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Found 22 results

  1. My landlord wants to rent out my roof to a solar panel company called Voltaire that has a sim card in it and sends data to an independent source. How worried should I be about that, hypothetically speaking of course?
  2. I will be travelling to France next week,and am looking for a sim card for use in France to call and text back to the U.K. I have looked at several deals but none are suitable.Ideally,I am looking for around 1,000 international minutes and around 200 text messages.I hav elooked at 02,vodaphone,3,I.D(who I currently have a contract with), but none give a good deal for the prices they are charging.Lyca mobile have some amazing offers,but after reading some reviews,I am not so sure.........Is there anyone on here who has been to Europe, and used a sim for contacting the U.K.?.If so, who was the b
  3. I ordered a standard sim card in my mams name for my phone as she gave permission. but my samsung galaxy mini series 4 phone only takes the smaller sim cards can I use my Pay monthly card deal on my pay as you go card even if it means doing some tweaking with numbers. dose any one no what to do or even understand what im talking about? Bankers4me
  4. Im wanting to cancel a sim only contract with 9 months of the 12 left however im told theres a fee to pay in doing so. Is this not a penalty charge? Regards
  5. some reason I not had simcard long and not been used since I been waiting for a unlock code and I checked my account and I been charged extra of £3 for international which I not been abroad or able to use the sim I already emailed them asking why I been charged so waiting on a update as anyone else had this issue with them
  6. Hello Everyone, I recommended a friend to buy a SIM only contract from the same mobile company I am using to have more data on less price. She called the mobile company and took a SIM only contract. Unfortunately the service of this particular network is very bad in her home area and she only gets 1 point on Signals bar, which make it very difficult to make and receive calls or use the 4G service for internet. Following is the contract details. Order: 11/04/2016 Post Date: 12/04/2016 SIM Arrived: 13/04/2016 Contract Start: 13/04/2016 She called the network provid
  7. Have just recieved letter from virgin about their unlimited sim deal. They are saying we are no longer offering the unlimited sim deal as it is uneconomical for us. They are saying keep the phone. they will down grade tto unlimited minutes and texts and 1bg of data and keep the tariff price the same. What are they doing ?
  8. My son has a Samsung Galaxy S4 on PAYG which was locked to Orange when he bought it 2 years ago. He has requested the Network Unlock Sim from Orange as he wants to change providers to Vodafone. He paid the £10.00 admin fee and waited. This was over a month ago and every time he rings them he gets a different excuse or fob off as to when he will receive the code. The second call he made after waiting 10 working days for the code, he was told the IMEI number had been taken down wrong by Orange, and he will have to wait another 10 working days for a new code. Yesterday he was told he would be ema
  9. Hi people, I've been doing some searching regarding getting my default removed with vodafone and this forum came up. It is regarding a default with vodafone from a rolling sim I had with them (this is the only default or even late payment on my file). I have been in contact with vodafone via web chat and had no luck. I had a contract with vodafone for years and never missed a payment, Once my contract ended I called up to cancel but was talked into having a rolling sim instead. A few months down the line I had taken out a different contract elsewhere and had a new phone, so I cancel
  10. Hi, I know there is a Vodaphone rep that frequents these forums so if they or anyone else could clarify something for me please. My friend has an iPhone on contract with Vodaphone and has requested a code to make it sim free. He was told by an advisor that they cannot issue a code as he got the phone and contract through Phones4U. As they have gone bust what is he supposed to do now, surely it doesn't matter where he got the phone from, his contract is with Vodaphone and it is currently locked to their network. Any advice please. Thanks.
  11. Lee; As below: 8080446 / 8080445 This is mainly an internal issue which im very keen to understand as it involves Vodafone Wallet etc CAG Team; I will explain more at a later date
  12. Hi, Not sure if this has been asked before but i applied for a Sim Only 1 month rolling sim as my contract phone had ended. Is there usually any credit check for sim only plans as theres no searches on the CRA's to say Tesco carried out a check. Anyone know?
  13. In November last year my 78 year old mother, with my assistance, entered into a 12 month sim only contract with Orange. She had good coverage at this time. Two months ago she moved into a residential home where there is no Orange coverage at all so is unable to use her Orange sim for texts or calls. She does not have any internet on her phone. She called Orange customer services to advise them of her situation and to ask permission to end the contract early only to be told that it was "her fault" that she had moved. I, personally, would have thought it was
  14. Several months ago my father-in-laws broken and no longer used mobile phone was stolen. As the sim was still active a large bill was ran up by the thief and his associates. The police were informed and an individual confessed to running up the bill. Despite the confession and this being an open police case Vodafone are still perusing my father-in-law for the bill and have passed the debt to a debt collection agency. Can anyone please offer advice or help with this issue?
  15. I've been offered the following by a mobile reseller, on a £15 SIM-only, non contract, pay as you go deal: - Unlimited calls to all networks at all times - Unlimited texting - 1 gig of internet usage - Vodaphone network I am tempted to go ahead, but does anyone know of any better non-contract SIM-only packages? Thanks, Jeff
  16. My wife has a Samsung Galaxy Ace mobile on contract and is switching to a sim only phone on the 23rd of October can she transfer all the data, music ect to her new sim card.
  17. I stupidly bought this game online from EA games here is the list of problems 1 you must have a broadband connection at all times to ea game servers to play even in single player mode, that's if you can sign onto a working server, as them seem to have only 12 for the entire world to play on. 2 if you don't have a internet connection then you carnt play the game at all! and I don’t believe all those TV adverts have even mentioned that fact, so if you want children t play this game then you must give them unrestricted online access 3 when in a year or two EA bring out a rep
  18. Has anyone else has issues with Orange sales reps saying that voicemail is included in Sim only deals and then they bill you 35p per minute for voicemail? I needed a sim for a line I use just to collect messages. I called Orange and they told me that while the 7.50 per month option didn't include voicemail, the £10.50 option did. 3 months later I realise that Orange have billed me 35p per minute for all voicemails. Have spent 45 minutes on phone with them to try to resolve -- they try to put me through to the sales rep invloved but he never answers all calls me back... 6 days ha
  19. Guys, Just wanted to make people aware of this... My current three contract is due to expire in the next 30days..Ive already bought a new phone on payg - samsung galaxy s3 and signed up for a 12 month sim only deal also with three. I signed up for the new sim (£12.90 pm, 600mins, 1Gb data, 2000 free to three calls , 5000 sms) contract in-store, I thought was a bargain at the time!!. Anyway about 4 days later I received a call from three customer service offering me a deal if I extend my current contract. I told her I wasn't interested but still offered me a deal..a free samsung galax
  20. Hi everyone, I tried posting this before, but my internet went down, so this is going to be abit shorter! Anyway, I have two contracts with T-mobile for use as a work phone. One was taken out last year. The other was taken out in April this year, as I broke the original phone, so took out another low tarriff contract, essentialy for the phone. The original sim was put into the new phone. I just put the new sim in the glovebox of my van (stupidly) and forgot about it. Anyway, the last few months I saw my bill rise from £30 pcm (which it was meant to be) to £90 and then on the 23r
  21. Calls are not really important, but data is needed for outside the hotel. Have PMRs for calls between each other when out "together". If the worst comes to the worst, I have a roaming sim at 15p meg^-1.
  22. Bought a phone (Orange San Francisco) online a few days back from Onestopphoneshop.co.uk. As well as the phone, it was mandatory I bought a £10 Orange topup. Realised that using Orange would be too expensive compared to my existing provider. Phone now unlocked, rooted and fully operational on Asda PAYG. The mandatory topup (and Orange SIM) have never been touched/used. Its worth pointing out the topup and phone were shown as two distinct items on the invoice. I would like to reject the topup for a refund, under distance selling rules, as it is definitely not sui
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