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  1. Thank you for your reply. More info. 1. There doesn't seem to be a head office - contact was either with the PA or invoices were sent to the accountant. 2. There is a second unpaid job which was an 'emergency' call out during the night to deal with some graffiti on a premises wall. Is there a 'formal text' I can get from somewhere to use for this payment request before action letter? Thanks,
  2. Apologies for delay in responding. What I have been told; 1. Initial dealings were with the owners PA. 2. Quote given to the PA. 3. PA gave verbal acceptance/go ahead. 4. Due to the size of the job my cousin asked for a deposit for materials. 5. He was given a cheque for £5k which he cashed - it was some company name. 6. He then started the job. 7. Job completed, invoice sent to owner/company. My cousin has chased the PA - but PA says he no longer works for that person/company and cannot now be chased/responsible as any negotiation/verbal acceptance was only given on
  3. Thank you for your reply. I have asked if/how they have chased (his wife does his admin) and have been told they have 'contacted' but not much response and nothing beyond that. Yes the business is still trading, it is quite large and it is associated with/owned by a big 'name' that has been on tv. I don't think his admin is very thorough as English is not their first language and doubt they have been on any formal SE management courses/training. Thx.
  4. Hi Guys, I wonder if I can ask for your expert advice. My cousin is a self employed builder. He completed a job for a customer (business/shop/restaurant) and invoiced them for £7k. This was a couple of months ago and he has not been paid. What should he do next? He hasn't experienced this before and is currently quite out of pocket as he has spent money on materials and transportation. Thx Mark.
  5. Machine now fixed after further 2 visits. They have changed lots of parts including the main motor as the first one they installed was not the correct model! It turned out the issue was some tube (vaccum/sensor) which was blocked. The engineer even said the machine should now work for a long time due to all the new parts which have been installed. Unfortunately I didn't find that amusing for 'engineers' taking 5 months to fix a washing machine not working due to a blocked tube. So anyone buying a domestic appliance and being tempted by 'insurance' cover - ask who it is
  6. Washing machine still not repaired after further 2 engineer visits and more part changing (now 4 months!!!). It seems the engineers they send are just useless/not engineers at all. 1. Whats FOS? 2. Is there a non-court option left to try? An ombudsman/trade association? Thx.
  7. Thanks for your replies. What I have been told; Purchased from www. electrical123.com Extended warranty: 'Extended Warranty' - contact no 08458630505 - email given by the person on the phone for complaints css.admin @cssolutionlimited.com I will forward your advice to them. Thanks.
  8. Hi GUys, I wonder if I can ask for your expert advice. Three years ago my cousin bought a washing machine (washer/drier) and 5 year extended warranty from an online website. In December 2014 the washing machine stopped working correctly (kept filling with water nothing else) so the warranty company was called and an engineer came out. On the first visit the engineer didn't seem very professional and actually flooded the kitchen and some water went into the lounger - didn't clean it up properly either. He stated he would need to order some parts which would take some
  9. Hi Bertie, Thx for this pic. From the description (road by the side of the tarmac) I was thinking you parked away from the ''Motorcycles Only' bay/markings but you parked on top of them, which is not good. As I biker I have seen this before but this example is rather shabby as usually there is something indicating the perimeter of the area for motorcycles. However, as you say The Traffic Signs Manual does facilitate an exemption where the area itself acts like the perimeter of the bay and in car parks as cars are required to park within the marked bays, it seems in this corn
  10. Hi, Have you got a picture or google maps link of the area in question? Its hard to visualise the scene from a description.
  11. Unless your Mr Plod moonlights as an MOT tester there's a 99% change he hasn't got a clue when it comes to windscreen requirements and what classes as borderline or dangerous. The MOT windscreen requirements focus on an area of the windscreen directly in front of the drivers seated position known as Zone 'A'. This is the only area of the windscreen subject to test requirements. As you say your crack is nowhere near this area and therefore not subject to any test criteria. If your car passed its last MOT with the crack then Mr Plod needs to present some compelling evidence to support
  12. A Bus Lane doesn't end until the blue sign which says 'End of Bus Lane' - in your google maps link I believe I can see it on the lamppost at the far end of the bus shelter level with the arrow painted on the road indicating the left turn. If you want to check up on road markings - the following links take you to the relevant legislation; http://www.legislation.gov.uk/uksi/2002/3113/contents/made a more user friendly version; http://assets.dft.gov.uk/publications/traffic-signs-manual/traffic-signs-manual-chapter-05.pdf (chapter 17 covers bus lanes) Your best bet is to go ba
  13. Hi Kiwi, Glow plugs are a tricky subject and as you have found out. At any point before any work had commenced did the garage warn you that they would be working on or removing the glow plugs? A lot of garage now warn you if any work you have brought your car to them for will involve glow plug removal and will warn you that they can be problematic. Some will even effectively give you a 'disclaimer' in case something goes wrong to indemnify themselves. Is the garage your car is with a proper Hyundai franchise or an independent specialist? Why didn't the dealer who you purchas
  14. Thanks for the sound advice - I've gone ahead and ordered myself a copy of 'Cars for Dummies'
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