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  1. Hi, Sorry about the late reply its been very busy. CCA and CPR are being typed up now ready to go out tomorrow. I had her look at her credit file and she thinks she has found the correct one for Cabot with a date that matches the one on the claim but it has her current address not the one she was living in at that date. No information on last payment or defaulted date. Also, no account number on Cabots claim form either. Honestly she has had multiple accounts with JD Williams various outlets over the last 20 years, at least 3 with Jacamo who keep lending to her despite h
  2. Hi, I guess the DCAs have come out of hibernation as my friend has had a Claim Form today. Honestly I feel like I have addressed this one but she can't find the folder box I gave her to keep all this nonsense in, but then the claim form has no information you could realistically use to find out what its from anyway JD has a few names under their umbrella and she has had accounts with most of them over the years, some repeatedly as they keep lending to someone with no income. Its ok at the start when its only a little bit but they rapidly put it up and up until she owes
  3. Its now named to my wife which is why its so odd as all the household bills are in my name. I dont really want to correspond with them as you say I will get sucked it. I will ignore it, probably best. Thanks
  4. Currently over a year. At least two years prior to that since we had a TV License and that was in my name.
  5. Hi, Please move this thread if another subforum suits better, I couldn't see any specific ones. My wife has just had a threatening letter from TV Licensing. For the last year we have been getting threatening letters to "The Resident" which have been ignored as we have no need of their services. She has never had any contact with them at our current address. Is this a data protection breech? Do they have to tell her how they got her information? How can we complain and get her details removed from their systems? Thanks
  6. Yet another PAP letter for the same account today. This makes 5. Any way of stopping them?
  7. Hi, Helping my freind again and Lowell have sent her what appears to be a Pre-Action protocol(although worded differently from previous ones) for two separate accounts(payday loan and catalogue) in 1 letter. Can you address two accounts in one like this? Anything different needs to be done from the normal PAP?
  8. I e-mailed them, which they ignored so I wrote a letter for her. They issued another pre-action protocol and then sent her a letter saying they considered her letter a response to their pre-action protocol and how it was her responsibility to inform them of address changes. She never moved. I guess I will write them one back outlining that she never moved, and they failed to comply to thd origin live-action protocol and she considers the matter closed unless anyone has any suggestions?
  9. I seem to recall there is a time frame for them to provide documents after they start the 30 days before action and you send the CCA after which they can't chase. Was it 45 days?
  10. It was defended with help from you guys, it was a loss. It was a DCA for a Payday loan company that had folded.
  11. Sure, I will send them a strongly worded letter in her name. They responded to her at the correct address, and are well past the time frame to provide documents. I was advised to send CPR and CCA from here a while back in response to 30 day letters, has it changed? Its the same debt they tried and failed to chase in April.
  12. Hi, Whats the deal with a CCJ over time? The lady I have been helping had one granted against her for £1 a month. It will take well over 10 years for her to pay off at that rate. Is there a point in time where if she stops paying it can't be enforced? Might be a lump sum of that amount could be offered to the DCA involved in settlement rather than them messing about with a £1 check every month.
  13. Hello, the lady I have been helping out has a new issue, and I am hoping someone here can advise. Had the standard 30 days letter from them in April. Sent off the CCA/CPR and what not. Had letters back saying they were looking for documents then that "it was on hold" two months laters. This weekend she received a phone call from a relative she lived with 9 years ago. It was some debt letters. It was the same company and same debt as before but they are re-issuing the 30 days notice before action to this very old address. She did not give them that address, that debt was never re
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