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  1. Hello, thanks for replies, unfortunately it's not a genuine Land Rover part. It was manufactured by a company called British Gasket Group, who are one of the leading manufacturers. The thing is, the head gasket is more than likely ruined as the car was driven for some time before he realized it over heated. My supplier have said they just do a straight swap if old gasket is returned. BGG need the gasket back, and if they determine the gasket caused the failure (which would be very hard to do) they would reimburse the cost to sort engine. If only it was that easy. The cylinder head g
  2. Apologies for the question and my naivety, but in nearly 5 years I have never had a customer come back with a faulty part. I am a mechanic, I fit hundreds of parts every year with no problem. Last year in around September, I fitted a Head Gaskets set, and Timing belt kit to an MG zed using a k series engine (famous for head gasket failure, I have done dozens). 6 months after the job, I get a call from an Irate customer who says his car has overheated on the motorway and the AA say the header gasket has failed. I am skeptical, as I fitted the modified gasket Land Rover rel
  3. Could try that I suppose. Only problem then is I have thrown away the pay as you go SIM and the box that came with it aswell. Might aswell make it a hatrick by the looks of things then and bin the phone aswell! Brig, I don't mean to be rude, but I'm struggling to make it any more clear that this is not an ever changing story. I haven't implied once that I still have the charger. If I have, it's clearly hypothetically. I'll just accept the fact that it can't be repaired. Apple have great customer service (apart from having to make an appointment). When my iPhone broke, I ju
  4. Brigadier, I think you are confused. My charger is well and truly in the bin. I said that in my case, I am only claiming the phone is faulty. This just doesn't seem right. I don't want the charger repaired, there is nothing wrong with the sim. Why do they need the lot back to exchange/repair it! Also "A customer cannot just 'bin' components of a package and then expect a replacement, this is beyond unreasonable.' I think it's pretty unreasonable a phone has broken within weeks of ownership! I don't want a full replacement, they can keep the charger and sim, they can even get the phone rep
  5. Surely it should at least be repaired? I'm not claiming the charger or sim to be faulty, just the phone they have sold me. So, not really expecting a full refund, just a handset replacement or forint to be repaired. Thanks again.
  6. Yep. Already had the manager down, getting a laminated a3 piece of paper with their returns policy on it. Got the receipt and everything! They say the manufacturer won't accept it back, so Asda will lose money. I've lost money!! Lol I'm actually sat in the mcdonalds next door hoping to get a reference to some consumer law, so I can march back in on my high horse. True, should have sent it back with faulty charger. My bad, I had a few spare samsung style chargers lying around, and didn't think!
  7. Hi. Just having a few issues trying to return a phone purchased from Asda. It has recently started turning itself off, and Asda accept that it is faulty. However, they refuse to repair/exchange it as I haven't got the charger. (The charger didn't hold itself in phone from day 1 so it went in the bin) Surely they cannot refuse this claim just because the charger and original sim is missing! The phone is only a month old. They say that there polocy has to be in line with the law. Surely the law is on my side here! Thanks for reading. Rhys.
  8. Do I have to go into full detail (and attach evidence such as letters from landlord and tenancy agreement) on the claim form? Thanks.
  9. Sorry, just to add. Is there any legal legislation in place to make landlords keep deposits in a scheme? It was just a coincidence that he brought a new car a few days after I handed over the first payment. Cheers
  10. Thanks for the information, I don't mean to come across like I don't want to waste energy on this. Obviously it would be a huge help if I could recover some of my losses. Anyway, I have no proof that the landlord agreed to allow the property to be sub let. When questioned about this, he stated that the sub letter told him I was there to tint car windows and similar things. Therefore, as that task wouldn't interfere with the other garage, he agreed the property could be sublet. For some reason, even though the sub letter deceived both of us (it seems), the main landlord is being abo
  11. Also, just to add. The guy in question is the most unprofessional, manipulative and deceptive man I have ever come across. All I know is that he runs afew car washes in the local area. He claimed to own properties (like houses and another garage) but I think they are just tall tales he said to try and impress me. If I were to take the matter to court, I highly doubt he would open the letter let alone turn up. And even if it went in my favour, I doubt further he would comply with any financial penalty imposed!
  12. Thanks for for the reply. Although not what I really wanted to hear, as obviously the main landlord has a lot more to lose than the ropey character I actually 'let' from. I was hoping he would have to approve of any sublet tenant. Anyway, it wasn't just the rubbish they are saying caused a reduction in deposit. They are also saying because I didn't return the keys (because I was receiving threats) they had to change the padlock on gate. I know for a fact they haven't done this, as the same padlock is still on there now. What (if any) chance have I got of getting anything back. It's
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