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  1. My partners car was stationary in a car park on 06/01/2017. There is a fee payable of 50p for 1 hours parking. The driver of the car went to the machine, realised they didn't have change for it, and returned to the car. The car left. The Reg keeper wasn't driving. When they got back to the car, a plastic envelope with a piece of printed cardboard was inside with the name MyParkingCharge.co.uk on. It has a serial number on it and a date only, hand written. It has no offence date, time, day, location, penalty details, appeal details or registration number of the car. As far
  2. My dad bought a used Peugeot 3008 from a main dealer. It had low mileage. He paid just under £7000 for it. The car came with a 3 month warranty. My dad has done around 600 miles in the car since he bought it. The warranty had expired only 2 weeks earlier. He took a friend to hospital which was a 200 mile round trip. On the way there the car suddenly lost all power and went into limp mode. AA came and said something was wrong with the injectors and he couldn't fix it. AA had to tow my dads car home. My Dad took the car back to the dealer. They said some of the injectors had
  3. Hi all, I wonder if you can help me. My partner and I had to rush our son into queens hospital on 02.02.17 on doctors advice as he had quite a severe reaction to antibiotics and needed to see a Paeds speciality doctor. we arrived at the hospital and found there were no disabled spaces outside - infact there were no spaces outside available at all initally. We drove around past A&E towards the Maternity car park where someone was leaving a space - which are marked as normal bays. We have parked in these spaces before and asked site security (actual queens se
  4. Hi what a pain. I arrived from Yorkshire early morning to check on my friends house in London, They are on holiday. He left me 30 day passes to park in permitted Zones outside the house street. When I arrived, I stuck one in my car - an one day all zone pass. 7:30am. About an hour later I saw a tow lorry outside about to lift my car. I went outside and said I have a pass and this is the house I'm staying in. Apparently I didnt read a sign they stuck up a few days ago? who knows. It said Parking prohibited on dates 30th april (today) due to footway reconstruction on both sid
  5. Careparking where: Whitefield Metrolink Free carpark , Bury new rd , Whitefield, Manchester. (behind the station) Hi I hope you can all help me with this query on behalf of my father who is 80 years old. Attached are two photographs of my father's car parked clearly in a disabled bay but slightly too far to the right hand side. He had to park this way because on arrival the original car in the left-hand bay was parked at an angle and was impeding into the disabled bay, forcing him to part to the right hand side. He correctly displayed his disabled badge. My mother
  6. Hi My son was pulled over for speeding. The police said that he was doing 55mph in a 30mph limit so would be referred to court. My son is adamant that he was not doing 55mph inside. The police statement says they were standing approximately 300m inside the 30mph zone. We have measured where they said they were standing and it is only 242 metres inside the zone. They have sent a photo of the reading on the hand held device - besides the mph it also says 248.2 m which we assume is how far the reader was from the car when zapped? which would mean my son was outside
  7. Sick and elderly have to wait outside in all weather in the cold for up to an hour before a GP surgery opens - just to get an appointment. Patients are said to start queuing at around 7am every day, although the surgery doesn’t open its doors until 8.00am. What if you are elderly and living on your own? You can’t expect them to come and queue. It’s disgusting. There are lots of old people standing in the freezing cold in the middle of winter. The system needs to change. There are queues every morning. The surgery should open up its doors earlier and have a ticket system, whereb
  8. I got in a convo with a potential buyer of a product after a number of messages we decided to take the sale outside of ebay, it's for about £xxx (hundreds)... It's a little naughty I know and the safeguards are here for a reason but that is not my point. He has over 3000 pos reviews and I myself am genuine. He wants to send money via paypal frineds and family for £xxx. Then I box up goods and post. The worry is he could get the goods and dispute it and get money back.. Should I ask him for some paper work or a signed document that concretes things.. T
  9. I know a little bit about the Sale of Goods Act and have found out that it has since been replaced by the Consumer Rights Act. We purchased a Smart TV from Currys PC World in December 2013 for £550. Over the last few weeks it has started to develop a fault where towards one corner of the TV (top edge towards the right) there is a foggy dark patch. This is mostly visible when there is a white background. My questions are therefore: 1. As the TV is now 3 years 8 months old is this too long to expect to be able to get it repaired/replaced via the Consumer Rights Act ? - How
  10. Hello Guys, I am looking for advice on best place to start with my issue. I have 2 years 9 month old Bosch washing machine purchased from online retailer washtech.co.uk which suddenly developed sevaral cracks in the outside plastic drum. Washing machine was working ok for a first year then touch screen controls started playing up and I got it repaired under warranty in October last year. No problem with controls since then but today my garage got flooded by the water during drum clean cycle. I took back panel off hoping it was a pump or waste pipe. Unfortunately ex
  11. https://www.theguardian.com/politics/blog/live/2017/mar/22/peers-say-brexit-with-no-trade-deal-would-cause-signicicant-damage-to-service-sector-politics-live
  12. Im vaguely aware that under EU law? items generally should be replaced/repaired if they are still reasonably new even outside of warranty period. My Sony mobile has just died a month outside of its 2 year warranty and i was wondering what the specifics of trying to pursue this are and if people usually experience any success? Many thanks.
  13. I received the following PCN outside my house and want to appeal as my car was not blocking the dropped part of the footway. I was in a hurry when I left yesteray morning so I didn't take a picture of the side of the car from the road which would have clearly shown it was not blocking it. heres the PCN And now a couple of the enforcement pics - note there is none showing the side of the car from the drivers side as this would clearly show no blocking In the bottom pic you can see the other enforcement officer in the background smiling - not very professional!
  14. Hi all, My spouse regularly visits a salon near Preston (part of a row of shops off the main road). Usually the parking is pretty full and the only way to park is adjacent to the shop (i.e. a Pizza shop) if there's a free space. A sign was put up on the corner of the Pizza shop advising parking penalties (some months before), but when the staff were asked at the salon they said to ignore it as the Pizza shop is closed during the day. Just before Christmas a £50 parking ticket was noticed on the windscreen on exiting the salon and this has been followed up by a letter raisi
  15. I bought a TV 12 months and 3 weeks ago. Since buying it I had an intermittent problem with the screen going off for about 10 seconds then on again. I eliminated various other pieces of equipment over time then reported it to the manufacturer about 4 months into their warranty. After following their trouble shooting procedure they accepted it was faulty and arranged an engineer repair. When the engineer rang to arrange repair and get details I was away (this was around Christmas). During the discussion I told him I was unsure how to reproduce the issue since it happened inte
  16. Community Work Programme issued by JSA outside of 8 week period! Some advice would be really appreciated. Does the 8 week rule still apply? How to refuse the CWP? Where to count the 8 weeks from? After a 2 year period The Work Programme with Ingeus ended (2faced staff/ incompetent /useless), I was referred back to the Job Centre and issued with an appointment to attend in April this year. I was asked by myJSA to sign the My Work Plan (WS1 form) in May. I had to sign weekly for awhile and then back to fortnightly. Yesterday I was handed a letter to attend a Community Work
  17. Long story, I try to keep it brief... Around 2007, I took a mortgage with HBOS. HBOS made error on my bank account which resulted in around 6 months mortgage arrears. I did not know about the arrears until a few days before repossession. Because of bank error, the funds were there to clear the arrears. I cleared the arrears. I also paid extra to put account in credit. House was repossessed despite me being told that clearing the arrears in full would stop repossession. Since repossession, I have sent HBOS a number of complaint letters which were stamped by local branch t
  18. this is a good one(not for me) I had my car sorn and parked on my drive, i pre booked an mot for 1030 next day , circa 8 am as the mrs went to take the kids to school she asked me to save her a parking space , i went to try and tax the car on line but could not, i went outside and swapped cars came back in and tried again to tax it could not, i thought well ill just go to mot place as i was going to the car and wait for the mrs she walks in with a smile on her face " you ve been clamped " i replied " yeah sure
  19. Something new seems to be happening in Kent and it seems that the Prison Service are literally allowing people to have "free allotments", only for use, not to keep, outside the prisons. I know this is true for the Swale, Kent area! Only drawback is that there aren't usually hosepipes or outside taps in the area so be prepared to cart a few 10l tubs of water around
  20. Hi, hope someone can clarify this for me. A DCA has made a claim against me in the County Court that was served to my last UK address (and then forwarded via Royal Mail to my USA address). At this point, no CCJ has been issued, but the claim was served at my last UK address. I opted to return to the court, via Email, the acknowledgement and defence forms, contesting jurisdiction. I supplied with this evidence of my having moved to the USA (in the form of my immigration stamp from my passport, my US home lease agreement and a recent USA utility bill at the same address). Does any
  21. Hi, just after a bit of advice. My house is up a lane about 50m from the road and until recently there has been no land to park outside the house. My neighbour has bought some land of the house in front and converted into a parking area solely to be used by them even though they have room for two cars beside their house. They have put up a sign saying parking for no1 only, (there is only two houses) what I want to know is what could they do if I parked on the land apart from ask me to move the car? And what could they do if I refused as it doesn't seem a very nice neighbourly thing to d
  22. Hello I resigned from my job last June as I uncovered alot of dodgy dealings that my Manager was doing. I had been singled out and had not been given voluntary redundancy when requested. I used the Companys Whistleblowing procedure to air my views and to expose what had been happening. The Manager has just been sacked and the investigation has just finished. Am I able to take my employer to Civil Court for compensation at all? I know im out of time for the employment tribunal route and wondered what my options were?
  23. Hi all, I've been a bit of an idiot. I was recently caught riding on an oyster card outside zone 6. I touched in in Zone 3 and then travelled a few stations outside of the oyster, where I got caught by a revenue protection officer. I panicked a bit, and initially lied about where I got on and gave a wrong address, but then under caution gave correct details, which were confirmed when my oyster was checked. I also basically admitted that I'd tried to avoid paying the fare, which is stupid I know, but I was nervous and not thinking straight. The operating company in question is south we
  24. http://sunderlandnow.co.uk/news/10-local-news/2114-investigation-into-police-van-parked-illegally-outside-of-greggs-bakery.html#
  25. Okies so I nipped in B&Q for 5 mins it was 7pm on a co9ld wet Tuesday evening, so I parked in one of several disabled bays mainly due to mits proximty to the stores entrance, low and behold upon my return there on my windscreen was placed a ticket.....Pay £50 quid in 14 days or goes up to £90...People your sound advice on this matter is most appreciated please, I thank you
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