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  1. Hello, back at the end of 2008 I could no longer afford the mortgage on my french and spanish properties, I spoke to the bank but they did not want to help, I ended up handing the keys to both banks. In March 2010 I had a few emails from the french bank asking if the local agent could market the house as they had a buyer, this was all agreed and I didn't hear anything till January 2013 when a uk debt company asked me for full payment. They sent me a full breakdown of costs and they had added 40000 euros in interest late payment fees, court costs etc. I told them I didn't have the money or the assets to pay and that they should refer it back to the bank as they were irresponsible lending me the money when I hadn't sold the spanish property, Forward to Jan 2014 the same uk debt company start chasing again, but I gave them the same answer as above. Today nearly 3 years later they have sent me a letter to my home address stating they want full payment in 7 days or they will recover the money. I never knew that they had opened proceedings against me, but I was made aware that the french start repossession after 90 day, but the bank and the uk debt company are saying the house is still in my name. They also sent me a contract to sign saying the house could be sold for €40,000 when I translated the document the house could have sold for €90,000 ????? they said it was a clerical error. Original debt €117,000 Euros. Total to date is €180,000 Euros . Any advice would be very welcome.
  2. Hi, I have a question about last wills and testaments. I am a dual French/British citizen married to a British citizen and we have lived in the UK for almost 20 years. We own a house in the UK (as joint tenants). We want to write a will that will say to whom we want our respective share of the house to go to once we are both dead. We have no children and won't be having any. In my case, I want my share to go to my husband but I want to make sure that when he dies, if I'm already dead, my share goes to my siblings in France, who are French citizens, and not to my husband's family or new partner for example. Could someone please help me and let me know how I can make sure that his happens? Are there specific types of wills for UK people who want to leave their assets to someone in Europe? I have received very conflicting advice from some solicitors. Thank you very much in advance! Sonia G
  3. I've had a student load in NZ since 1996 and never paid anything off. I have lived in the Uk for 15 years and recently I was contacted by a collection companany called CCI representing IRD and saying I owe NZD 36,000 and need to pay now. After advice from a lawyer, I have decided to apply for bankruptcy in NZ. Now, my question is, do I make contact with IRD and/or collection agency informing them that I have applied for bankruptcy as have no way of paying loan back? I am worried they will continue putting pressure on me now they have found out where I live. I have no assets, earn a low income, an a single mum etc so really have no way of paying anything back.
  4. I've decided to post this in the Homelessness section, despite there being several issues at once and I need your advice, but mods, feel free to move this to a different section if necessary. My situation: - Just about to become 50 - Have lived in a terrible and dodgy guest house for 2.5 years. It wasn't dodgy and terrible when I went there - When I went there I had a job and a single room. Now I've been on the dole for some time (on and off) and I am forced to share a room with other people. - New people and new staff have come through the years and they have brought... how can I say.. dirtbags! Dodgy and abusive gits, people with a hefty criminal record, etc. - The owners are the same but have given up on patrolling the place. They only come every now and again. - Over the months I've been verbally abused by both staff and guests, mainly because I'm not in their circle of booze and drugs and what have you. This afternoon I was threatened by a fellow guest for petty reasons. I managed to speak to the owners. One of them says he'll do what he can but I can't trust him anymore. - I'm struggle to find a job and leaving the place immediately is not an option. Virtually no landlord would rent to a 50yo unemployed, at least not in my area. So, in other owrds, I'm stuck here. - Part of the staff (the dodgy ones) hate me and they told me straight in my face that they'll do what they can to convince the landlords to kick me out (I have no formal rental contract. I pay month to month) and I think they are very close to their goal. So my questions are: 1) In the immediate what can I do? I was thinking of calling the police but what can they do? And the landlords have already hinted that if I call the police, my future at the place is at stake. 2) If they do kick me out, can I receive help as homeless? I'm on benefits, but I have some savings (under £6k). Please I beg you not to think I'm just an intentional bum. I was in IT circa 10-15 years ago but my career is finished and I have nowhere to go. Thanks for reading.
  5. I intend to get professional legal advice on this as I'm making my Will, but I thought I'd test the water here first. Please don't ask questions about the reasons for my wishes, it is a complex situation and I don't want to discuss it. Circumstances: I own my home outright, I am the sole owner. I bought the house outright with no mortagage and only my name is on the deeds. My girlfriend moved in with me when I took possession and a few months later her son moved in as well with my agreement. They are both named on the Council Tax and have bank accounts and mobile phone bills at the address, her son is an adult and out of full time education. All other bills are in my name only and my partner makes no contribution to the bills nor has she contributed anything to the maintenance or improvement of the property over the 6 years we have been here. If my partner does a food shop alone she uses my credit card account which is in my sole name but she has a card as 'Mrs Homer' so it's not actually in her own name. As we are not married and according to information I have been given, my partner has no legal claim to the property at all upon my death. I have checked and that does seem to be correct, despite some people saying common law rules apply, which I understand to be false. I intend to write a Will which will bequeath the property, savings and goods to my sister and her children, with advice for the house to be sold. My question is: Can my Executor give notice to my girlfriend and her son to move out so the property can be sold and do they have to comply? My intention is to Will an amount of money from the sale of the property to my girlfriend's son to help him get on the housing ladder and the rest of it to go to my Sister's family. Nothing will be bequeathed to my girlfriend, so she will have to make her own living arrangements (I am sure that will be with her son). It doesn't sound too complex but I wondered if anyone had experience of this?
  6. Hi everyone, I need some advice on a credit card debt and a loan debt. I used to live in the UK but left in 2009. I have a credit card debt of £3000 and a loan debt of £11k. Both accounts are with Cabot Financial. I used to pay very little (between £1 and £10) towards the credit card debt, on and off over the past 9 years. I recently got a letter from Cabot saying that they instructed Moorcroft to arrange a visit at my home so that they can put me back in touch with Cabot. I have my address in Poland but am not really there very often. Regarding the bigger loan debt, I haven't been paying anything toward that account, I think, for at least 6 years and haven't communicated with Cabot about this debt. The question is, can any of these debts be cancelled? And what about Moorcroft in Poland? Any advice is greatly appreciated.
  7. Hello I was living in the UK for 10 years. I fell on hard times and amassed 15k of credit card debts. I left last year, I am now living in the EU, I am an EU citizen. I do Not own property or I do not have any assets. I have work here self employed in the EU and I have a bank account here. I am renting a decent apartment. I never plan to live in the UK Ever again. I cannot see myself ever being able to pay off the 15k of UK credit card debt. Its all unsecured debt, I know its a civil matter, not criminal. I assume they will try and get An European Enforcement order against me here, even though the UK creditors don't know where I am at the moment . But when they do find out, what can the European Enforcement order do to me? I own nothing and I have no assets . Any help or info appreciated Robert
  8. National Living Wage workers set for £600 pay rise from 1 April READ MORE HERE: https://www.gov.uk/government/news/national-living-wage-workers-set-for-600-pay-rise-from-1-april
  9. Today I received an email from PRA Group Dear XXXX Ref 1234567 Capital One Discount Availability: 65% Please note this offer will expire on 15/04/2018 Accept Offer ------ In 2010 I had a breakdown after being bullied at work, and was placed on unpaid sick leave. I managed to make the monthly payments but was made redundant five months later. I got married two weeks later. I was a non EU national and our spousal visa was declined so moved abroad to Spain. I contacted the CC provider as I had PPI, but was told that I wouldn't be eligible to claim as I wasn't registered with a UK employment agency seeking work. I disputed my PPI asking for a refund as I wasn't able to seek work in the UK due to my visa situation, but this dispute was rejected. I asked for my account to be closed and asked for a payment arrangement . They closed it but wouldn't come to an arrangement. I kept making adhoc payments, with the last being in November 2014, but had another breakdown and ceased payments. We are still living in Spain. Before I left the UK I changed my drivers licence to my new married name but it has now expired. I did update my bank account to my new address but didn't change my bank account name. I've since moved to a different part of Spain but haven't updated my bank account address. I've exclusively used my married name here in Spain. The debt was around £2,000 but penalties will have been added since 2010. I'm resentful of paying the debt as I feel I got screwed by PPI and we are now settled in Spain so won't be moving back to the UK. Are they likely to track me to Spain? Should I close my UK bank account to avoid it being linked?
  10. Hi guys, just a quick couple of questions. 1) Person A owns a house. He cannot live at the property temporarily. He is also signed off sick by his doctor and gets ESA. Because of this, he is living with a family member. The family member is on income support. They get countil tax reduction. What he wants to know is, would he also get council tax reduction on his own mortgaged property as well?
  11. Hi, We are a married couple. We are entitled to tax credits but not universal credit (due to savings). However next week I am going abroad (out of the EU) where we are building a house. We are still a couple but as I understand it with me being out of the country I cannot be on a tax credit claim (even if this would reduce the amount we can claim). I'll probably come back to the UK in September, but that's not yet certain - it could be later but not earlier. Wife will come to see me in August for a month (she works in school so no problem) Apparently UC is being rolled out in our area in late 2018. So is it correct to apply for TCs now (or as soon as I leave in the country) in wife's name? (Money will go into joint account) When I return to the UK then would that be a new TC claim (so potentially going onto UC)? Or just a modification (we'd still be entitled to TCs if I'm here, it doesn't make too much difference to our income)?
  12. Hello I'm new to this forum and have emigrated to UK - I'm a dual citizen. I have left Australia as it was either that or divorce - husband missing his family that he had quite bad depression. I had good job but then got 32% pay cut over past 5 years due to decline in mining, took out credit cards to pay off debts, and then another to pay off etc. Got myself overcommitted and kept making the payments each month on time whilst they got higher and higher, spending over $5000K per month on payments. Substantial debt now of $160K with about 7 credit cards. I was going to make money on sale of our home (we had mortgaged for 17years) and the housing marketed plummeted in WA and we lost over $250K equity in the past 2 years. We sold and made $10K. Wont go into the details of how hard I worked at maintaining a quarter acre block to pristine condition. All of my efforts were futile and I was on a spiralling course. I had major total knee replacement in Nov 16 and had to take 6 weeks of week unpaid. (No holiday or sick pay on my contract). Then the sale of home in June 17 and then moved to UK as husband had enough of being away from family. I hoped to get a job on a project in UK in first 3 months - that didn't pan out and earning low wages here. The emails and calls are starting to come in and understandably - I have big debts and was always a regular and good payer - not now. I do have chronic hives and auto immune issue as result of years of chronic stress but I can't tell Dr's here full story as I needed medical pass to get my job. (Dr in Australia gave me enough medicine for first year before I left). Where to start with this debts and sorting it out? I've emailed the agencies (different collectors) a very brief email this week as I couldn't sleep. So stressed. Emailed them to say I'm in financial distress and unemployment since June / July and few other bits. Didn't say I'm overseas but if they check my Instagram they may see that. I've contacted an Australian bankruptcy company to get some insight and assistance on going bankrupt - as realistically that would have been my only option if I stayed in Australia (or insolvency). Just looking for some guidance on how to proceed, what to do or not do. I'm scared senseless I'm going to get a phone call to my husband (who doesn't know about the debt, yes that's right I kept it hidden) and get agency turned up at my home in UK. I'm definitely at fault and have to take responsibility (which I was until loss of job); I paid thousands of dollars each month back and only just made minimum payment each month, was a futile downward spiralling situation. Any help would be appreciated. Thank you
  13. hi could anyone please help or advise.... I received a letter form tax credit saying they had information my ex boyfriend was linked to my address. I called them today and they have asked me to provide them with supporting documents to prove he isn't. I also called my ex to ask if he's heard anything or if he knew why they had contacted me, he didn't know what I was on about but he did say he has been on sick and recently started to receive SSP. I'm really worried because although there is no connection between our houses they are saying he is linked to mine. I also very recently move house so I just don't have some of the documents they are requesting, I explained that to the guy on the phone and he just said to mention that in my cover letter and send in anything I can. I'm worried sick, I can't find enough documents to send them and if they stop my claim I just don't know what I will do. I have never felt more alone, I know there have been a few threads of this nature and I've read a tone of horror stories online. should I just send them what I have and hope it's ok? has anyone had this and come out the other end? thank you for any help/advise.
  14. Hi folks I really appreciate any help or advice given on this debt. I will try to simplify as much as possible so its not boring. Although at first this may not seem relevant but as you will read on it does so. Unfortunately i was abused a lot by my step father for 10 years, until a teenager. Moving on from that weird fact at the age of 18 i found a nice gf and started a business. Due to making really rookie mistakes and my girlfriend at the time taking huge advantage of my generosity I ended up with a failed business, no girlfriend and 30k worth of debt (i live in scotland) a few years later I met the girl of my dreams, we got engaged and married. She was aware of my past trauma with my stepfather and relevant family members i no longer speak to, decided to change my name completely (first and last) and just her surname to match my new surname. Shortly after we moved to Canada to make a fresh start for both safety and career prospects. Just before we moved I had been making payments and got this down to about 26k (with still a planned 18k worth of interest planned by the time id finish paying this off according to the bank) I had become very angry and frustrated with this level of interest but the bank were not budging. Even the bank of scotland branch staff were shocked at this loans level of interest and the branch manager although sympathetic could offer no help to fix it. my plan was to move to canada, establish a career with my wife who was well qualified and had a good career lined up. Leave the debt until I had a more stable financial life. its been 15 months into canada now and i doubt we will ever go back to the UK. We are about to buy our first house and have our first baby. I did get a phonecall from a debt collection company in the UK a week ago addressing me by my old name (which i did not confirm) the bank and that company do not know what country i am in, nor my new name. But i am still majorly worried this might be the start. I cant afford to pay this money back yet, i have always paid and cleared all my previous debts (6+ credit cards, a small personal loan) ive had a max credit rating of which i was proud of. But in combination of bank of scotland robbing me with obscene amounts of interest and the amount of profit they have made off my time in the UK, it leaves a bitter taste in my mouth paying this money back, but that taste would be there if I didn't. Can they track me down properly in canada and find my new name and enforce this debt? Thanks for any help and advice, it really is appreciated.
  15. Please help. I have made a horrible mistake in not informing tax credits that I resumed a relationship with my partner in early 2015 and started living together. I had every intention of doing so but I became dependent on the money I was receiving and it's become harder and harder to admit to them What I've been doing! I have recieved letter asking whether I am living with mr .... (my partner) and to send documents such a bank statements, mortgage statement, car insurance, council tax. My husband is on my council tax as I always intended to tell them he was living with me again. He is also a named driver on my insurance. They want information and docs dating between 1st Nov 16 to 31st Jan 2017. Do I just send them Ono for those dates and see what they say? Or should I come clean about everything straight away. I have already updated my status online yesterday as I wanted to make sure I stopped receiving anymore payments. But instead of giving the actual date he moved in I said he moved in 6th Jan 17. I am now regretting this as I think I've made things worse. I am terrified that I will be sent to prison for fraud and that I will give birth in prison (i am due 1st may) I also have a 2 year old and a 15 year old. Please tell me what to do. I can't sleep eat and I have been physically vomiting all day!!
  16. Good Evening Guys, I've posted here previously and received some fantastic help so I am hoping the same can be done again. My partner has got herself into an interesting situation. She is an NZ citizen who lived in Australia for three years (where we met), before moving to Scotland with me when my Australian VISA expired - 12/14. When she left Australia, she left behind approx. $1500 worth of debt split between a credit card and a mobile contract. At the time we didn't have the finances to worry about it as the move to Scotland was priority. Since 12/14 she has had no communication from the credit card company, and only one email from the mobile provider asking/seeking payment which was early last year. However today we received a message from a family friend of ours in Australia advising that they had been contacted by a company looking to speak with my partner, they claimed they needed to speak with her or her family about a personal matter and wouldn't give any other details (apart from her fathers first name - which was weird). From checking the forums and contact number I now understand this to be Credit Corp. My questions to you brilliant people is - they clearly have limited info on her whereabouts, should we make contact with them and try and rectify the debt, or let it go away? Her main concern is that she is on a 5 year VISA here in the UK, after which she will apply for residency and we're not sure if that would affect it. Can they pursue it in the UK? I've read some of the previous threads on here however her case is a bit specific and I'm looking for a clear answer. Any help would be greatly appreciated. I 'm off to bed now (23:20, 3/5/16) however will be available to answer any questions tomorrow morning.
  17. I am currently receiving ESA support group which i appealed over a year ago and won. I have recently moved back to my mortgaged home ( it was empty due to pending repossession process), I am currently pregnant but we are not together, we have never been in a long term relationship, he has his own property and doesnt live with me, he will pop in on occassions to check how the pregnancy is coming along, we dont get on and know that being in a long term relationship just for a child would not work. The DWP advised that an allegation has been made that he lives with me and i have to attend in two weeks. Can anyone shed any light on what they will ask me? Thanks in advance
  18. I swapped the tags in TKMaxx yesterday (30/11). it's the first time I did something like this so don't know what happens next and would be grateful for help. . Got banned for a year from all TKMaxx stores in UK and due to a crime prevention system they operate also from all the shops in the Birmingham city centre. I was told it's the city centre only, but the leaflet seems to say otherwise, I'd appreciate if someone had the same experience and could advise, please. When asked if it means I'll have a criminal record now, the guard assured me it had nothing to do with the police and the only reason my name and address were passed to the officer already present (there were some police officers already, detaining two men) was to confirm my address as I had no such confirmation on me. Was told the store's solicitors will be in touch asking for a fine, which might be between £50 and £100 and if that's not affordable, I will need to let them know. I checked the leaflet after finding this forum, it is RLP . I wanted to pay, but not sure I should anymore? I wouldn't be able to pay it all or all in one go, so I would have to speak/write to RLP . I am very scared of another debt collector and also of possible court prosecution, don't know what I should do? I've been looking for a job for a while, RLP says they're allowed to share my record with potential employers. Does it mean I can only apply for positions open to people with criminal record? Or abroad (or maybe this doesn't make a difference as they'd check even from overseas)? I'm also scared it may count as another fraud, so would like for this mistake to be rectified. Thank you.
  19. Hi guys! I lived in the UK for 2 years and then moved to Australia in 2013. I have since moved to Dubai where I am now living. I got a message 2 days ago from someone who lives in my old house in London saying she had opened a piece of post accidentally that was meant for me. It turned out to be from a debt collection company called Cabot Financial who are chasing £800 unpaid on a capital one credit card (£500 balance and £300 interest). Now I know it sounds silly but I honestly had no idea this even existed. Looking over my old records I see it's a true debt yes and I owe the money, but I had 100% completely forgotten about it. I contacted Cabot to make an offer on the debt and they told me they had passed it to Shoesmiths solicitors which I'm guessing means that they're in the process of bringing me to court to get a CCJ. Now what I'm trying to find out is what I need to do now. I'm going to call Shoesmiths to try and make an offer to them but technically as I'm in the UAE the debt is not enforceable nor is the CCJ is it? I'm really reluctant to tell them my new address in case they somehow track me down and start harassing me, but if they need it to prove that I'm not in the country then maybe it's the right thing to do? I'm currently a stay at home mother and don't have £800 lying around to pay, but I do want to try and settle this in a way that I can. Can anyone tell me how best to tackle this? Do I need to prove my new address? Do I tell them as little as possible and just make them an offer on the basis that really I'm doing it in good faith as they've no right to chase me in the country I'm in right now? I have no assets in the UK and have no intention of moving back there. Thanks so much in advance, Emma
  20. I have a UK Amex. I have disputed charges via a lawyer on the card which I did not make and Amex credited back these charges then reversed them. The amount is substantial and over £50k I have also had foreign transaction fees added to the account I knew nothing about. They now want payment and I'm refusing to pay as I do not owe them the money. I have lived in the US with a US address on my UK Amex account for the past 6 years. So am not a resident of the U.K. As I'm at a deadlock my account is now due to default soon and I will owe them over £50k. Can Amex enforce card debts in the US if signed in the UK with a UK credit agreemnt for UK. Will they take me to court in the UK or US and what will happen next? Im not running away from the debt but want to know what will happen next or what I should do.
  21. When I got my assessment report through from ATOS, there are vast problems. The lady nurse, for one, said I was smartly dressed and coped well at interview. Firstly, I wore jeans, and said I did not have time to wash my hair as it was a mess. I was not coping at all, I kept stiuttering and had some difficulty in answering some of the questions, my mum stepped in and answered them for me. I was awarded 0 points, considering I showed her my dosset box and medication and said my partner helped me in and out of the bath where needed, even though I have had rails I can use. I then stated I had trouble with pain in my hands due to having fibromyagia and had difficulty in cutting up veg, and felt unsafe to cook without supervision, I got zero points!! She also scored me zero points even for the fact that I cannot budget with money. I did get enhanced rate for mobility, but I am not happy getting 0 for daily care. How do I do a mandatory recon please, Iam so shocked going from middle rate personal care on dla to scoring nothing, potentially loosing £53 per week.
  22. From today, national living wage pays £7.20 an hour, wow, think of what you could do with the money..
  23. All, First great forum, have been reading a lot of the posts on here and finally decided to write explaining my current predicament. A while ago I got involved with a bad investment (i was foolish and got robbed by a false development company) and have been left with a huge bill to repay. I up until now have been paying off all my debt as agreed with the banks but am now starting to struggle as I returned to the UK after christmas due to family issues and the GBP has tanked against the Singapore dollar. I left all my pension money I had saved in an account over there and this is currently covering my monthly payments. I am also trying to save here and send money back but the poor exchange rate is killing me. If I were to eventually default on the debt what can be done by the banks over there? I understand that they can apply for a court order to realise the money under the UK legal system or they can sell the debt to a UK agency. In the event of this happening what can I do to minimise the potential impact to my job and life in the UK? Any advice would be much appreciated as I a starting to worry constantly about the best course of action. Thanks!
  24. Something came to my attention yesterday.Better just start this off.Shocked me. There are currently 3.7 million children living in poverty in the UK. That’s over a quarter of all children. 1.7 million of these children are living in severe poverty. . In the UK 63% of children living in poverty are in a family where someone works. The Government has a statutory requirement, enshrined in the Child Poverty Act 2010, to end child poverty by 2020. However, it is predicated that by 2020/21 another 1 million children will be pushed into poverty as a result of the Coalition Government’s policies. Check your area out and see how many children are in poverty. POVERTY IN YOUR AREA http://www.endchildpoverty.org.uk/poverty-in-your-area/ Changes will push children into poverty Figures published by the End Child Poverty coalition, of which The Children’s Society is a member, show that nearly three in ten children in Greater Manchester lived in poverty at the end of 2013. http://www.manchestereveningnews.co.uk/news/greater-manchester-news/changes-push-children-poverty-10949893 Peers defeat government over child poverty reports http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-politics-35405479 These child poverty statistics and facts will help to give you an idea of the scale of child poverty in the UK and the affect it can have on: a child's education a child's health the day to day lives of families. https://www.barnardos.org.uk/what_we_do/our_work/child_poverty/child_poverty_what_is_poverty/child_poverty_statistics_facts.htm I have read 43% of Children in Manchester do not have a hot meal,repeated across many areas very worrying. Well i have started this thread about child poverty not knowing much about this problem. What is it like in your area.And have your say.I had not realised there was such a big problem out there. If you have links to back up your point all the better. In Manchester i have noticed a lady trying to raise a few pounds from local businesses to provide a few hot meals in Salford for children. Seems a good idea.Could make a big difference repeated across the country. http://www.poundsforchildpoverty.org.uk/ Bye for now. Tawnyowl.
  25. From 1 April 2016, the living wage will commence for all employees 25 years or over; and your employer will have to pay you £7.20 per hour Asking in my work place we cant get a direct answer, now hoping someone here can confirm the government position on this; Asda have not made any comment on this https://www.livingwage.gov.uk/ Apart from what is said on the government web site So from the 1 April 2016, is the living wage actually law, and your employer has no choice but to pay £7.20 a hour
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