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  1. Hi I only applied for bankruptcy in NZ and it was accepted thank goodness. Its very simple to be honest. I did it all online from the UK. The NZ Insolvency Website is very good. So far so good....it has not affected anything in the UK. I had heard sometimes they contact your bank in Uk but nothing so far. It went through very quickly also. Within a few weeks. I only had the student loan debt. Ask me anything you need btw.
  2. guys I need advice. I have a student loan in nz dating back to 1996. No payments made. I have lived in uk for 15 years with no intention of going back to nz. I owe $36,000. Should I declare myself bankrupt in nz? I think its my only option as I have no assets and a low income.I have looked on the Insolvency website in nz. The IRD's collection agency in UK, a company call CCI have found me and are hounding me. Should I make contact with IRD and/or CCI and explain that I have no money and will be declaring bankruptcy in the near future.
  3. I've had a student load in NZ since 1996 and never paid anything off. I have lived in the Uk for 15 years and recently I was contacted by a collection companany called CCI representing IRD and saying I owe NZD 36,000 and need to pay now. After advice from a lawyer, I have decided to apply for bankruptcy in NZ. Now, my question is, do I make contact with IRD and/or collection agency informing them that I have applied for bankruptcy as have no way of paying loan back? I am worried they will continue putting pressure on me now they have found out where I live. I have no assets, earn a low income, an a single mum etc so really have no way of paying anything back.
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