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  1. Everything is in my name benefits/ rent / bills etc... all his letters go to his address. but we do have a kid and because of that he does send some money to my bank account once a month, not much just what he can afford. we don't have any written agreement regarding our child, he has him on weekends and financially will help when he can. I'm scared because they have asked me to send bank statements and they will see when he has send £40 here and £20 there...
  2. hi could anyone please help or advise.... I received a letter form tax credit saying they had information my ex boyfriend was linked to my address. I called them today and they have asked me to provide them with supporting documents to prove he isn't. I also called my ex to ask if he's heard anything or if he knew why they had contacted me, he didn't know what I was on about but he did say he has been on sick and recently started to receive SSP. I'm really worried because although there is no connection between our houses they are saying he is linked to mine. I also very recently move house so I just don't have some of the documents they are requesting, I explained that to the guy on the phone and he just said to mention that in my cover letter and send in anything I can. I'm worried sick, I can't find enough documents to send them and if they stop my claim I just don't know what I will do. I have never felt more alone, I know there have been a few threads of this nature and I've read a tone of horror stories online. should I just send them what I have and hope it's ok? has anyone had this and come out the other end? thank you for any help/advise.
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