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  1. Checked over the last few hours with nothing on but the pilot light and it's coming out at around 3kWh/day. At least that suggests there's no dodgy leaks or suchlike. I'll monitor it over the next few days and see how realistic the numbers are. Thanks for the feedback. I should add that I'm not entirely convinced the boiler is in a good state of maintenance. It doesn't appear to be too old, but we've had no hot water in the kitchen since late November (around the time the gas use started rocketing), although we get it in other rooms OK. Landlord hasn't
  2. It was - it's now set to be on for a few hours a day (temperature controlled still).
  3. Can anyone help me out with some sanity checking? Based on meter readings, from 9th December to 4th March (86 days) I've used 8,601kWh of gas. 100kWh a day seems an awful lot to me given that the house hasn't felt particularly warm (albeit not particularly cold most of the time either). Since the last bill, I've managed to put 943kWh through the meter. 85kWh per day again seems quite high to me. It's a two bed mid terrace (circa 1910) that came in as a 'D' on the last EPC. Do these numbers seem reasonable to anyone? I never used anywhere near this much gas in the last house
  4. MCOL have confirmed that it's been stayed at the start of the month after the other side didn't respond to my defence. Just a waiting game now then, I guess.
  5. Not heard anything from the courts yet, but I've had a letter from bw saying I'm behind on paying a ccj. Nothing on the credit file. Are they really willing to pretend the court doesn't exist and make up their own judgements, or should I be chasing this up to find out if they know something I don't!
  6. Last payment (and last transaction on the account other than charges) was January 2009, first missed February 2009. Default was February 2010. As far as submitting today goes, I'd assumed it'd be accepted as today with it being online. Guess it was just a dirty trick to steal two days from me. Hopefully it won't cause me any problems.
  7. Anyone able to advise whether the 6 years would run from the last payment/first missed payment (which would be more than 6 years), or when they got around to defaulting it (in which case it isn't)?
  8. Any fresh advice with today being the day to submit the defence? I'm still unsure if I can claim it is statute barred, but I'm currently scouring the forums for ideas on how to argue the "primarily charges" line too. Just to add, I do still have copies (printed from online) of all the statements showing over £2,000 in charges applied to the account (with about £250 of it being during the time the agreement to pay was in place).
  9. It was paid into the account - they reduced the overdraft limit by £10 each month. That's how I got caught out - put the £10 in a few days late and they dropped on £75 of charges for going over the agreed limit, which then put it over the following month as the charges came out...
  10. I genuinely didn't recall that (it was 7 years ago!) so I've just dug through the old file I kept the court papers in and found a copy of the agreement. I did indeed agree to pay £10/month back in April 2008. I'm still trying to find the old bank statements so I can see the last time anything was actually paid. OK, digging through statements is just about complete. It appears I was at least attempting to pay the £10s as per the agreement, with the last payment at the start of January 2009 (and it was an odd amount, which would account for the quite specific amount left overdrawn - it a
  11. The agreement to pay was during my last employment before going to uni. That would've been around 2005. The account was used (benefits in/out) until 2007 when everything was moved to a joint account with my wife. I must've got my years mixed up on the default at the time, because according to experian the default date is February 2010 (for the amount of £450). The current balance according to my credit file is £0 now, since it was sold on August 2013.
  12. Thanks for the continued advice everyone. You really do know how to take the load off! The acknowledgement of service has gone in now so I'll be able to get reading over the weekend of other people's stories. Since we opened the joint account (2007), not a penny has gone in or out of the disputed account. Do I need to get a SAR in to Lloyds now to get some proof that is the case? The account hasn't been listed on my online access for longer than I remember now, so I can't use that to check transaction details.
  13. Anyone able to offer thoughts or advise on how I handle this now? I'm acutely aware that the first deadline date lands this Sunday.
  14. Around 2004/2005, hard to be more specific with it being so long ago. It was the last time I worked before going to uni (September 2008). Just trying to get my head around where my money went from 2005-2007 (when I opened a joint account with the now-wife). I don't *think* I had benefits paid into that account, but it was so long ago I'm struggling to recall having any other accounts. From when the joint account was opened (2007) it was definitely unused though.
  15. Claimant is Lowell Portfolio 1 Ltd Date of issue is 27/05/2015 +19 days = Sunday 14th June +33 days = Sunday 28th June PoC (rounded values in brackets): The Claimant's Claim is for the sum of (570) being monies due from the Defendant to the Claimant under a Financial Services agreement regulated by the Consumer Credit Act 1974 between the Defendant and Lloyds Bank Plc under account reference xxxxxyyyyzzzz and assigned to the Claimant on (01/07/2013) notice of which has been given to the Defendant. The Defendant failed to maintain the contractual payment under th
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