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  1. Quick update: Spoke to the seller on a few occasions but we disagree on the principal issue of who is liable to the repair cost (even though Bosch have now agreed to cap it at £95). I am moving my conversations with the seller to written format. Sending them e-mail and hard copy letter asking to pay for the repairs giving 7 days to reply but do not have much hope of resolving it with them direct. For some weird reason seller is panning to forward my correspondence to Bosch I guess my next step would need to be to follow pre-action protocol. Any thoughts would be appreciated
  2. Thanks Fienderella, I'll have look at these posts. Bosch insist it is not design fault as they do not get many reports on this issue. They have not been helpful and could only offer repair at a fairly discounted rate but still just under £200!
  3. I should be able to get copy from Bosch engineer in a couple of days. Couple of independent repair companies I spoke to were not keen on making reports. I think even independent report would probably mention foreign object which would suggest I will be at fault. Not sure if the will be strong evidence to take seller to small court. I think I'll call seller now and explain the situation probably mentioning that Bosch confirmed it is beyond economical repair, SGA and small court to get sellers view on that.
  4. Quick update. Had Bosh Engineer called out. He confirmed it was cracked drum and beyond economical repair but mentioned it was due to having foreign object probably coming out of pocket like coins. I could probably get some sort of report from Bosh but as they seem to suggest it was my fault not sure if I can get far with that report. Should I still try to go with it to the seller or try to get independent report?
  5. Thank you for your advice dx100uk. I think in my case it would be SGA not CRA as I purchased it in Oct 2014. Should I call seller in a first instance to discuss it before getting report? Maybe they can pay / arrange report to be done? Once I have report can I contact washtech via e-mail or does it have to be recorded mail? Is there specific wording you can suggest I can used to mention that claim is under SGA? I was thinking something in the lines of: I am making this claim under Sales of Goods Act 1979 amended. I believe that there was manufacturing / design faul
  6. Hello Guys, I am looking for advice on best place to start with my issue. I have 2 years 9 month old Bosch washing machine purchased from online retailer washtech.co.uk which suddenly developed sevaral cracks in the outside plastic drum. Washing machine was working ok for a first year then touch screen controls started playing up and I got it repaired under warranty in October last year. No problem with controls since then but today my garage got flooded by the water during drum clean cycle. I took back panel off hoping it was a pump or waste pipe. Unfortunately ex
  7. Just received below update from POPLA: Euro Car Parks have told us they do not wish to contest the Appeal. This means that your Appeal is successful and you do not need to pay the parking charge. Yours sincerely POPLA Team Thanks a lot for your help ericsbrother! Thank for sharing you knowledge and writing such solid grounds for appeal for me. I would not have manages this without your support. I've sent few quid via PayPal to help the CAG.
  8. Thanks ericsbrother, I've submitted appeal to POPLA and will update when I hear back from them. It is hard to visualise that you are entering into contract by parking to do supermarket shopping but I am getting there
  9. Thank ericsbrother, There are two signs at the entrance to the car park - one with number of free spaces and one saying it is camera controlled car park and that terms and conditions apply and need to refer to terms and conditions in car park. - Should I just include image with the first sign or the second sign that is visible when entering car park as well? - In the first image part of the second sign is partly visible if I only need to submit first image should I crop it so that part of the other is not visible? - Should I provide any other documents – copy of ECP NTK or app
  10. It appears that Lidl would not necessarily cooperate with police and refuse to provide CCTV footage as below Facebook user found out: https://www.facebook.com/lidluk/posts/1052090894848728 But quick to go to police and provide CCTV when someone steals from their cashier http://www.gazetteherald.co.uk/news/14184580.Police_issue_CCTV_following_supermarket_fraud/
  11. Well, I was hoping I could sue Lidl for not taking my concern seriously and refusing to check CCTV video as well as delaying information on how to request copy of CCTV video with intent to cover up for themselves. With lack of key evidence I guess there is not much I can do now. I should have gone to the police. They would probably have to provide them with the copy much quicker and it would not be lost. Lesson learned. Hopefully this information will help someone.
  12. If you find yourself in a situation where you need to get copy of CCTV video from Lidl be aware that you need to act quick. They have 30 days retention policy after which video will be over written. They also have 7-10 day response policy. If you contact them via on-line form they will take 2 full weeks to respond you! Lidl is not keen on providing footage to you as it not in their interests and will cost them significantly more than £10 they are allowed to charge you for it. They will ignore your requests for copy of CCTV video unless requested as described below: Here are instructions o
  13. Hi Guys, Received letter with my appeal rejected from ECP on 2nd March. No surprise. Their letter seems to be quite generic. POPLA code was provided. Could you please suggest some wording I could use for my POPAL appeal? Copy of the letter attached. ECP Appeal refusal_Redacted_1.pdf
  14. That’s exactly how I felt. The fact they did not find extra cash in the till speaks for itself. Managers felt confident I will not get anywhere and really long delay in providing information on how to get copy of the video seems to be their way to cover up. I asked them for copy of video under Data protection act on 6 Jan but they only replied with instructions on 20 Jan when they knew I would not get anything I as it will be overwritten by the time they get my request. Area / store managers also knew of the issue but did not investigate in reasonable time allowing vi
  15. Hi Guys, Need your advice on this unusual problem. Sorry story is a bit long. I’ll spilt it by bullet point to make it easier to read: 1. 23 Dec 2016 – went to the store made small purchase requested £50 cashback. Was deep in my thoughts. Felt a bit awkward at the end of interaction with cashier who started behaving strangely by completely ignoring me and started chatting with colleague. After packing few purchased items I was waiting patiently not realising what for. Felt as something did not finish - no eye contact from cashier, no thanks / goodbye. I’ve felt a bit strange and
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