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  1. I know a little bit about the Sale of Goods Act and have found out that it has since been replaced by the Consumer Rights Act. We purchased a Smart TV from Currys PC World in December 2013 for £550. Over the last few weeks it has started to develop a fault where towards one corner of the TV (top edge towards the right) there is a foggy dark patch. This is mostly visible when there is a white background. My questions are therefore: 1. As the TV is now 3 years 8 months old is this too long to expect to be able to get it repaired/replaced via the Consumer Rights Act ? - How
  2. Anyone else had any experience with their 'Price Match' cashback deals ? Been trying to make contact with them for some time now. They don't reply to e-mails, and their phone lines are impossible to get through on. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks
  3. Thanks - Although I have been trying. It is almost impossible to get through to them at the moment
  4. I am trying to get some clarification on the Price Match Cashback. I have taken out multiple phones with e2save over the years and never had a single problem with cashback. This time I took out one of the 'Price Match' Cashback offers, which have different terms. My order was placed and connection took place on 10th August 2007, and my first bill was dated 21st August 2007. Am I correct in thinking that as I need to send the bill showing 120 days of connection, it would be the bill on or around 8th December ?? (120 days from connection). If this is the case, would i
  5. My credit card company got back and said the same sort of thing The fact that really annoys me is that Boots asked me to send the camcorders back to them, and they would get Samsung to take a look and see what the problem was. I returned them, only to get them back a week later saying that they have since spoken to Samsung and they won't look at them. You would have thought that with Boots agreeing to take them back to look at, I would have some additional rights ? I'm also trying to work out why the fault has to be an 'inherant' fault. Surely any fault, is a fault. As l
  6. So it is reasonable for the retailer to pass me back to Samsung and Samsung's recommended repair company - even though they want to charge £40 per camcorder. Thanks Daniel
  7. I purchased a Samsung camcorder from Boots in August 2004, and my brother in law purchased the exact same model one week later. Neither of them have had much use at all - Probably 5 times maximum, although I have no way of proving this (Although they are fully boxed, and do look new). We have tried our camcorders a couple of weeks ago, and both are now experiencing problems. The first one seems to have an intermittent fault with recording - where the image hasn't been recorded, and they are large pink stripes from left to right, and when there is an image it pixels. The sec
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