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  1. Good evening, I'll try to summarize briefly : - 10 day ago washing machine stopped to work at the end of the program, door locked... - I notified to the landlord the issue sending him an email with all details and a quick video where he can see what is the actual problem - After a couple of days I received a reply from him where he'll put me in contact with the guy who manage the house in his name so he can arrange the repair - This guy send me an email (landlord was in cc) saying and he requested a repair and he already arranged the payment. - This tuesday I received the
  2. My daughter purchased a new washing machine in Dec 17 form a major high street retailer. It has stopped working. She reported it for repair 11 days ago and they are still not sure when they are going to get the parts and affect the repair. I have checked the T&Cs of both the retailer and manufacturer, both explain that she is entitled to repair in a reasonable time frame but neither explain what that length of time is. My daughter has a household of 5 and is really struggling. The closest launderette is 7 miles away and it is costing her a lot in both petrol and l
  3. Hi I purchased a washing machine for the Very catalogue in October last year, February I noticed a number of my clothing items had pulls in them but put it down to wear and tear Last week I put 5 x under armour tshirts in there and its ripped them to shreds. I phoned hotpoint who sent and engineer out, a few days before he arrived he phoned me to say it probably needed a new drum so would I change the appointment until the drum had arrived, I had no problem with this so the appointment was changed. The day the engineer turned out he said he was just going to change the paddles I aske
  4. HI last week I had a fire at home that started within 10mins of plugging in my washing machine, I was upstairs when the electricity tripped went in the kitchen to check and the plug was on fire, it was plugged into extension cable on the floor. I phoned fire brigade and got out of house along with daughter and dog, the fire took hold and destroyed my fridge, microwave, tumble dryer and severely smoke damaged my walls and Kitchen cabinets that I had fitted last week. I phoned Beko who sent out an engineer took photos of damage and washing machine, he stated to me h
  5. I Bought a Miele washing Machine in 2010 with a 10-year Parts & Labour waranty. A month ago, it began clunking during the rinse cycle. I called Miele, to book an engineer, & was told by the advisor, "if we can't repair it, we'll replace it." An engineer arrived last week, diagnosing a broken drum. The machine has only performed 1,000 hours use in 7 years, which is extremely low. I have Polished stone on the kitchen floor, & the engineer advised that despite laying protective coverings, the floor would likely be damaged during the repair, due to the weight of the drum assembly.
  6. Hello Guys, I am looking for advice on best place to start with my issue. I have 2 years 9 month old Bosch washing machine purchased from online retailer washtech.co.uk which suddenly developed sevaral cracks in the outside plastic drum. Washing machine was working ok for a first year then touch screen controls started playing up and I got it repaired under warranty in October last year. No problem with controls since then but today my garage got flooded by the water during drum clean cycle. I took back panel off hoping it was a pump or waste pipe. Unfortunately ex
  7. On 18th April I had a new washing machine delivered. As soon as the men left, I tried it out. The washing boiled and I scalded my fingers when I tired to remove it. Immediately I contacted Currys by email. I expected them to send the men straight back, but they did not, and a seven month long battle began. Indesit sent an engineer on 6/9 who told me the machine was working perfectly and the fault was mine. When I heard that, I suggested then that perhaps the machine had been connected to the hot water. Without even checking he said it was not. He tol
  8. I bought a Samsung washing machine (WF1124XAC) in January 2012 and got a 5 year warranty with it. It broke down in September 2013; the drum was bouncing/banging around. After several failed 'repairs', Samsung agreed to take it away and paid for a new machine, which I received in December 2013. The replacement washing machine now has a '3E' error intermittently displaying which is a motor defect; the drum will attempt to rotate (during washing or spinning cycles) but doesn't. It attempts to do this, fails, waits 5 minutes and then attempts again. Sometimes the drum will rotate and
  9. I signed up for a year of cover on a washer dryer and have just found out that they have been taking the payments since 2011 without me realising or indeed authorising it. I spoke to them and they were incredibly unhelpful - a rude and arrogant woman on the phone who said that they were not regulated by anyone and fundamentally they could do what they liked. They claim to have been sending me renewal notices each year which I have not received - I moved property so cannot verify this. Their main line of defence is that when they sent the first renewal letter it said that unless
  10. Hi All, I bought an indesit washing machine online from Curry's I was working away from home for a month so didn't use it for the first month. When I first used it all seemed fine until I went back a day later and there was a puddle in the bottom of the drum. I have had 2 engineers out and the fault is still there. I contacted currys who said as it was older than 30 days they couldn't give me a refund unless an engineer rights it off as faulty. I am now waiting till 5th August for a third engineer to come out and "fix this". Does anyone know my rights? The machine was bought on 16th
  11. Myself and three other students currently occupy a privately rented property in Southwark, London. The flat is pretty run down and we seem to have been stuck with a landlord who doesn't want to shell out any money despite the fact that we are paying £145 a week each! As soon as we moved in we noticed the washing machine door was bent and didn't catch properly, so we immediately informed the lettings agency who informed the landlord on or behalf that it was damaged, however he declined to have it looked at or repaired. After one initial breakdown that I managed to repair it packed up for g
  12. Hello Everyone Need your Help, really gutted and depressed spent £500 to a buy a new washing machine on 17/06/2014, received it on 21/06/2014. I have discovered that the Washing Machine has the problem. Electric Motor was burnt and with the toddler in the house I found it very dangerous.You won’t expect that from 16 months old machine, when I reported to their customer service people they seems delusional about the seriousness of the problem, I found them very rude and intimidating. Now they want me to pay £119.00 to replace the new motor, I mean you wont expect th
  13. Hi there. Problem with the washing Machine I bought last september. A month after purchase it caught fire, so I arranged for them to replace it. Argos were nice and helpful, no problems their end. Today the replacement has gone faulty, and now I am having trouble. First they are trying to foist me off onto hoover(I have no contract with Hoover) and then they tell me the Engineer cannot come for a week. What do I do to resolve this? Contact head Office?
  14. Hi GUys, I wonder if I can ask for your expert advice. Three years ago my cousin bought a washing machine (washer/drier) and 5 year extended warranty from an online website. In December 2014 the washing machine stopped working correctly (kept filling with water nothing else) so the warranty company was called and an engineer came out. On the first visit the engineer didn't seem very professional and actually flooded the kitchen and some water went into the lounger - didn't clean it up properly either. He stated he would need to order some parts which would take some
  15. Hi, i need some advice as to whether brighthouse are liable for the repair on my washing machine please? I used brighthouse when i couldn't afford to go and buy a replacement washing machine. About 7 months later our cooker and fridge freezer broke within days of each other so purchased them from there also. After about 18 months the washing machine broke so brighthouse came to repair it and said it needed taking away and a loan machine would be provided. To cut a long story short the loan machine was a disaster and flooded my kitchen twice! Then nobody from the store got in touch abou
  16. Hey, Can someone offer me some advise here, back in November we purchased 2 of the Google Nexus 7 tablet computers for the kids christmas presents. One of them has not gone faulty with a common issue where they stop charging and become unusable. We have contacted CPW to see what they can do under the warranty and they are basically saying that as they no long have a service agreement with Asus they can unable to offer me any support in regards to replacement or repair - I have to go directly to the manufacturer. The manufacturer are saying other wise and again CPW are having
  17. Hi, We bought a washing machine at Comet via a charity Family Fund voucher in May 2012, it went faulty 11 months after which The Warranty Group repaired and have been doing every couple of months. They've now said they are going to replace the washing machine for a new one (different make) but they will not honor the remaining 3 years warranty, it says nothing in the T&Cs. Can they do this? The payment of £169.00 was made for the extended warranty, which was a requirement of the Family Fund voucher. Should the Warranty Group honor the remaining 3 year
  18. Hi All i purchased a new Hoover washing Machine from a local independent electrical retailer in January this year after only 8 weeks the machine broke down so called Hoover who came and repaired it now 2 weeks later it has broken down again and seems to be the same fault, i have now booked an engineer with hoover online as can never get through on phone. 1) So my question is have i done the right thing to let them come and repair it again. 2) If so and it breaks again what would be next step 3) As it is only 3 months old what rights do i have under
  19. I bought a washing machine on boxing days sales from sonicdirect.co.uk it was delivered a few days later and found to have a faulty door - which kept on locking after the wash cycle. spoke to sonic who asked me to ring samsung. ..rang them and got a RMA number. Rang sonic and they wanted ME to bring back the washing machine, when it was them that had delivered it in the first place!!!! Went to the store to the store when the sales lady fobbed me off suggesting I buy another washing machine and 'top it up' with extra funds to buy the new machine. I said i want the sam
  20. Hi guys I have a stupid idea the other day to buy a new washing machine from Brighthouse. After I'd come home and thought about it (after the staff in store where lets say... pushy and I fell into their trap!) I realised that paying £1068 for a washing machine on sale in Currys for £349.99 is ludicrious. I phoned Brighthouse and asked to cancel my order, they told me I cannot, I explained that the hire purchase agreement I'd signed and that is sat in front of me said I had 14 days to change my mind - They've told me that I can only change my mind once the product has been delivered.
  21. So a really odd one... My washing machine broke, I called Hotpoint and they quoted me 2 prices to fix it next day (one as a care plan, or a one off fee). I wanted to discuss it with my spouse and they offered to provisionally book it in so I didnt miss the available slot and he would call me back at 5pm to confirm. He never called back. The repair man turned up called them back and did the work while I was on the phone to them. I was gonna take out a care plan but then the quoted me a different price, and I didn't agree to it. So they said they wou
  22. I ordered a washing machine on Wednesday 26th June for delivery on Friday 28th June. I took a day off work and dutifully waited in. I received a phone call at 12.30 pm from the delivery man saying he would be with me within the hour. 6.00 pm rolled around and I made the 1st of numerous phone calls. I was told that my delivery window was 2.25 to 6.25 pm and that I still had 25 mins left in which the delivery man could arrive. I called again at 6.35 pm only to be told that my washing machine had been signed for and fitted. I stated categorically that this was not the case. I was put on hold and
  23. My girlfriend lives in a rental property which is unfurnished except for a cooker, fridge freezer and washing machine. On Friday evening the washing machine packed up, she has searched the internet and had tried several online fixes, nothing that involves taking the machine apart but just stuff like unplugging it and letting it stand for an hour. She has emailed the letting agent about the matter but won't hear back from them until Monday morning as no one works at weekends. My girlfriend is concerned that the letting agent is going to come back and and say that she will have to
  24. Hi everyone I have a washing machine with brighthouse which went faulty last last Thursday. I phoned the store to be told an engineer would come on out on the Tuesday ,,, no engineer came after waiting in all day I received a phone call asking what the problem was and they asked me for serial number of washer and said they would order the part .. quick diagnosis without even checking . .so I ring the store not very happy .. I was then promised I would have a loan wash machine delivered today after I stressed I have disabled child who soils his clothes and
  25. Hallo, I have a washing machine Siemens E-Nr. WM 14Q4R0 with maximum speed of 1400 rpm. But I am afraid that sometimes the speed is automatically reduced to lower limit. I don´t like this, I want the my washing machine always reaches the maximum speed because I spent a lot of money for it. is there a simple way to measure the speed of the drum? stroboscope light can be a way? or other ways? I thank you for your help bye
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