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Found 24 results

  1. Have just returned from helping a family friend out this evening, she was stranded at road side with puncture, and no spare wheel, car jack, wheel brace or emergency puncture repair kit in the car.The car was the lady's first and she bought on the basis of colour and because it was cute, in other words the car dealer saw her coming and quickly worked out she was not aware of what to look for when buying a car. So, tonight in pouring rain and in the dark at the side of the road I had to give her and her son a lift and abandon her car at roadside.Before, I call the 2nd hand car dealer tomorrow, I want to calm down abit and seek the advice of CAG on this matter. I understand that many cars are no longer sold with spare tyres/wheels and a foam repair kit is often supplied, but this car I now know is supposed to be supplied with a spare wheel as the deep hole in the boot suggests. There is no tools present/supplied to jack the car and nor is there a wheel brace.Am I correct in thinking that legally these should have been supplied? What course of action would you recommend?Thanks as always for any help offered.
  2. Hi there, Does anyone know if it's worth getting house emergency insurance for a flat? On some websites the annual cost isn't really that bad but is it worth paying for that small property? Thanks.
  3. The Queen's most senior aides have summoned her entire household to an emergency meeting this morning. The Lord Chamberlain, the most senior officer of the Royal Household, and Sir Christopher Geidt, Private Secretary, will address staff from royal residences as far afield as Balmoral. Sources said the Lord Chamberlain does call meetings from time to time and that it would be wrong to speculate. Scores of staff arrived at Buckingham Palace this morning.http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/2017/05/04/buckingham-palace-summons-entire-royal-household-emergency-meeting/
  4. https://www.theguardian.com/politics/blog/live/2017/mar/22/peers-say-brexit-with-no-trade-deal-would-cause-signicicant-damage-to-service-sector-politics-live
  5. skyblue2027

    Emergency tax

    Hello, i started work on 1/3/17 and my new employer records are not updated with HMRC as yet so i have been advised i will be paying emergency tax. what percentage will that be on a gross payment of £1500? the person on the chat said depends on the code. 20% or 40%
  6. Hi, I have just received a letter from Agilisys Revenue asking me to contact them to update my address details confirming that I stayed at a bed and breakfast. i went into B&B with my 3 children in 2001, i was on full HB as i was single parent of 3 school children. I assumed that I didnt owe anything when i was moved to temporary accomodation 2 years later.. .I did have contact from the temp housing services a couple of times over the next few years saying that I owed over £1000 , (dont remember exact amount but i questioned it as i was on full HB and was told it was the £30 per week that i received food brought by the letting agent. I then told them i refused the food after 2 weeks as it was of the lowest standard possible . . from a shop called Kwik Save and their basic range of cereal, bread, sugar, tea bags, and milk which when i went in store at the time and added it up came to about £3.50 ,i refused it and bought my own food. I was then told I should have informed them, and i thought the dodgy letting agent should have done this anyway! I agreed back in 2007 to pay what i could and i believe they were taking £2 a week from my benefit for about a year but i then needed a loan from social fund to buy a fridge and wardrobe so they couldnt take it anymore as i was paying back the maximum to social fund . Long story short I moved into permanent housing in 2011 and they last contacted me about 4 yrs ago, i told them i couldnt pay anything as i didnt have enough money after bills etc were paid and i heard no more until this letter today. My question is this, can they force me to pay this debt as the original amount was from 14 years ago?
  7. Hello team CAG, This is a little long, but please bear with me. I applied to one of the Emergency Services in London, and after passing an assessment was invited to an interview on 18th August. On 30th August I made contact with one of the two panel members who interviewed me as I had received no feedback. I had a lengthy conversation with this person who raised concern about unaccounted gaps in my employment but also stated that I sat a good interview and did not fail it. I was informed if I were to send a complete employment history covering the gaps along with key skills gained/used, there would be potential of a second interview but this would have to be with somebody else. On 4th September I emailed the person above (also Cc’d two other HR staff members) my complete employment history accounting for the gaps. I called my interviewer on 9th September as I had received no communications. I was informed that my information had been passed on and I should contact HR. On 12th September I received an email from one of the two HR staff members I had Cc'd informing me that I have been unsuccessful? No reason/feedback provided. I called this HR staff member the following day seeking an explanation and feedback. To my surprise I was informed that my interviewer had mentioned to this HR staff that she (my interviewer) had informed me that I had failed. My interviewer never mentioned this to me during any of our conversations. I emailed my interviewer on 13th September seeking clarification and feedback, which I am yet to receive. I sent a letter to the Head of Recruitment for role applied for on 16th September, expressing my dissatisfaction and seeking clarification/investigation. I also attached comms I made by email. Received an email acknowledging my letter and will respond no later than 14 days from receipt. GUESS WHAT?...NOTHING!!! Emailed this person on 9th October seeking an update, only to be informed my interviewer has been away, investigation is ongoing and will get back to me by the end of this week (14/10). If I do not hear from the Head of Recruitment OR if I do and the result is not in my favour, can I pursue this further? Your input would be greatly appreciated on this matter.
  8. This has been designed for you to complete and once finished place the completed for into a clear container then place the container inside your refrigerator. Please remember to regularly update the form if you use it. Medical Emergency Information.pdf
  9. Should letting agencies have an emergency telephone number? This evening I found water pouring through the ceiling at the bottom of my stairs...dashed up to the bathroom to find that the toilet was overflowing and the overflow pipe had become detached(another botched job!) and the over flow was caused by the ball cock thing in the toilet had come lose....me panicking trying to stop the water flow and reattach the overflow pipe! Asked daughter to switch off the water at the stop cock....its behind a panel that needs a screw driver to get to it! Rung the letting agency up... a few mins after they shut up shop...no answer and no answer machine
  10. Hello good people, I'm receiving ESA, the higher element and am also living in a property supplied by my local London Borough costed as Temporary Emergency Housing since my break down in 2012. I've been offered a 'break', a holiday of sorts in Broadstairs on the Kent Coast next month for five days. No cash just a stay outside of town no remuneration. Although I've seen little activity regarding the Council, Brent, checking on my personal occupational life, in Haringey, I don't want to give the paying authority for my HB any excuse to cut me off at the knees! Help and advice would be welcome, Peter. PS should probably have posted under a pseudonym but I'm trying to stay above the radar.
  11. The Able Group - Unable to fix anything & unable to refund... I need to vent a bit about this emergency call out plumbing service. I booked them to investigate hot water flushing back into a cold water storage tank. They sent an obviously unexperienced plumber, who ignored the requested job, & fitted a ball cock instead. The tank flooded again. They sent another plumber who turned down a thermostat, & ignored the original job. The tank flooded again. They billed more than was agreed to my credit card. They refused to refund & I'm having to request money back via chargeback & go through small claims / trading standards. Terrible customer service, terrible quality tradesmen, terrible experience.
  12. hello everyone, i am trying to help out a family member in a situation with BA and thought that i might be able to get some help here 1. family member (FM) comes from the UK but is based in Australia. 2. FM buys a non-refundable return ticket to the UK through BA to visit her family, this is dated for march 2014 3. FM's mother is diagnosed with cancer and she buys a ticket through BA to the UK for early january 2014 4. FM is forced to cancel the ticket. I believe she had to cancel both legs or none, although she told me 'it was all a blur' so I am not certain of this 5. FM was refunded her tax only, essentially the cancellation cost her $1490 or 830 pounds 6. FM sent a letter explaining the details and was told 'sorry it is non refundable' 7. FM's Mum had a happy-enough ending after some surgery, and FM returned home on singapore airlines, not wanting to give BA any money I am now trying to write the second letter to BA Can anyone help? Although I understand their hesitancy to refund due to the personal emergency, (especially since we can't really prove it in their text based online forms) it seems to be that the crux of the matter is that 1) FM still flew there with BA, they still 'got their money' from the flight 2) Also, my limited knowledge of contract law is that they can only penalise for the losses they have taken. If they sold her ticket in the two months they were able to, surely we have the right to a refund 3) Lastly if FM was correct that she had to cancel both legs, that seems unfair since the second leg could have been of use. Which brings me to my next question - is this going to be based off Australian Consumer Law or UK Consumer Law? Any insight to this would be appreciated. edit: don't think this is relevant, but the original letter said that getting a credit with BA instead of a refund would have been acceptable, due the frequency that FM flies back and forth.
  13. Medical Emergency Information Template This has been designed for you to complete and once finished place the completed for into a clear container then place the container inside your refrigerator. Please remember to regularly update the form if you use it. Medical Emergency Information.pdf Before Printing the PDF TIP If you DO NOT wish to print Page 1 (Cover Page) of the PDF, please ensure to do the following: Ensure you go to your Printer Settings and set it to 'Print from Page 2' (this way Page 1 (Cover Page) should not print out). Note: This will save you Ink & Paper
  14. http://www.moneymarketing.co.uk/news-and-analysis/regulation/fca-hits-insurance-broker-with-30m-fine-over-misselling/2006613.article
  15. Hello all, A friend of mine was on the phone to me yesterday in tears, his benefit has been sanctioned, and he will not be paid any money until the 15th May. His Pre-Payment electric meter went off yesterday after he exceeded his credit and is now sitting in the dark with no heating. He has been told he cannot apply for a crisis loan as they have now gone and the council do not give money out. He has no food, no electricity, no heating and no credit on his phone now. I live 200 miles away and cannot get to him. The DWP are adamant that he is to get no money and the Citizens Advice helpline is constantly engaged. Its cruel what they have done to him. I have advised him to goto the CAB office first thing. What can he do to get Electric, heating and some food. (I thought about food banks) Any tips please.... till I can get him some money after I get my benefits on Wednesday. Thx Peter
  16. I have had to go into my Gas emergency credit - what happens if I exceed the £5.00 limit? its already on -£3.85 and its got to last me two days - naturally I have turned the boiler off am only having it come on for short intervals tonite.. and I won't be using the hot water! Am just worried about if I exceed my emergency credit limit will it just shut off? am guessing it will... Btw I am going to change to EDF as I have heard they don't charge a standing charge unlike all the others and offer £6.00 emergency credit - does anyone know if this is true? Many thanks for your replies.
  17. Hello all, I have recently started a new job which I transitioned over from a recruitment firm to a member of staff. Whilst I was working via the recruitment firm I forgot to give in my P46(?) and I only realized this when I looked at my pay slip and saw 810L W1. I did not know what this was but this looked like a different tax code than the one I was given when I was working via the recruitment firm before. I am led to believe that this is a emergency tax code? I gave in my P46 a few days later. I thought this would solve the issue by it did not I was on this same tax code for the next few months up until becoming a member of staff?. I got in touch with the recruitment firms payroll team who told me that this was NOT a emergency tax code and there was nothing to worry about. I was not convinced! I wrote to HMRC who said I may be due a tax refund. ( i am awaiting a response from them) So why am a writing about this? well... I have received my first payslip from my employer and I am on 810L M1! again I am led to believe that this is a emergency tax code.... Will I have to write to HMRC again or will they be able to put me on the correct tax code? also there where no deductions for this payment( tax/NI) ( it was for the last week in feb rather than the full month because of when i started) any ideas on that one aswell! the weeks payment was £394 net Thanks!
  18. Just a quick question - Boiler started playing silly beggars today in our rented house. Heating came on but no hot water and strange sounds emanating from the boiler when I tried to run the hot water taps so I rang the estate agents who were closed for the weekend so checked the website and discovered a page that read... If you are a tenant residing in a property managed by xxxxxxx, we have made arrangements for an out of hours Emergency Assistance Service. This number is for Emergencies Only and contractors will only be appointed should it been deemed a necessity. 24 Hour Emergency Helpline Number xxxxxxxxxxxxx Please note if a contractor is appointed to a non emergency - any call out charge and material costs will have to be paid for. So I've rung the number and been told that the Estate Agents Insurance on the property covers me for 2 hours worth of repairs and up to £100 for parts and they're sending an engineer out in the morning. Which sounds great but I'm now wondering who decides if a dodgy boiler is an emergency and if whomever it is decides that it isnt an emergency then am I liable for costs of repairs/callout etc? (I initially figured that the people at the end of the phone on the emergency number have decided that it is an emergency and that's why they've arranged for an engineer to come out and I have already turned of the boiler completely because I know that I don't know if it's dangerous or not and so currently have no heating or hot water now until a qualified expert reviews it) Any thoughts would be very welcome. Thanks TG
  19. Hi - I received a letter today from Chase Solutions, Lancashire. I dont know who they are but their registered office says: Robinson Way Ltd, in Salford, who they sound like a DCA. I have a bill outstanding and whilst I am on benefits I am struggling to pay the account. British Gas had said that I could pay £3.40 per week out of benefits to clear it but when I rang them last week to set it up they said I also had to an extra £17.00+ per week for current and future use.! No way I can I afford to lose that much money every week out as a single parent so I just said OK then just cut it off - I will manage without Gas and since your boiler isnt even working we have managed for 3 months already without hot water or central heating. At the same time as them chasing me for the gas bill they wanted me to pay a maintenance contract for the boiler at about £30 per month - again I couldnt afford it so they said I would have to pay nearly £80 for a call out and a further £170 per hour to fix it. back to square one - could have paid off the bill at £3.40 but not the rest. today have this debt chasing letter and I am wondering if this also means they are about to cut off the gas. I have applied to the social fund part of DWP for assistance with this but no reply as yet. Any ideas/advice please.
  20. I recently brought a new [to me] car, and as you don’t know a car until you’ve had it for a while I took out an AA membership – which I did via Quidco so it worked out about half price. Anyway the kind people at the AA gave me a ‘free’ 6 months trial for their Home Emergency Response – and whilst I’d never take out such cover under my own choice I thought it was a cleaver way of pushing a product. Which brings me to yesterday we got up in the morning and noticed the toilet was blocked, also when we ran the tap in the basin the toilet filled up and when we filled used the shower the water takes ages to run away. So we went to Wickes brought a plunger & a toilet rod and had a go at removing the blockage…long story short we couldn’t fix it…then I remembered the AA, I checked the T&Cs and it stated that if it’s the only WC then they consider it an emergency. I called them at 8.40 last night and I explained that we’d had a go at the usual things and this was more serve than a simple plunger job. The popped me on hold for a few mins and said they would attend between 8am – 12pm today…not exactly an emergency response when its 12-15 hours after the call but I accepted this as it was cheaper than calling a plumber our of hours. 12pm came and went no one in our house has been able to shower or use the toilet for over 24 hours now so I’m getting twitchy, add this to the fact I’ve had to take the morning off at zero notice and I decide to call them – they said the guys on his way and to wait another 20 mins – I waited 40 and her turned up. He comes in and looks at the toilet full to its brim and I can see his discomfort – he said “I know this isn’t what you want to hear but I’m actually an electrician” – amazing, I wasn’t even angry it was too funny! So bless him he got a plunger and had a go any way – he spilled poo everywhere and made it worse – admitting defeat he cleaned up and called the office. They’ve just called me back within 5 mins of him leaving and they’re going to subcontract this out. I’m not waiting for them to call me back with a time but no word if it will be today or not – It’s really unacceptable! I don’t expect an solution here just wanted to sound off :S
  21. Quick question for those who know the law or tenants rights! Private Tenancy, Assured Short Hold, originally 6 months but now on rolling month by month Should the landlord or landlords agent(s) provide us with a phone number for emergency repairs? They refuse to give one, and at the moment we can only contact the landlord or the agent (have contact details for both) between 9am to 5pm Monday to Friday (excluding public holidays) What would happen if we had a bad leak at 5:01pm on a Friday night, we would be hum-dingered as they say. Thanks in advance David
  22. What is the number for an emergency payment at the job center? Not to be confused with a crisis loan. I haven't had money for 18 days now, my electric is on 27p and have no food or gas. I have used all my crisis loans too. My money should have went in monday but due to illness i sent a jsa28 form instead. That was handed in to my local JC on monday, whats taking it so long! ugh!
  23. I really have had enough of hearing that there is nothing that can be done when my friend needs medical treatment at the out of hours or A&E but has no way of getting there...she is on benefits and public transport to the hospital where the out of hours clinic is stops at 6pm meaning there is no way to get there easily or really at all without money. Doctors say she should come in immediately but back off as soon as she says she has no transport and then she gets a lot worse waiting for the following morning when she can get her one and only friend with a car (when on benefits most people cannot afford to run one) to drop her at her emergency appointment....or struggle on the buses....only to be told off for not coming in earlier.... It is just a matter of time before things just get out of hand before she can find any way to get to the hospital or gp....they used to do home visits for such things or at least suggest a way to get there....now nothing. I know it is money etc but I fear it will kill someone, if it has not done so already. Is there anything she can consider for the emergency need for medical help. Ambulances will charge if they believe they have been called without good need and she has nothing spare for a taxi...especially as it would cost almost a third of her weekly benefits to get there and back.... It is not as if she can claim it back and even if she could she does not have it to pay out in the first place.. Sorry if this is a bit unclear I am tired and worried as she has a nasty infection in her arm from a bite, saw gp today and told to go back or out of hours if antibiotics not help....it is travelling up her arm and getting worse but she can do nothing until after 8.30....or go to A&E on first bus of morning if she can make it.....and feeling worse and worse by the hour....
  24. When is an Emergency, how should the wording apply to an event; - There is a question. : - Last Sunday I had a radiator valve leak in the hall way, I rang Swinton emergency number to be told that a plumber will ring in the next 2 hours to inform me the time he will arrive, no call, so I rang Swinton again to be told he should not have said that and that the response can be within 24 hours (Uh)( Emergency). She will contact plumber and ring back and have I isolated the leak, I said that I have turned off the valves but the radiator is at a low point and I am unable to drain the system in this vicinity, I have also turned off the mains valve just in case, o.k. I will ring you back, all night from 7.p.m. to 8.a..m. I am trying to catch the water from valve which was steady and mopping the waste missed. I called again to be told a plumber will ring. They did and said the guy is out for the day on jobs to-morrow is nearest to attend, I said the operator originally said they left answer machine message to them NO they said they sent e.mail to the unmanned office late last night, I rang Swinton who eventaully got another plumber to attend who fixed the problem turned water back on and said bleed the radiators after 10 minutes as the system is filling up. And left. I encountered problems with the toilet cystern not filling and a couple of radiators where I cannot seem to get them to work. I rang the engineer who said I am out of the area but they will not pay for these problems, but will contact next day as he is usually in the area and will arrange to come around that should save me another plumbers charges - he did not. Anybody else have this problem? seems all they are interested in is a quick buck for call out and non completeion of task. An emergency, sounds like a farce if you can wait for up to 36 hours. I am stiil have the problem.
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