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  1. Just wanted to post a final update on this thread. On Monday 1st July my dad had his day in court. He was pretty nervous as it was his first time dealing with something like this. The defendants brought an extra person with them that they did not notify the Courts about, so the judge was not pleased about that and made it known. Also at times the defendants kept interrupting my Dad while he was giving his evidence and the judge shut them down for doing so. The defendants argument was solely based on the car being out of warranty and the fault could have happened to an
  2. Thanks for the replies. The Dealer was Dobies in West Cumbria. My Dad is going to have his car checked out and then we will write to the dealer. I'll update the thread when we have any progress.
  3. Cheers all... just got the details off him. The car was bought on 2nd June 2018. Mileage was 50950 when bought. Mileage was 51858 when it broke. (so 908 miles done since purchased) The care is a 2012 year on a 61 plate. Thanks again.
  4. My dad bought a used Peugeot 3008 from a main dealer. It had low mileage. He paid just under £7000 for it. The car came with a 3 month warranty. My dad has done around 600 miles in the car since he bought it. The warranty had expired only 2 weeks earlier. He took a friend to hospital which was a 200 mile round trip. On the way there the car suddenly lost all power and went into limp mode. AA came and said something was wrong with the injectors and he couldn't fix it. AA had to tow my dads car home. My Dad took the car back to the dealer. They said some of the injectors had
  5. thanks - the garage just this minute phoned me and offered a goodwill gesture of half price replacements which i'm more than happy with. my post was wondering where i stand if anywhere. thanks again.
  6. Hi, I got two new suspension springs fitted on the front of my car by a major high street dealer. The springs came with a 2 year unlimited mileage warranty. The drivers side one has snapped after only 19750 miles. I checked my paperwork and the date I bought them was 12 Jan 2015 which made them 3 weeks out of warranty. Do i have any case to go back to the retailer at all? I know the warranty has 'just' expired, but I would have expected the springs to last a lot longer than 19750 miles given that I just commute on a daily basis. Thanks.
  7. My mother bought an laundry appliance from Currys/PC World which developed a fault. It isn't 12 months old. We have had engineers out to it multiple times and the fault has not been fixed. We wrote to Currys informing them, in great detail, of all the problems we had experienced and that we had had enough - we were rejecting the appliance as it was not of merchantable quality or fit for purpose. We told them to come and collect the appliance and arrange for a full refund. They declined the refund - instead offering us another engineer. We declined and informed them if we di
  8. Thanks... PC using I.E. but also tried using Firefox just in case there was something odd going on with the browser
  9. right guys... sorry but I've edited this thing 4 times now and but spaces and carriage returns and double carriage returns in it and it keeps formatting it the same way.
  10. It did have spacing, and paragraphs, in it when I typed it in but when I hit the POST button it did this, so I assumed that was what it did. I'll see if i can edit it.
  11. In April 2014 I bought a used 2007 Fiat diesel car from a dealer for just under £5000. It came with a 3 month warranty. It had a good spec on the car and a low mileage which is why I bought the car. It had some service history. When I took delivery of the car I booked it in, with a Fiat main dealer, to have a new cam belt fitted as it was due to have one. When I got my car back with the newly fitted cam belt the Fiat main dealer told me that the gear box was very noisy and it was an indication of it failing. They also told me that the air conditioning condenser was disintegrating. I to
  12. Thanks Rebel11 - I'll try that approach... Conniff: Im not worried about any timeframe expiring - I'm naffed off at them as it always seems to be a month before I hear from them again and, up to now, they have always asked for more information 'to help deal with my claim' which leads to another month before I hear from them again asking for more information.
  13. Can anyone tell me what is an acceptable time-frame to have a section 75 claim dealt with by the credit card company. I have lodged a claim against my credit card company for some repairs that I needed to have done to a car i bought and paid the £100 deposit for using my credit card. The credit card company are responding to me but the time between letters is about a month and I'm getting the impression that they are just dragging their heels. The first letter I got off them was a "please send us details of your claim" then I got a "please sign this form so we can contact the garag
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