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  1. A lot of blame is being directed toward NHS doctors, latest is the #iminworkjeremy More and more nurses and doctors are taking to twitter and facebook sharing their disgust against the NHS. Government now wants doctors / consultants to work weekends. Would someone work say, in a shop for less than £3 an hour? Because that is what the government expects consultants to work for at the weekend. This consultants letter has gone facebook viral with around 25,000 shares at moment. There is no point in some doctors or consultants working weekends. The other cogs of the hospital such as phlebotomist, porter, radiologist, all these other cogs that are needed are not working. The NHS is in a terrible mess with blame being directed at NHS workers. Most NHS workers go above and beyond their duty as an employee yet are being blamed by the government for a failing NHS. I suspect the government want to privatise the NHS and are running it down in every way possible. They want the NHS to fail so that it would make it easier to privatise. The NHS is being setup to fail.
  2. hi, your post is shocking and i hope that these problems get resolved for you ASAP! if I were in your position, I would ask the Doctor for a letter stating the conditions of copd, ibs and fibromyalgia for your mother, pointing out the fact that fibromyalgia causes widespread pain and this condition can become worse with stress. Also for your father. (the doc may charge for the letter). Copy the docs letter with a complaint, roughly what you explained above, send it to as many people as you can, the contractors, landlord, local council, MP, - whilst keeping a receipt (either through email, or recorded/registered post). Take photos of the house, the damage, document it. This may help your family claim compensation at a later date maybe? You say you contacted your MP, what has been their response? Has there been correspondence between you, or have you just sent emails? Emails may be overlooked... If you or your mother have not already done so, contact British lung foundation. I recommend them 100000000%. They provide healthcare advice as well as welfare advice and specialist benefit advice. https://www.blf.org.uk/Page/How-to-contact-the-helpline
  3. Depending on your condition, it may be possible for your GP to give you a fit note without actually seeing you. You can just collect it from the practice reception. If it is something long term, it is likely your GP would be able to provide you with the fit note without you having an appointment. You say the receptionist wants you to book an appointment with the doctor. This MAY be the receptionist just being plain lazy so that they don't have to send notes / email / phone / speak to the doctor. Perhaps contact the reception again explaining you need the fit note because of your finances. But as I say, it all mainly depends on your illness whether your Doc will do this
  4. TV should broadcast the reality of the benefit system - where some claimants score zero points during their health assessment and are forced to start looking for employment because they are told they will no longer be paid in respect of their illness. Claimants score zero points based upon a silly little interview that lasts for 10? 20? 30? minutes? The interview is undertaken by a nurse or a doctor. This interview undermines the claimants own GP who has declared the claimant unfit for work. The most vulnerable in society such as people with mental health problems are told they are fit for work when they are not fit for work. I question the ethics of the medical professionals interviewing claimants. The doctors or nurses interviewing have a duty of care to their patient. Far too many people have died as a result of being declared fit for work when they are not fit for work. I claimed benefits in 1993? for a few weeks and remember I had to jump through hurdles for those few weeks. The system has become a lot worse since 1993 and that is shown by the number of deaths of people who were declared fit for work. There are benefits scroungers, there are genuine people and then there are genuine and vulnerable people. For the benefit system to show a complete disregard of the vulnerable people is abysmal and unforgivable. Apologies for rant! This makes me very angry as I see vulnerable people being demonised and told that they are fit for work. GPs all over the country are being undermined by some silly little DWP tick box exercise interview. Claimants are dying because the system is unjust.
  5. hi, for your SAR, you would need to complete a vodafone specific form from their website. without completing their own internal SAR form then your SAR will not be processed. it is not a requirement in law that you complete such form but vodafone policy. vodafone have confirmed to me through online chat, web forum and a letter from their CEO department that their specific form is needed to process SAR and that their own policy comes first before uk law. https://www.vodafone.co.uk/cs/groups/public/documents/webcontent/vftst031658.pdf
  6. Since Civil Justice Centre can not give me a definitive answer as to what form I need to proceed for SAR, can anyone advise me on what forms I need for this? If there is no definitive answer in relation to what forms I need, then I will revert back to harassment claim with N1 form. Although as advised earlier in thread, I would be in a better position if i had the data to hand (my SAR).
  7. hopefully you will update without being arrogant, condescending and pedantic. Due to your behaviour directed at me in other threads, (condescending, arrogant, pedantic) I will now ignore any further contact from you.
  8. I have explained why I believe I can potentially claim exemplary damages and have provided a link to another thread on CAG that shows the exact same thing, - to claim for exemplary damages for failed SAR. I have given detail as to why I believe I can claim exemplary damages for failed SAR. Money made = same as money not spent. Vodafone made money by not complying with my SAR, they saved on their staff costs in collating all data for SAR. They were aware that the damages / compensation under data protection act is significantly lower than the money they would have had to effectively spend (waste) in respect of staff wages to supply SAR. All you have said is that I can't claim this. What are your reasons why I can't claim? A site team member has said in another thread (linked above) that it is possible to claim for exemplary damages in the case of a company failing to provide SAR.
  9. http://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/forum/showthread.php?229816-Crapital-1-Subject-Access-Request-sent-no-reply. That thread shows I can claim exemplary damages despite your insistence that I can not. Quoted from: http://uk.practicallaw.com/7-107-7085 The money Vodafone makes from its wrongdoing, ie - failing to adhere to Data Protection Act in relation to my Subject Access Request. I sent a cheque for £10 and requested all data. This was to include all unsolicited telephone calls and texts. It would have cost vodafone a lot more than £10 to supply me with this information, to retrieve all phone calls etc. So vodafone use what I believe to be a nasty tactic. Vodafone delay SAR. They then rely on their own Vodafone policy stating that their policy must be followed and totally disregarding UK law. It is my opinion that Vodafone in their course of action have calculated that the money made from their wrongdoing (failing to adhere to UK law) will probably exceed the damages payable. To explore this further, the money Vodafone made or saved in their failure to provide me with my SAR far outweighs the small amount of damages that would be awarded to me by a Judge due to their faliure to provide me with SAR. The Data Protection Act makes provision for damages/ compensation in respect of damage or damage and distress. It is my opinion that I was not distressed and suffered no damage due to Vodafone ignoring the law in this regard. It is also my opinion that Vodafone are aware of the provision in Data Protection Act in relation to compensation being for damage or distress only.... And as I was neither caused damage or distress by Vodafone failing to adhere to the law, then it is my opinion that Vodafone have not provided me with SAR and rely on the fact that they believe their own policy is primary to UK law. Therefore, as very little can be claimed in respect of damage and distress (provisions under DPA), it is my opinion that Vodafone have calculated that the money they would save or make from their wrongdoing exceeds that of any damages payable under DPA. As Vodafone have saved themselves money by not providing me with SAR knowing that very little compensation would be paid in respect of damage or damage and distress, in addition to preventing me obtaining what is legally mine to assist me with claim for harassment, - it is my opinion that Vodafone have infact calculated that their wrongdoing (failing to provide SAR) and the money they have saved by not having to retrieve phone calls and other data in addition to failing to provide me with a complete list of unsolicited calls for my claim of harassment, meets the criteria of a claim for exemplary damages. For a vodafone employee to have to work on my SAR, spend time finding and transferring all of my calls to a disk would take a considerable amount of time, bearing in mind that I have been VERY persistent in calling them requesting they stop etc etc etc.... What would this cost vodafone??? A lot more than any compensation made under DPA! As stated in above quote, exemplary damages are only paid in precise circumstances, of which I have explained why I believe Vodafone course of action has met a precise circumstance.
  10. I realise I do not get to choose who replies or not. That is why I have requested you do not reply to this thread or the other thread which I ask for help in. Some examples of your attitude toward me in another thread: you wonder if i fail to read or fail to comprehend I am speaking nonsense i waffle i struggle to understand i have wasted time due to quality of my research i am not grounded in reality i am attempting to look clever you hope that i am trolling they are just examples from one other thread showing in my opinion your condescending and arrogant attitude. I will not bother posting you examples of your pedantic attitude, and will not post examples from other threads. as far as i know there are about 3 threads whereby you have appeared to be both arrogant and condescending for reasons unknown to me. As you say, I do not have the right to choose who posts in this thread or not. But I have requested that you do not - based upon your attitude toward me in other threads. Examples of your attitude from just one of those threads is above. In another thread, you that if I am a troll! Well, no site team member has spoken to me about my attitude, yet, have spoken to you in another thread concerning your attitude toward me. That in itself speaks volumes... Again, I request that you do not help me. Request based on reasons above.
  11. I requested in this thread: http://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/forum/showthread.php?448626-TKmaxx-refund for you to not bother / assist / help me in either my vodafone or bank thread. I again repeat my request.
  12. dispute the bill. if you have to pay the bill to avoid adverse credit record, make sure vodafone know that your payment is "under dispute" {Paragraph removed as it was off topic and a breach of site rules} - SS only other advice i will give: 1. Try to avoid adverse credit rating even if it means paying their bill and hoping to claim it back later. 2. Don't deal with this company via phone unless you can record your calls. Deal only in writing / email. 3. Be patient. The cogs turn quite slowly within Vodafone. Good luck!
  13. Your reference number which you added to your first post "WRT 135" = there should be more numbers after this. I think Vodafone Web Relation Team can only help you if you supply full reference number. Vodafone web relations seem to be the only point of contact within the company who can help people out, since it is their job to mitigate complaints made in public. Even then, they are slow since they have to deal with the slowly turning cogs elsewhere in the company. If you haven't got the full reference number, just revisit the link and get a new reference number so Web Relation Team can help you.
  14. If you follow the instructions here: http://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/forum/showthread.php?213340-Vodafone-Webteam-for-Customers-With-Problems-**UPDATED-APRIL-2015-** pasting WRT reference number into your thread, then a Vodafone Rep will be able to try and help you resolve this. I would advise against you ignoring your debt to vodafone. Apparently they are quick to place markers on credit files for people who owe money, yet when they have made a mistake they are not so quick in removing their mistakes from credit files. Its a waste of time dealing with this company since various threads show that Vodafone have no regard for their customers. The best way you can sort this is to keep this in public, on forum, and let the Vodafones Web Relations team sort it out.
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