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  1. **A very Quick update** Thank you for the most wonderful help in those crazy dark days with a black sense of humor! Somehow just somehow I came out of the shi*Storm nice and clean! I never filled a form, just rode the storm. I've restarted my new life since 2014, no bother from anyone plus i have a clean 'Proper' bank account with the black horse- I rebuilt my credit with "aquacard" sensibly from what i learned on this website. All of a sudden I have excellent credit rating - it took 2 years. It seems the demons have gone......ahhhh life couldn't be better! Love you all x
  2. thank you dx100 & slick132 for your time!
  3. Sorry, I'm not sure which one you're referring to as correct.. Is it 1 or 2? 1 I asked if my min payment is £100, do i have to pay it in a lump sum before payment date? 2 Can i split £100 it into as many payments as long as I pay by due date? Thank you
  4. Hi if my min payment is £100, do i have to pay it in a lump sum before payment date or can i pay it in multiples like £50 on one week and £50 another week..as long as its paid by due date? I ask because I accidentally paid £50 in to barclaycard, but can only afford to pay £50 more to make it £100. Thanks
  5. you fruit cakes, I have an all zones all day GUEST permit for the residency outside the house it was issued to ...where else was i to park it? on your head? Stop implying i just cruised into london and parked where the hell i liked. i guess you live in london? you check outside your own house to see if the rules have temporily changed? Are you trying to wind me up? oh dear why do i have to repeat myself? my mates parking space in front of his house? his car got fined too...he's on holiday.. are you for real? Is this fair?
  6. Is that the first thing you do when you been driving 4 and half hours to another town in the middle of night. Don't talk out of ya backside mate. Thanks for your input though. But i agree if its YOUR council. Its ok i'll do this myself. No help whatsoever. Used to be a good place this forum, full of pansies now. Cagger since : Mar 2008
  7. I moved the car as soon as they were about to lift it to move it..the ticket was already on it. still no road works. Is this is even normal? 2:07pm now and nothing going on outside the house.
  8. Hi what a pain. I arrived from Yorkshire early morning to check on my friends house in London, They are on holiday. He left me 30 day passes to park in permitted Zones outside the house street. When I arrived, I stuck one in my car - an one day all zone pass. 7:30am. About an hour later I saw a tow lorry outside about to lift my car. I went outside and said I have a pass and this is the house I'm staying in. Apparently I didnt read a sign they stuck up a few days ago? who knows. It said Parking prohibited on dates 30th april (today) due to footway reconstruction on both sid
  9. Hi, A few years ago my house was burgled and adt security system not working due to all electric being ripped out of house . As a gesture of goodwill Adt gave me 3 month break until i could sort out the repairs. Repair took much longer then anticipated. I phoned back and tried to organise a visit for inspection /repair. Couldnt get convenient appointment . Due to the nature of my work location I left it to tenants to arrange but to no avail. I called ADT was told I would get refund if I wanted as I wasn't receiving or using the service, but was advise
  10. Thanks for the advice guys, Yes i have not payed or made contact since 2006 august/sept with any of these loans/credit cards. Don't know what happened to my bank account. I wiped the slate clean. No idea. I basically left the town i was in for another and here i am again.
  11. Thanks Rainbow & Brigadier! Well i suppose i'm wondering is there anything left to do? I've been in the wilderness since 2006 sept.... still no fixed abode. never claimed benefits...i couldn't care less. though i should have been entitled. These people contributed to this dilemma in the first place. So i will never ever sign up again. So what now i was wondering? What happens when i pull my head out of the sand? Need to show my mug sometime. Many Thanks. Jaws p.s one thing i have learnt is you don't need credit.. but then i dont have a house or car...or kids...eve
  12. Hey, how's things!! so now it's 2012!! well a few more months to mark a 6yr anniversary of not paying squat!... still no bank accout!!! still no address!! cool huh? changed mobile number too. ah bliss. What would you do without rich friends.. .and a skill called tap dancing to pay for food. .haha This has taught me to live within my means, it's the best thing that has happened to me. Im glad i don't have that constant worry of dread...or nagging credit bills. I don't care what anyone says. .i've done my 6yrs living like a bankrupty case.. .b
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