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  1. no chance? Trade in a sexy scottish kilt wearing masterpiece of a man for a squeeky axe wielding canadian that apologies far too much. im sure ill be fine.
  2. yes its hypothetical as she doesnt have any debt let alone a mortgage. im the only bad apple
  3. Yeah i thought as much, the reason why i ask is. If she had an unsecured loan and skipped town, they would eventually claim it against her property, and i thought because we're now married she might be liable for it. But she did buy that property before we met or married so it wouldn't really be fair.
  4. Thanks for that guys you really put my mind at ease. One thing i did fail to mention. My wife owns a property back in scotland, she owned it before we even met let alone married. Am i right in saying they cant go after her property because that would be classed as 3rd party debt? (my loan is unsecured anyway)
  5. Thanks DX, i appreciate that and the partial peace of mind you have given me. If what you are saying is correct (i have no reason to believe otherwise and seems logical) In your opinion is there any repercussions of this situation coming back to bite me in the ass? For example said debt collection agency contacting immigration or even my employer and causing issues or prevention in canadian citizenship i will be aiming for shortly.
  6. Hi dx100uk i used your name as referral upon registration because i saw you giving most help to people, hopefully you get some points or something either way its greatly appreciated. What is a DCA? Also does my name change give me any protection especially combined with a continent move? thanks
  7. Hi folks I really appreciate any help or advice given on this debt. I will try to simplify as much as possible so its not boring. Although at first this may not seem relevant but as you will read on it does so. Unfortunately i was abused a lot by my step father for 10 years, until a teenager. Moving on from that weird fact at the age of 18 i found a nice gf and started a business. Due to making really rookie mistakes and my girlfriend at the time taking huge advantage of my generosity I ended up with a failed business, no girlfriend and 30k worth of debt (i live in scotland) a few years later I met the girl of my dreams, we got engaged and married. She was aware of my past trauma with my stepfather and relevant family members i no longer speak to, decided to change my name completely (first and last) and just her surname to match my new surname. Shortly after we moved to Canada to make a fresh start for both safety and career prospects. Just before we moved I had been making payments and got this down to about 26k (with still a planned 18k worth of interest planned by the time id finish paying this off according to the bank) I had become very angry and frustrated with this level of interest but the bank were not budging. Even the bank of scotland branch staff were shocked at this loans level of interest and the branch manager although sympathetic could offer no help to fix it. my plan was to move to canada, establish a career with my wife who was well qualified and had a good career lined up. Leave the debt until I had a more stable financial life. its been 15 months into canada now and i doubt we will ever go back to the UK. We are about to buy our first house and have our first baby. I did get a phonecall from a debt collection company in the UK a week ago addressing me by my old name (which i did not confirm) the bank and that company do not know what country i am in, nor my new name. But i am still majorly worried this might be the start. I cant afford to pay this money back yet, i have always paid and cleared all my previous debts (6+ credit cards, a small personal loan) ive had a max credit rating of which i was proud of. But in combination of bank of scotland robbing me with obscene amounts of interest and the amount of profit they have made off my time in the UK, it leaves a bitter taste in my mouth paying this money back, but that taste would be there if I didn't. Can they track me down properly in canada and find my new name and enforce this debt? Thanks for any help and advice, it really is appreciated.
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