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  1. wrong it wasnt just parked on a road it was being readied to go for a pre booked mot, what if i had to physically close and lock a massive gate with dogs inside? im i suppose to leave my gate unlocked and the dogs loose because i cant leave my car? what if i need to go for a s*** am i suppose to do it in my car?
  2. he sad it was a misstake because he know its wrong, i had a prebooked mot, so im exempt, im simply following the law. he did not , if one is meant to sorn or tax a car pronto why cant there be a safe guard/fail meassure for one to also declare the car prebooked for an mot.
  3. no it was on the road, but that is not a problem
  4. that was their story which i dont believe, the whole thing took about 1 minute
  5. that is indeed the interpretation the legislation states, but also, the fact that they sent me a letter telling me that i pleaded guilty, thats like extortion, they are not the court or judge, it is intimidating, bulling and above all falsely demanding the payment of a fine. im in court tomoro !!!
  6. I actually still had a valid mot which would expire on January first. Bad day hey, so i decided to do it before such awkward date which im entitled to by law, my car was sorn at the time and fully insured, im a driving instructor and have two cars on the road, my wife has a car and my son a car all at the same address all fully legal, the car that was clamped is our family 7 seater which we use for our holidays , hence i had it sorn for 2 months, on the day in question i simply moved my car off my driveway, on to the road in front of my house 1 foot from our driveway foot path, so that i coul
  7. this is a good one(not for me) I had my car sorn and parked on my drive, i pre booked an mot for 1030 next day , circa 8 am as the mrs went to take the kids to school she asked me to save her a parking space , i went to try and tax the car on line but could not, i went outside and swapped cars came back in and tried again to tax it could not, i thought well ill just go to mot place as i was going to the car and wait for the mrs she walks in with a smile on her face " you ve been clamped " i replied " yeah sure
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