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  1. Good evening, I'll try to summarize briefly : - 10 day ago washing machine stopped to work at the end of the program, door locked... - I notified to the landlord the issue sending him an email with all details and a quick video where he can see what is the actual problem - After a couple of days I received a reply from him where he'll put me in contact with the guy who manage the house in his name so he can arrange the repair - This guy send me an email (landlord was in cc) saying and he requested a repair and he already arranged the payment. - This tuesday I received the
  2. I totally agree with you. However my job is just to notify any problem to the landlord and give my availability to open the door, if landlord prefers to send an unskilled plumber i'm fine, I will resend him another notification the next time, and if he send me the bill I'll open a complaint to the borough. We are talking about a valve which cost around 2 pounds...
  3. Here's an old pic of the pipe under the sink : unsee.cc/da738ff1/
  4. Worcester Model 18i System 41-311-86 It's installed with a linked external thank. Approx age is 2 years, another tenants was inside the house.
  5. I'll do it. Already asked, but landlord said he follow only debrief from his builders... From my point for view, I just need to report him any things there are not working properly in the house and wait for landlord's fix, it's not my job to suggest which kind job needs to be be done or how to fix an issue. That's exactly what I said to the landlord, it's only a water feed, but it seems that he doesn't see any problem for a missing valve. I totally agree with you, but I need a solution, and I dont know how to proceed cause that's was his final position :
  6. Hi, the boiler installed in the flat started to loose pressure in March, we notified it to the landlord and, due to he wasn't able to explain us how to refill it, he send a builder to check it. The builder checked the system and find that the valve under the sink to open the circuit was missing, so he used a wrench to open it, and refill the boiler. He checked his tools and said "i'm sorry i don't have a valve fits this junction, this pipe is too old. Don't worry it shouldn't happen again. If it happens again there should be a leak in the system". We reported to the landlord und
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