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  1. My bill date was on the 12th of September due to come out of my bank the 20th September, that all run smoothly as expected. However im worried those usage fees will catch up and bill me in October, i may be making this thread a little prematurely. Thanks for the quick reply. Hopefully they see sense and know that i was on unlimited during that time. On my usage charger reading it says i have used 309gb from the 1st of September when it should be saying from the 16th . If they did it that way they can see that i only used under 10gb .
  2. On the 1st of September i enquired about downgrading my unlimited high speed broadband to a bt basic package with a 10gb limit. They charge for every 5gb you go over. This was due to take affect on the 16th of September. 16-19th September the internet refused to work and i had to wait for it to stabilize. On the 16th of September they sent an email saying i went over the limit and it was over 300gb! For some reason, they decided that they would charge me from the 1st of September while i was still using unlimited broadband. At no point did anybody mention to me they would be monitoring the usage while i was still using unlimited, i phoned them up and they said i will have to pay the usage charges, at the moment i absolutely refuse to pay as it would end up costing over £350 Where do i stand??
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