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  1. Hi all, I've been a bit of an idiot. I was recently caught riding on an oyster card outside zone 6. I touched in in Zone 3 and then travelled a few stations outside of the oyster, where I got caught by a revenue protection officer. I panicked a bit, and initially lied about where I got on and gave a wrong address, but then under caution gave correct details, which were confirmed when my oyster was checked. I also basically admitted that I'd tried to avoid paying the fare, which is stupid I know, but I was nervous and not thinking straight. The operating company in question is south west trains. Anyway, I know that I've got to wait a few weeks until the letter comes through, but I was wondering whether anyone has much experience in these matters, specifically how likely they are to take the matter to court versus accept a settlement. It's my first offence, so I'm hoping that they'll accept an out of court settlement, as a criminal record could potentially screw me up since I sometimes have to travel to the U.S with work, however I'm aware that my idiotic behaviour has basically given them a cast iron case should they choose to pursue the matter further. Should I be seeking legal advice? Cheers
  2. Hello all, this is basically another "I've been getting harrassing calls from CSL" style post. I've googled them pretty thoroughly, and have read a lot of the threads about them on here, so just wanted to check I'm doing everything right. Bit of background info: I was on jobseekers earlier this year after coming back from some travel, gained full time employment around March, and all with no issues. I started getting the usual CSL auto phonecalls about a month ago, googled the number and just blocked them. I got a letter through today which basically reads the same as loads posted here, threatening court and lawyers fees if I don't cough up. It references the DWP as the creditor, seeking an amount of £215.05. This is exactly equal to the amount they paid me for my first instalment of jobseekers back in January, so I am rather suspicious that the DWP have basically made some kind of mistake. This payment was entirely correct, I've never heard a peep out of them about it since so the whole thing is somewhat out of the blue. Obviously I'll be phoning them first thing tomorrow to find out what the hell is going on. I'm sending them the standard "What the hell is this debt letter" via recorded delivery. And I'm still ignoring the calls. The only issue is that the letter threatens court action and I REALLY don't want a default judgement on my credit rating. I know it's probably just an empty threat form letter, but still. This wouldn't be an issue, but work are sending me out of the country for a month so I'll not be able to reply to any summons or anything. apart from the above, is there anything I could/should be doing to keep these Grade A annoyances out of my hair. Cheers!
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