNA too so I can pay this private loan back quicker. If not I'm happy to pay. I get my citizenship next year and it's unlikely we will be returning to t
  3. A few months ago I enquired about PPI on some old Egg Loans I had in the early 2000's. This morning I had a letter from Canada Square with their decision. On one policy did not have any PPI on it but the other 2 did and they have upheld my complaint. It says the total redress is £4,256.55 but that out of that amount I am only getting £2,168.60 because of a Final Loan adjustment £1,849.17 is going to a company called Arrow Global Receivables who my loan was transferred to in 2011. There is also a deduction of £2,365 listed as "Less any previous rebate paid" I was never paid an
  4. Hi A Germany collection agency is trying to collect debt of about 1,300 euro from my son. I would like to know will it affect his credit rating in Canada and can the German collection agency take my son to court in Canada? and what is the consequence if he leave the debt unpaid? The collection agency keeps adding interest and different fees in the total amount, is this legal? Can my son just paid the original debt amount? the original debt was about 1700 CAD Many thanks in advance.
  5. HI all its been 12 years since I moved to Canada I did inform the SLC of my address. I did not have to pay since my income was so low. This year I have been receiving letters from debt agency saying that they have brought the debt and want me to pay it back. I believe that the old loans are now statues bard and it should only be one or two of the new type which are still with me This year they have been sending letters to my old address saying the they have been sold off again to a new debt agency. I have been on disability for many years and dont have much income
  6. Hi all. I have today received a letter from Canada Square operations re 'You can make a new type of complaint about your PPI'. It goes on to say that 'You complained to us previously about our sale of your Payment Protection Insurance policy. We rejecetd your complaint because your policy was not mis-sold'. I have no recollection of making this complaint. Just double checking this is legit? Has anyone else received similar? Thanks all.
  7. Until this morning I'd never heard of Canada Square Operations, and now I'm just a little bit concerned. I received a letter from them stating that they'd previously rejected my ppi claim as it hadn't been mis-sold but that I can now complain again due to Plevin v Paragon. However I didn't recognise the account number they quoted and was surprised to see a complaint reference. So I dug out my old files and can see that the 16 digit account number is for an old Citi Visa Card that was defaulted in 2006, and when I cca'd them in 2008 they couldn't provide a copy of the agreement so t
  8. Hi All, I'm looking for some advice regarding my debts because frankly I'm an idiot and don't know where else to turn. My situation is so: I have £10k or so left on an unsecured Natwest Loan which I originally took out back in 2015 but have rescheduled a few times, I'm pretty sure it's supposed to run for at least another 4 years at around £300 a month. I also have £1900 on a 0% credit card which doesn't run out till September 2019. I will however pay £300 or so off this next month. I also have phone and tablet contracts which run to about £960. I move to Can
  9. Hi folks I really appreciate any help or advice given on this debt. I will try to simplify as much as possible so its not boring. Although at first this may not seem relevant but as you will read on it does so. Unfortunately i was abused a lot by my step father for 10 years, until a teenager. Moving on from that weird fact at the age of 18 i found a nice gf and started a business. Due to making really rookie mistakes and my girlfriend at the time taking huge advantage of my generosity I ended up with a failed business, no girlfriend and 30k worth of debt (i live in sc
  10. Canada Square Operations are citing the Financial Conduct Authority's regulatory review in light of the Supreme Court’s decision in Plevin as a justification for being unable to consider my claim for mis-sold PPI on an Egg credit card until such time as the FCA publishes its guidance. Let me be clear, it's not that Canada Square Operations have rejected my claim but have said they will revisit it in light of any additional rules / guidance deemed necessary by the FCA. Rather, they have said they won't even consider it until the FCA publishes its conclusions. Now, it seems to me this
  11. In early 2000, we moved to Canada from the UK, At the time we owed ~13000 pounds to Lloyds on a credit card. Until around 2013 we struggled to pay the minimum balance, by this time it was transfered to APEX. In May we asked for a CCA and paid the fee. APEX acknowledged the request in writing and informed us they had asked lloyds for the information. The account was placed on hold. We still have not received that information As of today Lloyds have informed us they have sold the debt to 1st Credit. My many questions are as follows 1) Should we ask 1st Credit for the CCA? 2) A
  12. I moved to Canada over 3 years ago with approx £15k in credit card debt. A few months after arriving in Canada, my house sold in the UK and I paid the credit cards off in full but kept the accounts open. I continued to use the credit cards for purchases, and continued to make regular payments. I had no intention of running from debt and I gave all of the companies my new Canadian address. About 18 months into my new life in Canada I fell into financial difficulty. I had a high risk pregnancy and had to go for appointments several times each week at a hospital
  13. For a family member.... Who now lives in Newfoundland Canada, moving to BC next year. He has an £11k Visa debt with Halifax, he wants to know in as much detail as possible, what would happen if he simply stopped paying it in order to concentrate on more important Canadian debts. He doesn't intend returning to the UK ever, and is now a full Canadian citizen. Thanks in advance.
  14. Hi all. I'm having problems with Canada square operations about a SAR request for an egg card (which will turn into a PPI claim). The only problem is they keep requesting more information about my previous address (which I have given them time and time again but they're still saying its not enough). It sounds to me like they're just using delaying/stalling tactics in the hope that I will just give up. Is there any way I can 'persuade' them more? I've already tried the ICO who were about as much help as a chocolate teapot...
  15. Slightly complex claim here. I topped up an Egg loan at the beginning of 2007. The total cash amount of the loan was £9331 and the payment protection premium lent was £1730.85 with the total amounts payable at £10668.00 and £1979.04 respectively. I subsequently defaulted on the loan and it was sold to various debt collection companies, ending up most recently with Arrow Global. They stated that the purchase balance of the account was £8193.79, down from the £11061.85 advanced by Egg. Added to the complications, I now live in the USA. Restons for Arrow Global obtained a CCJ by default
  16. Hi All Thanks in advance for any help. My Situation: I left the UK in 2010, and used my MBNA CC in Canada, I think I last made a payment near the end of 2010. I have received a letter (dated 28/11/2014), asking 'What are you able to pay?' from 'Robinson Way' debt collectors sent a letter to my sisters address (sent on to me via my sister), stating that I owe them nearly £3150. It is asking me to work with them to come up with a payment plan, or they may allow you to pay a reduced balance over 3 months (which isn't very likely in my current situation). I have dual British
  17. ok my situation is a strange one. i entered a trust deed (IVA) 2 years ago but i lost my job this year and all they said was as long as i make a token payment i will be fine. i have been offered a job in canada and seriously thinking about taking it, i need to be there before dec 31st. this month is the first month i have not been able to pay my mortgage as I'm not working also i doubt ill be able to make my payment to trust deed. my question is whats my best option here goto canada and forget about my debt send the keys to mortgage company. can i go bankrupt from canada, explain situation t
  18. Hi I need some advice on a letter I received from Heirtrace in regards to my father. This letter was sent on behalf of Sun life financial of Canada. I'll give a brief rundown of the letter: I am writing to you on behalf of sun life financial of Canada, who has employed Heirtrace ltd as part of a programme to update the contact details of their customers. Heirtrace provides a specialist service to financial institutions, legal firms and other organisations needing to update their customers records, trace missing policyholders and trace the owners of unclaimed assets. Sun life f
  19. I have 2 credit card debts of approx 8000quid in the U.K. If the debt is sold to a Canadian debt collection agency, how much legal power do they have to enforce the collection? Both credit card agencies know my Canadian address.
  20. Hi I had an Egg Loan and an Egg credit card, I contacted them re claiming for PPI and was referred to Canada Sq. I sent a request and twice they wrote back asking for proof of address as the address they held was not the one I was writing from. I duly sent back the proof and they returned and then nothing. So I sent a SAR and enclosed a £10 cheque, they cash my cheque and wrote again asking for proof of address!! I sent this along with a strongly worded letter and thus far NOTHING! The 40 days have long gone and I'm at a loss of what to do.
  21. my friend claims that if he was to sign a new contract with o2 and then move to canada they will not pursue him because it would cost them more to track him down then his actual debt. I beg to differ because his debt will be about 500gbp. we are wondering if anyone knows how this works and if o2 will try to sell their debt to canadian DCA or if they will not bother pursuing him if he has moved. thanks
  22. Hi Everyone, Im hoping that someone on here will be able to provide me with some insight. I left the UK in 2009 with 3 credit card debts of approximately 3,000 gbp each. Since leaving, I have been making minimum payments and have not missed a single payment to date. However, finances are becoming extremely tight and I can no longer afford to make my minimum payments. I am a Canadian, I live in Canada and as far as I know, only 1 of the 3 credit card companies knows of an address I had just after returning to Canada. I no longer have that address though. If I stop making my
  23. my friend claims that if he was to sign a new contract with o2 and then move to canada they will not pursue him because it would cost them more to track him down then his actual debt. I beg to differ because his debt will be about 500gbp. we are wondering if anyone knows how this works and if o2 will try to sell their debt to canadian DCA or if they will not bother pursuing him if he has moved. thanks
  24. Late 2010 I met an old female friend of mine who was going through a divorce (we hadn't met for around 30 years) and she decided that she wanted to come out to Canada from the UK to get a way from everything. Without much consultation with me she arrived and stayed for five weeks. At that time I was moving into a new apartment of my own and was about to purchase furniture on a rent to own basis. My 'friend' went out and bought a whole set of furniture and fittings against my wishes. Over time she has insisted on me repaying the money back that she spent of the F&F. I told her often t
  25. Like many others we (a professional couple in our 50s) have fled our debts in the UK. Background: We had a house with a $180,000 mortgage, and a personal loan of $14,000 both with NatWest. We each had 2 credit cards -NatWest and MBNA. When both of us lost our jobs in February and March 2008 we tried to go self-employed, tried renting our house, tried pretty much everything. To cut the story short, it was a disaster. We could not generate enough income; the property management company were useless. we ended up financing the mortgage and loan using credit cards and it all spiralle
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