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Found 17 results

  1. Hello I took out a two year contract with EE, in September 2016, on their 4GEE Max Plan, for £45.99 per month. That plan was £5 per month more than the one below it, as it allowed you to use your call and data allowance whilst in the EU. Awesome! Except that when I took out the contract, I was unaware that everyone would be getting EU roaming within their price plans on the 15th June 2017! Called EE and basically it's hard cheese. The only thing they will do is move me to one of their new 4GEE Max Plans and have allowance calls in USA, Mexico, Australia and New Zealand for an a
  2. http://www.msn.com/en-gb/money/technology/roaming-charges-in-europe-officially-scrapped-from-today-%E2%80%93-all-you-need-to-know-about-using-your-phone-overseas/ar-BBCH3sE?li=AA9SkIr&ocid=ientp However, all is not as it seems... Do read the article linked above because there are still places that you will be charged and quite heavily for staying in contact whilst you are abroad.
  3. https://www.theguardian.com/money/2017/may/20/mobile-phone-roaming-charges-banned-europe-15-june-brexit
  4. On holiday in Thailand, I kept my phone in flight mode throughout my holiday, or used hotel wi-fi... . Except for one inadvertent internet session in a restaurant three doors from my hotel lasting, at a guess, approximately 30 mins (thought I was still connected to hotel wi-fi, nothing on the phone to tell me otherwise until a text message arrived to tell me the cap of 50 euros had been applied, for which I was grateful). Annoyed that I'd spent £40 unintentionally, and cursing myself for a fool, I put the phone back into flight mode. Needless to say, when the
  5. 11477428 I have just been landed with £7800 of unbilled usage for 2GB of data that was used whilst in Montenegro. The boat that I'm on moved from Croatia to Montenegro and I received no notification of the charges for phone/data use whilst in Montenegro so I (wrongly) assumed that I would be using my uk allowance. I've been with Vodafone quite a while and use my phone all the time while working in Europe with no problems exceeding my 20GB uk allowance. Average monthly bills of around £150-200. The phone reps said I should cancel my DD and wait till the end of the month to see whe
  6. Extra costs of using a mobile phone in countries across the EU are to be scrapped, MEPs have agreed, after years of negotiations. The ban on data roaming charges from 15 June 2017 has received a final green light in the European Parliament. Roaming charges are added by mobile operators for calls, texts and internet browsing when phone users are abroad. An interim cap on charges will take effect from 30 April next year, prior to the full ban across the EU. That means telecoms operators will be able to add a surcharge of no more than: €0.05 (3.5p) extra per minut
  7. I have a bill for circa £1.5K which is comprised of roaming charges whilst I was away in Italy. It is really odd, the bill includes for 9Gb between approximately of data downloaded between 12 and 2 in the morning. I am not even sure such speeds are feasible on a mobile data network. There is no way I downloaded this, I realise that it could have been an automatic update, but then I looked at the Mobile Data Usage on the Ipad the Current Period Roaming is 7.6Gb and that is everything from the 10 November 2013. The device is an Ipad. They have not taken the money yet, I
  8. Hi all, here a quick overview: My fiancee went to the Philippines, and once there turned data roaming on. Apparently it was not possible to call or text with it turned off, and she wanted to be available in case of an emergency (me and our son stayed here in the UK). She got a text from Orange with information about the usage - £8 per MB. She thought it would mean 8p per MB and left data roaming on (she remembers the text saying £?8). The result were several texts from Orange about data usage which were ignored as she was swamped with other texts a
  9. The roaming charge cap takes effect from tomorrow – 1 July – and will lower costs for people travelling within the EU. Under the new rules the maximum charge for outgoing calls, excluding VAT, will be 19 cents per minute, six cents for outgoing text messages and 20 cents for a MB download of data. However, the new caps only apply when you use a mobile within the EU. Worryingly nearly half of mobile users who have been abroad in the last 12 months said they didn’t know that the price caps don’t apply to the whole of Europe. If you’re travelling further afield you could
  10. I understand the 'excuses' given by the majority of mobile companies for the high rates charged for roaming in other countries, the main one being that other companies charge punitive rates to use their networks. However, as the market becomes ever more globalised and with the constant mergers and acquisitions of the various companies, we see a company such as Vodafone in particular, with a footprint in a significant number of countries is effectively punitively charging it's own customers under the guise of 'separate corporate entities', whilst still the majority of functions are und
  11. Three has announced that it has abolished international roaming charges in seven countries. The service is available to Three customers travelling to the Republic of Ireland, Australia, Italy, Austria, Hong Kong, Sweden and Denmark. European authorities have been clamping down on roaming charges. But Three is the first network to abolish them altogether, albeit in selected countries, where it has sister networks. Three says customers on a pay monthly contract would be able to use their allowances of free minutes, texts and data with no
  12. Hi all I'm glad I found this site! Hope someone can help. Basically, for over a year, Three have been hassling me to pay £233 for calls incurred in Morocco last year. They've been sending debt collectors etc.... Most of this - 64 minutes = £190 to be exact, was due to calls to Three Customer Services when I was asking them to sort out my line which was not receiving texts from a Moroccan number. They took over a year to send me itemised bill - which just landed on my doormat this week. However, their website says that they cap all roaming costs to £49 for their customers. So why did
  13. Here is an overview of new mobile phone roaming charge caps with effect from 1st.July 2012 The caps apply for travel within the EU although there will be notifications for non EU Cost of mobile calls per minute will be fixed at 23p (currently 28p) and this will go down to 15p by summer 2014. The maximum operators will be able to charge for recieving a call and sending a txt will be 7p. The cost of using internet will be capped at 56p per MB falling to 16p in 2014. Customers using mobiles outside the EU will remain unaffected by the caps,but operators will
  14. We went to Barcelona for five days in June. We signed up for Vodafone's Euro Traveller bolt-on at the airport, but it looks as if our account and number was breached and something like 6gbs has been downloaded in a short period of time, causing us to go over our 750mb limit. We face a bill of £5,556.74. Six weeks after our trip, and nearly a dozen phone calls on our side to Vodafone say we still owe them this sum. On 3 August, without warning, both my husband and I were cut off from the Vodafone service. He was on his way to a meeting and was unable to contact his client to tell him he was run
  15. http://www.togglemobile.co.uk/local/en Largely UK style rates of 15p calls 9p texts in Australia, Denmark, Germany, Netherlands, Norway, Spain, Sweden, and Switzerland. 15p per meg for data.
  16. I've been a happy Vodafone customer for years, but have just been stung by an outrageous £668 bill, most of which comes from data charges which I'm disputing from a recent trip to South Africa. Put simply, Vodafone informed me by text message on most days when I was using data that I'd used 3MB (£9) of data. Now they've billed me for anything up to 18MB (£50) data use on these days! To make matters worse, when I called Vodafone Customer services a few days ago when back in the UK, after a couple of first line support scratched their heads about the discrepancy, an abrasive, cocky second l
  17. Hi a few months ago I received a letter from Fredrickson asking me to contact them regarding a personal matter, I checked the web and found this CAG forum so binned it. the next day I received a letter saying I owed their client Arrow Global £2229.27 I figured from this board that it related to Orange, I sent them a Prove it letter and received a reply saying it was on hold. Yesterday I received another letter from Freds which says, "We refer to your recent letter or telephone conversation with this office. Please find enclosed account dicuments, provided by our client as requested. we hop
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