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  1. Help, Please can anyone advise me where to turn to. I bought a 3 year old approved used Mercedes from a Mercedes dealership on Dec 22nd 2017. I was told verbally that the car was being MOTed the day prior to my picking it up and I was giving paperwork listing the MOT date as Dec 22nd 2017 - Dec 22nd 2018. I was overseas for a while in Sept / Oct and left the car in airport parking. Whilst I was away my car was damaged with some scratching to the bumper. I returned to the UK and amongst the admin I had was a reminder for taxing my car. When I tried to do this I realised my car had no MOT. After multiple enquires with the dealership I have only been able to establish that the MOT expired in April 2018 and no one is able to tell me how this happened. To make matters difficult the dealership I bought from has changed ownership and the car was actually supposed to be MOTed in a different dealership as the car was not located at my local branch when I enquired about it. I have written confirmation from the dealership I bought from that the MOT expired in April 2018 and an apology. I raised a complaint with Mercedes asking for an investigation and hoping to find out what had happened and ideally correct the issue if it was an admin issue. I have got nowhere, Mercedes customer service immediately sent me a final response saying there was no harm caused. I pointed out I could not claim for the damage in caused in airport parking as I had effectively been uninsured. I also pointed out that I was very worried about the fact i had unknowingly been driving uninsured for several months. I got another final response which was very rude and again closed the matter. I asked to speak to the person who was writing these emails and they have refused my calls. I have written again and got another response saying Mercedes maintain there position - I do not understand what this position is. I am bewildered by all of this. I have written to the ombudsman but I think this process takes a while. Can anyone help me, do I have any legal rights here. I have documents saying my car had an MOT until Dec 2018 when I purchased it but it only had an MOT until April 2018. If I had been in serious at fault accident I would have been uninsured, if this had involved a personal injury claim I could have lost my house and if I was prosecuted for driving without insurance I would have been suspended for a minimum of 6 months from my job. I have not yet managed to sort out the damage to my car as I haven't resolved this issue so my insurance is still invalid. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Thank you in advance!!!
  2. The new MOT! https://uk.news.yahoo.com/heres-everything-need-know-new-mot-test-100311860.html
  3. Hi there, I purchased a car from Arnold Clark around 3 months ago which included a service and MOT plan. I had no end of issues when purchasing the car. I signed 3 different order forms because the sales person entered incorrect info, I travelled 3 hours each way to collect the car to be told the car was not ready to go, as well as various other problems that complicated and confused the buying process. I feel that this service plan was not explained to me properly and if I had understood I would be paying interest for a service plan over 3 years I wouldnt have bothered . I contacted Arnold Clark customer services who have quite clearly stated i will not be getting a refund if I cancel the plan because I signed the order form and it clearly states it on there. I understand I have signed for this but they have not taken into account how confusing the sales person made the buying process. I actually received a good will gesture of £200 from the sales manager because of all the complications. my question is, do i have a right to request a refund for the service/MOT plan and if I do what are my next steps? Thanks a lot NB: apologies for any grammatical errors, I have typed from my phone. Tony
  4. I purchased a car on the 08/04/17 from Jason Atterbury Cars in Leicester. It came with a clean MOT on checking out previous MOTs online I discovered some discrepancies. I took the car for a pre MOT check at my local testing station on the 29/04/17 they found that the car should of failed its MOT on 2 issues and also have 8 advisories on it. The car was MOTd by ther dealer on the 21/03/17 where it failed on exhaust gasses leaking and an advisory for the front shocker having a misting of oil. on the retest done on the 27/04/17 it passed as the exhaust had been welded and on asking about the shocker leaking the dealer said the mot tester wiped the oil off and it retested ok. All the advisories that it should have on it should of been on it since 2013 according to the MOT history check. I have reported it to VOSA and the AA as the dealer is part of AA cars. I called the dealer immediately on picking the car up and he said all he can do is have the car back and take it back to the MOT tester to let him have a look at it. I refused point blank as I can hardly trust the MOT tester that passed it in the first place to look at it again. I told the dealer he can have the car if I get a full refund(he rufused obviously) I'm unsure of what other action I can take.
  5. Hi everybody, I've been pointed in this direction by a reddit user for help relating to a Parking Charge Notice. I took my car to my local garage to get an MOT check done on 01/09/2016. The owner then drove the car to the MOT garage and parked it up inside and then returned back to his garage. A few hours later I hadn't received a phone call yet to say it had been completed so I rang up to find out that my car was OK to collect. I then made my way there and collected my car from the (private) parking lot less than 30 meters away from the MOT garage. Fast-forward a week or so and I've received a letter in the post saying my car was broke the allowed parking period in the car park and I need to pay a fine for £100, I replied to the letter stating the address of my local garage and to take it up with them - I then received an email a month later saying that the time period had ran out and I had to pay urgently - I reminded them that I sent a letter in the post some time later I received this response I then replied with this email (1, 2) using a template I was advised to use. I then explained to take this matter up with my local garage and the MOT centre. I then received this. What should my next action be? I'm really not in a position to be able to afford £100 so close to Christmas. My local garage has told me that they can vouch that I wasn't the person who drove the car there/parked it in the space. Any ideas? Thanks in advance EDIT: I now have a signed and stamped note from the doctors saying I was there when this incident took place. I've managed to find my google location history showing the time I dropped the car off at my local garage and when I picked it up from the MOT centre, this is attached. My local garage has said if it goes to court they will provide further evidence that I didn't have the car after 9am until Also included text to girlfriend with date and timestamp. Omitted names etc for confidentiality EDIT 2 - it turns out I cant include links or images, any idea on this first?
  6. A friend sold his car in late November for £500 after advertising it on a local for sale site. The friend had explained to the buyer that the MOT had almost run out and that the car needed quite a bit of work. Last week he received a MCOL claim for the full £500 and the buyer stated that my friend sold him a car with a 'false MOT' and that my friend 'withheld the true state of the vehicle's condition'. The MOT was provided by the keeper previous to my friend and after having looked on the Gov website, it appears to be fine. Surely this can not be a 'false MOT'? My personal suspicion is that the buyer realised that there was more work needed on it than he first thought and decided, over 4 weeks after the sale, to issue a MCOL. Any advice would be greatly appreciated....
  7. In September this year I was driving my SORNED 29 year old car to an MOT in Penge as there is a classic Citroen specialist who looks after said cars. I broke down at the traffic lights in Crystal Palace causing untold mayhem during the beginnings of the Friday rush hour. The police passed by, but didn't stop to help. Two young men helped me push the car to safety and allowed the traffic to flow. I waited for the breakdown recovery people to arrive for two hours and when they did, the journey continued to Penge - a mere two or three miles down the road. It was there that we found out the car could not fit on the ramp in the garage on Friday evening the car was left safely off the road but on the pavement where people park, causing no trouble whatsoever. I left a note in the windscreen window with my phone number if there was a problem, clear to see. On the following Monday I started ringing around the garages I knew who could handle the problem of the clutch. On this model, the engine has to come out so the clutch can be accessed to be fixed so it's not a quick one - it is a two day job and the complexity means that most will not touch it. The garages were busy and no one could take in the car - one quote was for November - a few weeks off at this point On the Tuesday I was referred to a service in Erith that specialised in clutches but he could not take the car in till Friday. imagine my surprise when mid week I learn that the DVLA has clamped my car. I asked the DVLA to reconsider by phone only to find that it required the car to have road tax and MOT within 14 days. Funny, but that had been the original idea. However the unpleasant unhelpful voice at the other end of the line informed me that in any refund I would only get about a third back. I waited till the Friday as the car clearly wasn't going anywhere until that day and called the DVLA to de-clamp the car. The money was paid and a young lady arrived to remove the clamp. I engaged her with conversation whereupon the following was confirmed: 1) The DVLA looks out for cars that are clearly owned to penalise heavily. This includes cars that have broken down and cars which have not updated their road tax. 2) The DVLA ignores dumped cars and leaves those to the local authorities (as there is no money to be made in fines so the cost of dumping is borne by the taxpayer). 3) Effectively the DVLA has no problem leaving people who are already stranded through no fault of their own in an even more vulnerable position and uses its right to clamp, irrespective of notes left clearly in the car. In fact a note left in the car seems to indicate to a clamper that the fine would definitely be paid - hence money to be made. I then waited for several hours until the RAC arrived, and by the time they did, the garage in Erith was closing for the weekend. The car was trailered back to its garage and pushed into place . It was a disastrous week just trying to get an MOT, and the end result left me very angry, extremely stressed, substantially out of pocket, and exhausted. The car will stay in its garage for either the duration of the Turpinesque fine or until the fine is returned in full and I can get the car mot'd with a working clutch whereupon I will buy road tax, without conditions of any sort attached. I believe that this fine has been wrongly applied. I wanted the car on the road to be used, not sitting in a garage, just keeping dry, but clearly the odds of having a trouble-free effort to get the car on the road again were stacked against me as much by circumstance as the authorities looking to cash in on an individual's unfortunate situation. If this is the way that they intentionally treat those who are attempting to do the right thing, then it is inevitable that there must be a subsequent spike in illegality regarding un-taxed road use, and frankly on the basis of my experience, the DVLA would completely deserve it - such is the price for random advocacy for highway robbery in the first place. I am now at the point of issuing proceedings against the DVLA and the named recipient will be its Chief Exec Morley. Has anyone else incurred a problem like this H - where the have taken a SORNed car to the mot station and broken down and been clamped. I shall be requesting an FOI on such from the DVLA, but to date their obfuscation means that this is likely to take months. if anyone has any such information about equally unjust fines and clamping on this subject and how they dealt with the matter I would be very grateful to hear from them.
  8. Hi guys, This is a long read, I know, but I believe that not only have I purchased a car with a fraudulent MOT, I have also uncovered a rather large fraud involving a very well known scrap collection company. I bought a 52 plate (2002) Ford Mondeo on eBay on 10th July. The car was advertised as having 12 months MOT and it was stated that the car passed with zero advisories on the 6th July and that it had been 'fastidiously maintained'. I checked it's MOT online and it showed that it had indeed passed with no advisories. This obviously gave me the confidence to bid on the vehicle without test driving, which in hindsight was very stupid! (Lesson well and truly learned) I collected the vehicle on the 11th and on the drive home there was considerable knocking sounds coming from the rear of the car so I took it straight to my local garage to have it looked at. The mechanic who looked at the car stated that it was physically impossible for this car to have passed an MOT just 5 days previous, let alone passed it with no advisories. He said there were a number of dangerous faults and he advised me not to drive the vehicle home. He told me I could leave the car there for a few days and said that I should contact the DVSA to complain about the MOT carried out on the 6th July. I filled in the necessary form and the DVSA inspected the vehicle yesterday (22nd). The inspector phoned me to inform me that he had discovered a very long list of failures which included 5 dangerous faults. He immediately, and understandably, issued the vehicle with a Prohibition Notice and told me in no uncertain terms that not only had the vehicle been incorrectly passed on the 6th but that he believed the tester who passed it hadn't even seen the car before issuing the pass certificate. Thing is now, the car has cost me £450 so far (not a lot to many people but it is to me) and I'm left with a vehicle with a scrap value of £65! Now here is where it gets interesting. I've looked into scrapping the car and I've been shopping around for the best prices when I found a site called Car Take Back. They arrange for a local company to collect your vehicle for you and it is supposedly taken away and recycled. That's what their website says, anyway. But the company they list as being my local collection agent just so happens to operate from the same unit under the same owner with the same telephone number as the company I purchased the Mondeo from on eBay. Could it be that he is collecting scrap cars from members of the public via Car Take Back, sticking fraudulent MOT certificates on them and then listing them under his other company name on eBay? Almost all of the cars he lists have 12 months MOT with no advisories, which is very suspicious. If this is the case then this obviously needs to be stopped. The chap from DVSA must have done his research, too, as he also mentioned that the company I purchased the vehicle from also collects scrap for Car Take Back. He never came out and said it but he's obviously thinking along the same lines as me. He has assured me that in addition to the company that wrongly passed the vehicle, he will also be fully investigating the company that I bought the car from. Whilst I welcome that and hope justice is done, I'm still out of pocket. So, for those of you that have stuck with me this far; what do you think is the best avenue for me getting my money back? I have today written to the previous owner listed on the logbook explaining what has happened and asking them to confirm whether they did scrap the car via Car Take Back. But, I am unsure of my next steps. Trading Standards? Contact the seller with all of the evidence I have so far and ask him to refund me? Last time I spoke to him he denied any knowledge of the MOT and said it was nothing to do with his company. Contact the MOT station that issued the MOT and ask them to bring the car up to MOT standard? Wait for the DVSA to finish then pursue the seller with whatever evidence they uncover? I'd really appreciate any advice or help from someone that might have been through this before and might be able to advise the best route to getting my money back.
  9. My 21 year old grandaughter recently took her car for MOT. She had won a voucher for a free MOT at a local garage in a raffle - not the garage she normally uses and not one she would probably have considered otherwise. It failed spetacularly and they quoted her £700 for repairs - fortunately she had the sense to decline and walk away. She subsequently presented the car for MOT at another trusted garage. Result - no problems and a pass. Clearly the first garage was at fault and needs to be reported for this as they must be doing this on an ongoing basis to anyone who is prepared to fall for it. Clearly they need to be reported for this practice but we are unsure as to who is the relevent authority. I think Trading Standards may be the way to go but I would appreciate any advice on this.
  10. From 24 March 2016, the way headlamp aim is measured on the MOT test is changing. The new testing standards will emphasise the importance of correct alignment and stress that it shouldn’t be just a quick check. It’s been trialled with the help of VTS council member volunteers with the results verified by the Vehicle Safety Research Centre at Loughborough University. Headlamp aim consistently tops the MOT compliance survey as one of the most likely items to be assessed incorrectly by testers. In other words, the most complained about as a test failure. These new changes will look to reduce errors and increase test consistency. The changes will slightly widen the tolerance band for European ‘E’ beams with headlamp centres up to 850mm. There will also be the requirement to test the ‘image break’ point for all European 'E' beams. https://mattersoftesting.blog.gov.uk/the-mot-headlamp-aim-test-is-changing/
  11. Robert Cooper & John Cooper T/A Cooper Brothers - Wishaw Reason for withdrawl - Administrative Shortcomings Period of withdrawl - 5 Years Effective from 16/10/2015
  12. Last month, while I was out of the country my girlfriend, a shy kindly easily intimidated lady (who wouldn't say boo to a goose but would give her last penny to help somebody in need) had a flat tyre in her old but reliable Toyota Yaris. A work collegue fitted the space saver wheel and unfortunately told her she must go directly to the nearest tyre place (rather than her usual trusted garage) and have it fixed .She took the car K.F. Chesterfield branch on Lordsmill street expecting to pay up to £50 for a new tyre if it wasn't repairable. Without being asked they checked and found she had not noticed her MOT had run out and persuaded her to let them do the test. They issued a failure certificate claiming the NSF brake pads were showing less than 1.5mm. They told her it was a serious safety issue in a panic she agreed to let them do the work, expecting to be charged for a tyre and a set of pads. The resulting bill beggars belief When she got the bill for £608.07 and she was told she couldn't have the car back till she paid it. She was so shocked and upset that she spent the rest of the day in tears, she earns the minimum wage and doesn't have a credit card a bill like this means she can't even afford to buy groceries. The car is only worth £500! When I returned to the UK she showed me the bill still shaking. I was horrified, she didn't understand how it could be so much but having been connected with the motor trade and being an engineer I could. She went in for one flat tyre to be repaired there was no uneven tyre wear, she didn't report any judder or pulling. I had driven the car to the airport a few days before, it drove and handled fine. The other front tyre was only fitted and balanced (by a trusted garage we know well) a couple of weeks earlier and the tyre pressures checked (for free) then. why was she charged for balancing all 4 wheels? Why was she charged for 4 wheel inflation with nitrogen? Why was she charged for tracking? She never requested a fuel treatment and the MOT failure refusal sheet showed emissions 1/20th of the legal limit so why was she charged £20.00 plus VAT for fuel additive? The MOT refusal made no mention of broken springs. I live up a very rough farm track and she lives in Chesterfield in an area with many speed humps, if the springs were in any way weak they would have broken. Yet with no justification other than surface rust (and the employee's parts sold bonus) they replaced the rear springs and charged her £175.36 plus VAT There was no need to replace the brake fluid and she did not ask them to but they did it anyway and charged her £39.95 plus VAT Had the front disks been badly worn it would have been picked up on the MOT failure and the mechanic who fitted the other tyre 2 weeks earlier would have advised replacement but again they replaced the 2 front disks and charged 129.16 plus VAT It seems clear to me KF employees have seen a vulnerable mechanically illiterate woman and taken full advantage of the opportunity. I've sent them an email about all this but I wanted to warn others about this criminal behaviour and from what I've read on here I don't expect to get any response from them with just an email but you have to start somewhere. I feel they aught to be investigated by trading standards but looking at their own trumpet blowing web site it looks like they are too important to talk to ordinary people so just push people off to citizens advice. What have others found?
  13. Here are details of Authorised Examiners and MOT garages that have been issued with Notice of Cessation following formal disciplinary action under the rules of the MOT scheme. Trading Name...................Location...........Ceased due to...........Period.........Effective Colin W Crosby....................Wallingford.........Testing Standards........5 Years.........08/09/15 T/A Crosby Engineering. KS Auto Glasgow Ltd............Glasgow.............Administrative.............5 Years.........06/10/15 ................................................................shortcomings
  14. Hello All,My first post and its a question :)My lodger has two Mazdas, she bought the first about 12 months ago - a mark 1 and about two weeks later bought a mark 2 the mad girl.The Mk1 has sat for a year in a garage and is now due for another MOT - why she hasnt gotten rid already I dont know but non the less.She took it for an MOT and it failed on some small welding job that needs sorting out - she has taken the car back to the garage from the test centre and has asked me to find a welder for her which I have done.The car needs to go from the garage to the welder ( a journey of about 7 miles or so) and then return to the test centre for a free re-test before a 10 day period expires (quite generous as I dont think they are obliged to do that).The Car is Insured, and I believe it still has a little MOT left but I dont think it has tax as she let it go after wasting about 11 months worth sat in the garage.I dont want her to get fined however so is there something that must be done, is this repair journey permitted as long as there are no detours (which there wont be) or is this a compulsory put it on a trailer job.Many ThanksAndy (Cybermat)
  15. It should be noted that to date (3rd Sept 2015) I have not received any personal response from Kwick Fit since I sent this to them on 28/8/15 via their online coolants form. Dear Sir, Complaint regarding Kwick Fit at Sunderland Road, Gateshead During a recent MOT of my car at this garage on 2/6/2015 it failed due to supposedly faulty wiper blades. These were replaced in order to pass the MOT. I was curious of this failure as I had run my finger along the blades beforehand and did not feel any damage on the rubber nor was there any obstruction on the windscreen. I asked for them back as I wanted to see the reason for failure. When these were returned to me the blade had been physically torn from the wiper. It was not in this condition when I took it in to the garage. I however reluctantly took this as damage caused through removal of the blade from the wiper arm. Within two days of the MOT I noticed a crack which travelled from the bottom of the windscreen up to the wiper blade and followed the length of the blade. Although there was no chip, I have since been told by another independent garage that the crack is a direct cause of the wiper arm (without wiper blade fitted) being released under tension and hitting the windscreen with force. A little over a month later 25/7/2015 I returned my car to the same Kwick Fit garage to have a puncture repaired. During the tyre repair I was informed by the manager that the brakes were nearly worn out and the rear break calliper was seizing. The manager also told me the car needed a new brake disk due to ‘heat damage’ although I could not see any signs of bluing or warping due to heat when I inspected it. I opted to have the work done at a later date when the pads were actually wearing out The next day there was a constant grinding noise from the offending wheel. I contacted Kwick Fit to instruct them to replace the Pads and Calliper. At which the manager refused my instruction insisting that both rear brake disks were replaced as well at an additional £127.00 My experience from the MOT made me take the car to a non Kwick Fit garage for second opinion. The other garage engineer informed me that the pads had indeed worn out and were now metal against metal; in addition the garage told me he had to ‘chisel’ the pads out as the calliper was seized solid and had been so for some time. He didn’t mention heat damage, nor could I see any bluing on brake disk indicative of heat damage as Kwick Fit had stated. The reasons for my complaint are: Kwick Fit had not identified the worn brakes in the MOT, or a binding brake calliper during the MOT. Although the failure occurred a month following the MOT, the condition of the breaks should have been easily observed by a competent mechanic and, in my opinion the vehicle left the MOT in a dangerous condition. I am very suspicious of the fact that the pads failed the next day. This is very co-incidental. I am also aggrieved that a crack on the windscreen appeared directly after work carried out by Kwick Fit and is suggestive of heavy handedness - resulting in a costly replacement of the screen and potential insurance claim against Kwick Fit. Before I discredit Kwick Kit I will give you the opportunity to rectify the faults which have appeared on my car whilst in the care of your employees especially to the windscreen which is non repairable. I can of course have an independent engineer confirm the cause of damage to the windscreen if required. Regards (Name withheld from forum)
  16. OH bought a car (VW Golf 2007) 3 weeks ago. MOT'd until Dec 2016 3 month warranty Yesterday 'Front brake pads' warning light came on. So I checked previous MOT's (previous owner). 2014 - Advisory note details attached states brakes 50% worn. 2015 - No details at all on Advisory note this time. Same garage as above MOT but not dealer. Now can I contact the garage for any advisory details ? Or to find out if they were replaced ? Thanks for looking.
  17. this is a good one(not for me) I had my car sorn and parked on my drive, i pre booked an mot for 1030 next day , circa 8 am as the mrs went to take the kids to school she asked me to save her a parking space , i went to try and tax the car on line but could not, i went outside and swapped cars came back in and tried again to tax it could not, i thought well ill just go to mot place as i was going to the car and wait for the mrs she walks in with a smile on her face " you ve been clamped " i replied " yeah sure dont you want to park yours as i go to mot" low and behold i had indeed been clamped . it was now circa 840. i had to pay £260 and then got £160 back, the guy who clamped it was ok and said i should get all the money back as it was a mistake since i had a pre booked mot. However this was only the beginning of my troubles, I tried to contact the dvla - its like asking for an audience with the Pope! Eventually i was told that not only would i not get the other £100 back i would be fined, low and behold a summons came through , it was not clear what exactly it was for i contacted the court and explained the situation, and sent them a copy of the garage diary with my details etc etc, next i get a letter from dvla stating that as i had entered a guilty plea they were offering me the opportunity to pay £285 to settle out of court. I hadnt heard from court yet nor entered any plea. To to it all the letter from dvla had a contact number and fax number that does not exist, and they put down the address of the offence wrong. i tried to contact them no response sent them a letter asking for a copy and all relevant material to be sent to me, never heard back, got a court summons to appear this monday at watford magistrate court to answer for keeping a car on the road under sorn. any one can help with what i should say in court????
  18. My garage placed an advisory on my mot saying" brake pads wearing thin" and was told they were border line, I stripped them down and low and behold there was more than half of the pads left. As I had them stripped I replaced them and took my old ones back to the mot station. I quizzed them why they had put the advisory on and they said when something cannot be seen then they have to advise people that there Is a problem. I asked if that was the case then why weren't all four corners an advisory. I asked them if I had left them the car for repair would they have fit New pads? She said no they would just clean up the discs and regrease the pads leaving me with a bill for £25 for something I never needed. Surely that's a rip off.
  19. We picked our car up Saturday 31st, from a garage near sheffield, we got finance on the car, so though at least if things don't go right we can just deal with the finance co' So believe it or not, the car started playing up, pulling to the left and knocking around, we managed to get it home as it was closer than returning to the dealer ( safely anyway) after speaking to the rude dealer who said it had just been mot'd and serviced, and putting the phone down on me a few times, it was agreed to take the car to a local garage for them to have a look at . within 5 minutes been on the ramp the guy said this shouldnt have passed an mot, there were several things wrong, warped discs with ridges, track arm failure and front ball joint failure, he said if they were to mot it , failure was on the cards and a cost of £200 to get it right, however the garage said it had just been mot;d several times over , and telling me to shut up and if i'd have paid cash i wouldnt be on the phone?/ I contacted vosa , they told me to park it on the drive till they book a garage and they will inspect it themselves. Can i withdraw from this finance, send the car back, and wash my hands of them???? Regards M
  20. Hi, I paid the deposit on a car a few days ago from a dealer and was told there would be no MOT done on it as it had aa long time to run on the current one. I asked them to put 12 months on anyway and paid an extra £30 for it. I was due to collect the car today but have been told it failed the MOT on tyres, pads and discs. I'm assuming they are under obligation to supply a roadworthy car so I'm not going to see these items added to my bill when I go to pay the balance?
  21. Hi there, I purchased a used Alfa GT 1.9 JTD from a private seller advertising on autotrader around 1 month ago. this was the advertisement posted: M-JET 16v 3 DOOR GT COUPE, WITH FULL LEATHER INTERIOR , FULL SERVICE HISTORY ALL MANUALS 2 KEYS AND PLENTY OF RECIEPTS, RECENT CLUTCH AND SERVICE,REAR SPRING AND DROP LINKS, 6 SPEED MANUAL 150 bhp POWER AND ECONOMY ALL UNDER ONE HOOD.TWIN TAIL PIPE EXHAUST,SOUGHT AFTER STYLISH ITALIAN THOROUGH-BRED COUPE ALL IN COLOUR CODED AZZURE, BLUE, Next MOT due 04/09/2015, Tax expires 31/01/2015, Full service history, Electric windows, Air conditioning, Parking aid, CD player, Leather trim, Height adjustable driver's seat, Folding rear seats, Sports seats, Metallic paint, Alloy wheels, Power steering, Cruise control, Central locking, Alarm, Immobiliser, Driver's airbags, Side airbags, Passenger airbags. 5 seats, £1,999 the private seller took me for a drive and I had a short test drive in it. everything seemed fine during the drive. the HPI check was clear and he showed me the totally clear MOT certificate issued the week before. I bought the car and have been using it for driving to work etc. i noticed a few minor issues immediately (as you would expect from a used car) but last week the whole car began to judder. i took the car in to my local specialist garage who said that the car should not have passed its MOT test and would have failed on at least 5 separate points as well as several advisories. the MOT certificate I was provided was completely clear. The certificate is legitimate (i check on the mot check website) but the results are clearly falsified. I am unsure what to do. I cant afford to buy another car without some kind of refund. what rights do i have and what would your advice be moving forward. if i report the car to VOSA my worry is i will be left without a drivable car - they will fail the MOT and i assume will get no refund to my outlay. i don't want to sell the car on as i don't want the same thing to happy to another person, and i don't want to scrap the car as i will lose most of the money i have just spent. if I ring the private seller he will tell me to sling my hook "buyer beware, sold as seen" etc thanks for any help and advice you can give. Torison
  22. Does a vehicle have to be insured to drive it to a MOT station on a pre-arranged appointment? I have comprehensive cover on my own vehicle and third party cover if driving another vehicle.
  23. Honestly, why i dont listen to people about Kwik Fit i dont know. Decided to book an MOT a week + in advance as it was expiring on the 9th September, i see Kwik Fit are available on Sunday at 11am, pay for it and job done. Felt quite good about myself that i sorted it out and didnt run around like a headless chicken last minute. I get a phone call this morning at 10am, 30 minutes before i am suppossed to arrive for my MOT appointment telling me, he wont be able to do my MOT as he has no testers available but he can reschedule me for the next available date which is the 12th, 3 days after my MOT expires. No sorry, no apologies. "oh well its not my problem, im not a manager, i have got the short straw of ringing everyone, ring the online booking people" Great service from the Watford branch of Kwick Fit on bushey mill lane! Thanks ever so much!:-x:-x
  24. I recently bought a second hand car from a private seller. I agreed with the seller that I bought the car "sold as seen". I therefore fully accept that any problems with the car are my responsibility. However I later discovered that the MOT certificate had been doctored. Advisories had been erased. The erased advisory stated smoking exhaust/engine worn. The car has just failed it's MOT on exhaust emissions. I contacted VOSA and Trading Standards regarding being given a doctored MOT certificate by the seller. They both said that they cannot help me. Do I have any legal comeback against the seller?
  25. When my wife drove my LR discovery for MOT in a big garage chain, all lights were off on the dash before MOT. But after MOT, ABS, HDC, TC and brake system lights are on, never off, radio also is not powered on. MOT failed for ABS light. I asked them to reset all lights. They said they followed the procedure, they are not responsible. Who should I complain to? Thanks in advance Kai
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