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  1. here is an interesting addition: I am buying a new car and there was a search done by the finance company , no problem, however the credit reference agency sends an automated email saying I have a change on the file which is normal. however on checking the file guess what?. I have just seen that BW Legal completed a search on myself in Feb 2018? Now that is a surprise as at that time I had no correspondence at all and had not given permission to complete search - not sure at what level or how legal it is to do this without permission? any legal guys out there who know the privacy rules
  2. thanks that now all makes more sense - I had no idea that thread was still there -? I could have looked it up but forgot all about that - thanks for helping !. ill ignore .
  3. no not moved - will possibly have kept something 6 yrs ago - ill check?, 6 yrs form offence date?
  4. I have received 2 letters from the above company out of the blue and over last 2 months,. I have never dealt or heard anything from them before?... but they mention Vehicle Control services but have not supplied vehicle reg?, date of alleged offence?, or location? they have just included a VCS case number which I have no idea what it relates / which vehicles etc ? maybe its a deliberate omittance to seduce me in to contacting them? eg. "have you made a mistake?" etc Knowing how these companies work I am not for enquiring either for the information to clarify. The only l
  5. Q. if we appeal to POPLA using the common sense and the obvious unobstructed parking reasoning . If POPLA turn down the appeal does that weaken our position if we eventually continue via a County court hearing? Otherwise I will follow Ericsbrother's advice and we will sit tight for a bit of fun ahead.
  6. just to add some clarity and factual information - he now tells me that he only has had a PCN on the windscreen 20/12/17 , He appealed as per the PCN instructions 30/12/17 He has Never had a NTK sent to him. (I presume this would be because he appealed and admitted being the driver.) received a reply 7/02/18 denying the appeal.
  7. sorry slip of the pen yes " parking charge notice" fo clarity he got a ticket on the window, waited 28 days and got the NTK within the 28 days - it was only then did he mention it to me. He then appealed by letter which was rejected and sent a popla code.
  8. Careparking where: Whitefield Metrolink Free carpark , Bury new rd , Whitefield, Manchester. (behind the station) Hi I hope you can all help me with this query on behalf of my father who is 80 years old. Attached are two photographs of my father's car parked clearly in a disabled bay but slightly too far to the right hand side. He had to park this way because on arrival the original car in the left-hand bay was parked at an angle and was impeding into the disabled bay, forcing him to part to the right hand side. He correctly displayed his disabled badge. My mother
  9. you know what! - I do remember a cover letter saying they had contacted my lease company to get details of me as hirer, but never saw the significance and threw that bit away and kept the NTK!...
  10. Got a APNR notification from parking eye - will fight this as genuinely I did not see any signs,. I have taken video and photo evidence of the sight and there is no visible signs stating parking restrictions on entry. This is a huge retail carpark where there are signs dotted around on walls and high level posts (10ft). When I entered the car park there was an immediate space to my Right hand side which I parked In. At this point there was no signage around and I Went and did some shopping. I met a friend After Buying goods in Tesco (With a ProvenReceipt, Time 11:37A
  11. Ok I was/am a total novice here but i will try and outline the defence i used. apparently the transcript is something that you can apply for at a cost from the court and I dont need any extra costs but it may be worth you asking Bury County court for a copy and split the costs? court day: Firstly the BWL team never turn up they employed a local Solicitor who had several cases on the day one of which was mine and hadn't really bothered to much getting her preparation in order. Probably the same for you. I turned up with a full ringbinder folder under my arm.. I think this made an im
  12. Todays result in court Excel Parking Services Ltd 0 Versus Booth 1:lol: I won !... Thanks for all the help on here especially Ericsbro and Dx who have been quick to reply and patient with my questions . The claim was not attended by the claimant just a local solicitor / advocate she wasn't that well prepared and had lots of use files for the day. When the Judge asked her to refer to photo I had provided of poor signage - she used her phone! she hadn't even printed off my defence? I admitted that I never bought a ticket - but on the basis that i never saw any signag
  13. "No-one else is allowed to park and that is not a contractual matter, it is a prohibition. You cant agree to trespass so they cant demand money from you. " can you elaborate? i assume you mean if i agree to their terms - by parking in a space then I am entering a contract with them, but if i park in a prohibited space i am trespassing, - so are you saying i can't therefore agree to park and trespass ? i'm a little confused on the interpretation. just read up on rights of audience and the claimants witness statement says the representative is a litigation paralegal
  14. Thanks for the information thats helpful I have just had an email from the planning officer who has eventually confirmed that in his "own opinion" not that of the councils' that planning permission should have been acquired, although the signs are no longer there so he cannot enforce any action. extract : " In the circumstances you have described I would say yes advertisement consent was required for the signs. This is however my own opinion and not that of the Council. I suggest you take some professional legal advice from a firm that specialises in planning law to assist your case.
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