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  1. Just wanted to post a final update on this thread. On Monday 1st July my dad had his day in court. He was pretty nervous as it was his first time dealing with something like this. The defendants brought an extra person with them that they did not notify the Courts about, so the judge was not pleased about that and made it known. Also at times the defendants kept interrupting my Dad while he was giving his evidence and the judge shut them down for doing so. The defendants argument was solely based on the car being out of warranty and the fault could have happened to anyone at any time. In the judges summing up to the defendants he said that it didn't matter whether the car was in warranty or just out of warranty, the Consumer Rights Act supersedes all of that and the car was clearly not fit for purpose. My dad was awarded his money back plus court costs so he is very happy. Thank you for everyone's advice.
  2. Thanks for the replies. The Dealer was Dobies in West Cumbria. My Dad is going to have his car checked out and then we will write to the dealer. I'll update the thread when we have any progress.
  3. Cheers all... just got the details off him. The car was bought on 2nd June 2018. Mileage was 50950 when bought. Mileage was 51858 when it broke. (so 908 miles done since purchased) The care is a 2012 year on a 61 plate. Thanks again.
  4. My dad bought a used Peugeot 3008 from a main dealer. It had low mileage. He paid just under £7000 for it. The car came with a 3 month warranty. My dad has done around 600 miles in the car since he bought it. The warranty had expired only 2 weeks earlier. He took a friend to hospital which was a 200 mile round trip. On the way there the car suddenly lost all power and went into limp mode. AA came and said something was wrong with the injectors and he couldn't fix it. AA had to tow my dads car home. My Dad took the car back to the dealer. They said some of the injectors had burned out and they replaced all 4 of them. My dad was without his car for a week and when he collected it they charged him £360. Is this right ?? I know the warranty had only just expired, but having spent £7000 why should he be expected to then have to fork out £360 for a major fault. I don't think I'm being unreasonable, I would understand if the warranty had expired by several months. I'm trying to find out if my Dad has any grounds to recover the £360 from the dealer. Any advice greatly appreciated.
  5. thanks - the garage just this minute phoned me and offered a goodwill gesture of half price replacements which i'm more than happy with. my post was wondering where i stand if anywhere. thanks again.
  6. Hi, I got two new suspension springs fitted on the front of my car by a major high street dealer. The springs came with a 2 year unlimited mileage warranty. The drivers side one has snapped after only 19750 miles. I checked my paperwork and the date I bought them was 12 Jan 2015 which made them 3 weeks out of warranty. Do i have any case to go back to the retailer at all? I know the warranty has 'just' expired, but I would have expected the springs to last a lot longer than 19750 miles given that I just commute on a daily basis. Thanks.
  7. My mother bought an laundry appliance from Currys/PC World which developed a fault. It isn't 12 months old. We have had engineers out to it multiple times and the fault has not been fixed. We wrote to Currys informing them, in great detail, of all the problems we had experienced and that we had had enough - we were rejecting the appliance as it was not of merchantable quality or fit for purpose. We told them to come and collect the appliance and arrange for a full refund. They declined the refund - instead offering us another engineer. We declined and informed them if we didn't have a satisfactory solution within 14 days we would issue Small Claims against them. We got no response. We filled in the Small Claims paperwork and after trying to look up the company details online and on their own website we filled the defendants details in as Currys , PO Box 1687, Sheffield, S2 5YA. The court office told us we couldn't use a PO Box number and we should use the store address that we bought the appliance from, so we did. The papers were served on the store which we then assume were forwarded to their Head Office. DSG Retail then sent us a letter from their LEGAL SERVICES (it was in bold print!) they said their records don't match my mother's version of events... would you like to have an engineer inspect the appliance? He then, later in the letter, said that 'Currys do not exist in a legal capacity since they are trading names of DSG Retail Ltd who are the company that operate and control these stores. For very good reasons proceedings can only be issued against a legal entity. If we were to obtain a judgement against Currys we would not be able to take enforcement proceedings'. This infuriates me. They make it as unclear and difficult as possible to find out where to contact if things progress to a Small Claims stage and then they try and rub it in your face. They have Currys on their receipts, their shops have Currys over the door, and they have a Currys website. So do we now have to go through the whole procedure again and serve the papers on DSG Retail Ltd at a further cost? I should mention that my mother lives over the border in Scotland and, according to the court office, they have jurisdiction because my mother is domiciled in Scotland. Any advice / comments appreciated. Taaa.
  8. Thanks... PC using I.E. but also tried using Firefox just in case there was something odd going on with the browser
  9. right guys... sorry but I've edited this thing 4 times now and but spaces and carriage returns and double carriage returns in it and it keeps formatting it the same way.
  10. It did have spacing, and paragraphs, in it when I typed it in but when I hit the POST button it did this, so I assumed that was what it did. I'll see if i can edit it.
  11. In April 2014 I bought a used 2007 Fiat diesel car from a dealer for just under £5000. It came with a 3 month warranty. It had a good spec on the car and a low mileage which is why I bought the car. It had some service history. When I took delivery of the car I booked it in, with a Fiat main dealer, to have a new cam belt fitted as it was due to have one. When I got my car back with the newly fitted cam belt the Fiat main dealer told me that the gear box was very noisy and it was an indication of it failing. They also told me that the air conditioning condenser was disintegrating. I took the car back to the dealer I bought it from and told them about the gearbox, air conditioning condenser and also that the electric lumbar support wasn’t working. After a lot of wrangling (they were initially saying it was all 'wear and tear') they finally agreed to have the faults put right. During this period of wrangling there was another issue with the car where I could remove the keys completely from the car and the car would still be running! They took the car in and rectified this. So... so far I had been without the car twice - once while they sorted the car running without the keys issue and then on the second occasion when they refurbished the gearbox, replaced the AC condenser and fixed the electric lumbar support. The next thing that went wrong with the car was the alternator failed. This happened just outside the 3 month warranty period. It also happened while I was out of the County visiting family. I took the car into the Fiat main dealer. While it was in having the alternator replaced I asked them to check for a water leak as I was suspicious there might be one as I'd had to top the water up a couple of times. The main dealer notified me the head gasket had gone on the car and that I should not drive it. I told the Fiat main dealer to repair the head gasket as I obviously would need the car to get back home and also for work. The cost of repairs came to just over £1000. I am still in the process of trying to claim the cost of these repairs back from the dealer/credit card company and the matter is now currently with the Financial Ombudsman Service. I don't see why I should have to be paying out for large repair costs to car I've just bought a little over 3 months ago. I next took the car to a garage near my work as I was a hearing metallic clunking noise coming from the back of the car somewhere. They told me that the rear disks and brake pads needed to be replaced as they had been binding on and the discs were blue from the heat. They said it would have been doing that for quite a while. They also told be the front drivers wishbone was broken. I told them to repair the items. The cost of the repairs was £425 Within this last week there was a metallic rattling noise coming from the front driver’s side of the car. I took it into Kwik-Fit, near my home. They told me the front springs needed to be replaced as the driver’s side one had broken. It was the broken piece of spring that was trapped inside the rest of the spring and rattling. I told them to replace the springs... another £205 I have also, in the last few weeks, discovered that the rear window demister does not work properly. Some of the elements aren't working and probably never were but because it was spring and summer and I've never had to use the demister it's taken until now to discover it. I now also suspect that the limo-black privacy windows in the rear of the car aren't factory standard and that it is privacy film that was applied to the car by a previous owner. When I bought the car from the garage the privacy film was already on the windows but it wouldn't surprise me if the rear window demister was damaged when the privacy film was applied. My question is this: I've only had the car 9 months and I'm sick and tired of having to pay out for expensive repairs for things going wrong. £5000 is a lot of money to me and I bought the diesel car with low mileage because I thought it would last me a good few years of commuting backward and forwards on the motorway . Even though it’s a 2007 model the car looked in good condition and I thought I was buying a good car. I can't get in the car now without worrying about every noise and rattle and whether it is going to break again. It is no pleasure to drive any more I have lost faith in the car altogether. Do I have any grounds for recourse against the vendor for the car? Can I make them take it back and give me a refund after 9 months? I can't own an unreliable car - I depend on a car too much for work. Any help advice appreciated. Thanks.
  12. Thanks Rebel11 - I'll try that approach... Conniff: Im not worried about any timeframe expiring - I'm naffed off at them as it always seems to be a month before I hear from them again and, up to now, they have always asked for more information 'to help deal with my claim' which leads to another month before I hear from them again asking for more information.
  13. Can anyone tell me what is an acceptable time-frame to have a section 75 claim dealt with by the credit card company. I have lodged a claim against my credit card company for some repairs that I needed to have done to a car i bought and paid the £100 deposit for using my credit card. The credit card company are responding to me but the time between letters is about a month and I'm getting the impression that they are just dragging their heels. The first letter I got off them was a "please send us details of your claim" then I got a "please sign this form so we can contact the garage you bought the car from" letter. Now Ive got a letter asking me for the following: * Evidence of how the balance was paid for the car. * MOT certificate. * Independent report from a VAT registered company on their headed paper detailing any faults and the likely causes of any faults. * Correspondence between me and the garage I bought the car from. * Any other document I may feel relevant. Do I really need to supply all this?? They've been sent the original invoice for the repairs from the garage that carried out the repairs. I cant help feeling that no matter what I send them there is going to be another months delay and then I'm going to getting a letter asking for yet more information. Thanks
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