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  1. Hi there My credit rating in Australia - just to clarify. That's going to be shattered. I know I can't get anything listed on my UK because of Australian bankruptcy / default - it's the worry of wondering who / what is going to happen. My husband got a phone call and I wondered if a recovery group had tracked him down through Instagram and was going to ask about my whereabouts. Of course they would of said it's a personal business matter, but that just gives it away. I've had one company ring my sister in law and wouldn't say why - that immediately sets off ala
  2. Thank you - I have contacted a bankruptcy company in Australia and they have done some checking for me and advise they can process a bankruptcy claim for me - I just have to be able to use an Australian address, be diligent in being able to respond to emails and pay a fee (of course) they don't do it for love. But it will - if successful - wipe my debts which given the value are very significant. I am stressing to the point of hives and I don't want to live like this. I would like these debts cleared. I'm going to get my credit rating completely shat
  3. Thanks I started reading those links and then got on to others and hence the questions about things I found. Appreciate your help.
  4. Thanks appreciate your help - I'm scared senseless and waiting for letters to start - so I guess I'll ignore emails then? Will keep you informed of any developments. Thanks again.
  5. Hi All Thanks for the updates - I have replied to a few collections agencies but said very little other than I'm experiencing financial difficulty. I know the responses are coming from those who have far more knowledge than me on these matters. I can't imagine Citibank, Westpac and HSBC are going to sit back and not try to recoup considerable amounts of moneys and there's definitely threads on here where Aussie debt collection agencies have made consistent and threatening phone calls, letters through solicitors in England and contacting people's employers. In my ab
  6. Thanks, so I'm a little newby and not across all the rules and regulations, in reality I would imagine my defaults would go to court and judgement made in my absence. Then these could go to court over in UK? Given the large sums involved they would not want to lose this money - only problem is I have no money, no assets. I'm about to start working (yeah) and will earn good money but will be doing very long hours and consecutive days to earn it. not really wanting to give it all up. I did read on this forum people were hassled for years with employers contacted - th
  7. Thanks for reply, I haven't read links but I've just started to look around on web - and I can see I've left a social media footprint on Instagram so they will be able to track me down to UK. From what I can read into other posts (and only just started reading), people have been tracked down, and judgements gone to court. I'm not saying I'm in the right and have done nothing wrong. I've got myself way over my head . I want to go bankrupt in Australia as I cannot repay the amounts owed. It's just too much and I'd spend my whole life (which I guess past 5 to 7 years I've been doing) dig
  8. Hello I'm new to this forum and have emigrated to UK - I'm a dual citizen. I have left Australia as it was either that or divorce - husband missing his family that he had quite bad depression. I had good job but then got 32% pay cut over past 5 years due to decline in mining, took out credit cards to pay off debts, and then another to pay off etc. Got myself overcommitted and kept making the payments each month on time whilst they got higher and higher, spending over $5000K per month on payments. Substantial debt now of $160K with about 7 credit cards. I was going to make m
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