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Found 25 results

  1. Hi, I am currently going through the ombudsman stage, in demanding repayment of account fees for additions 2000(?) - 2004, additions plus 2004-2012 and no 'downgraded' current account with overdraft of £1, 700 and daily fees of 0.75p and £1.50 depending of if the overdraft is 0-£700 or £700 to £1,700. I have complained regularly over the years to Barclays but only had occassional fees reversed. The package account fees at worst were £192.00 per annum by 2012, whether in credit or not. In 2008 Barclays imposed a £1000 reserve with paid transaction fees on top of a pre-existi
  2. Have a go at the Daily Quiz hosted by The Pensioners Club it's great fun. Daily Quiz Click above.
  3. Hello! I went to court with my neighbour over a land dispute. I had to withdraw from the trial because I am deaf and the audio loop wasn't working, but the Judge refused to adjourn... This is probably a whole other area, however, the neighbour was awarded costs of £23k and has now placed an Interim Charging Order on our jointly mortgaged house. My husband is not the debtor. I want to know if I can argue that the Award is unfair, not just because of what happened in court, but also because it includes a 100% success fee, which I feel they are not entitled to because I did not re
  4. Hi, Im desperately hoping someone can advise... To cut a really long story short, i took a career break from my bank job to care for my sick husband in 2012. It left us with minimum income other than disability allowance and carers allowance as because i was still classed as employed we were told we couldnt claim any other benefit, not that we wanted to. We never have had any state benefits. My husband passed away in 2013 and i had to pay his funeral costs, half of which i paid upfront. His family were meant to pay the other half but never did. Subsequentl
  5. hi I recently finished a full time course at the end of january and started signing on to job seekers allowance while looking for work. At the first meeting at the job centre before anything else was discussed i was told that at the start of all new claims there is a mandatory 12 weeks of daily contact. After questioning this i was told that this is a national policy for all new claims. although im not attending every day i'm getting appointments to attend 2 or 3 times per week and must email my job search activity, jobs applied for, and forward all email responses from applicat
  6. Found this on the Mail where people are being hit with default CCJ even for a penny they know nothing about until the bailiff knocks or they are refused credit. It seems Crapita AKA parking Eye are getting default CCJ on alleged debts of a penny, as in o 0.01p. http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-3784421/Stranger-s-40-parking-ticket-cost-family-new-home.html
  7. http://www.dailymail.co.uk/money/guides/article-3798933/Don-t-let-debt-ruling-knew-ruin-life-year-900-000-county-court-judgments-handed-s-fight-them.html Please make them stop....can see a lot of people throwing 255.00 quid at these. It's a shame as the old address issue needs to be out there, had the reporter \ editor done some proper research, this could have really got it out there. Maybe needs moving elsewhere.....
  8. When I got my assessment report through from ATOS, there are vast problems. The lady nurse, for one, said I was smartly dressed and coped well at interview. Firstly, I wore jeans, and said I did not have time to wash my hair as it was a mess. I was not coping at all, I kept stiuttering and had some difficulty in answering some of the questions, my mum stepped in and answered them for me. I was awarded 0 points, considering I showed her my dosset box and medication and said my partner helped me in and out of the bath where needed, even though I have had rails I can use.
  9. This has been going for years now, what I want to know is why are these haulage companies not doing more to protect their vehicles, and drivers? Thousands of illegal immigrants have come into this country over the years, you can watch them on television, and see how they are managing to break into vehicles, we should have been able to stop this by now, it’s just shame that none of these firms are doing enough to stop it, there must be away. The sooner the better.
  10. I have been bullied at work by a colleague and raised a grievance. The meeting is next week which is making me very anxious and panicky. I signed off for anxiety and stress at work, informing my line manager that I will stay out of work until the meeting, because the stress is affecting my mental health. The absence will be less than five days. My manager's manager insists that I have to call in every day. I checked the Sick Leave Policy and there is only mention of keeping in touch, nothing about a sick employee calling the office every day. Is this allowed?
  11. LACEF News is an excellent online "news" website ( link below) which has been set up by the founder of LACEF (the Local Authority Civil Enforcement Forum). Anyone with an interest in local authorities, council tax, benefits (including Universal Credit etc), bailiffs etc will find a daily visit to LACEF News of interest. There are even news articles about important legal cases. New articles appear throughout the day. LACEF News is certainly a page worth bookmarking. PS: To read full news articles (as opposed to a short extract) you will need to complete the short ‘sign up’ for
  12. I have for the last three years worked for a UK based company in Holland doing 2 week on 2 week off 12 hour shifts. We are paid a daily rate and I would have classed my self as an employee as I am PAYE. About a year or so ago 30 mins before a Maritime Labor Convention inspection I was asked to sign a contract as it was required for the inspection. I signed. It states under wages that the amount included holiday pay. no amounts are given and as I understand it this is okay if its negotiated, transparent in the contract ( x amount is wage X amount is holiday pay) and its shown on the pay
  13. just wondering if anyone else is having this problem of robinson way doing credit report address history checks everyday for the past month? i have already cca'd and heard nothing back except we cannot retrieve your consumer credit agreement. anyones views or advice would be really helpful.
  14. I gather its for 13 weeks, at least thats what ive been told. What happens when it finishes? Back to the fortnightly or do they have something more insidious lined up?
  15. Letter from BOS today...... We've noticed that we did not write to tell you when your account went into an Unplanned Overdraft between 02 June 2012 and 14 June 2112. We apologise for this, and we've taken steps to make sure it does not happen again. Unplanned Overdraft Fees to be returned... £65.00 Gross interest at 8% p.a.... £13.00 Tax Deducted from interest at 20% basic rate...£2.60 Net Interest paid... £10.40 Total Refund... £75.40 Nic
  16. http://www.thepoke.co.uk/2014/10/05/typical-daily-mail-front-page/ Although this is funny, it is close to a headline that might actually appear in the newspaper.
  17. hello hope some one can help me. as of monday just gone was told that i had to attend the jobcentre daily at different times to do a job search now been told this i had to go back to the JC the next day for 1:35 which then i was made to sign and was told since i had been up yesterday which was monday that he was going to do job search next time i come up. so after leaving the JC he forgot to give the new time which was for 1:00 for the following day when i got there he told me that and that it was his fault since he didn't tell me then was made to sign and no job search again. he gave me
  18. http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2707810/Menace-new-parking-cowboys-Drivers-fined-100-overstaying-minutes-fast-food-chains-shops.html No heads up from the site team?
  19. The media still do not tell the truth about what these tickets really are... http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2686815/12-fold-surge-parking-ticket-appeals-just-two-years-More-600-drivers-week-contesting-fines-10-000-penalties-quashed.html
  20. I use Accueview Moist daily disposables. I have seven contact lens holders and starting with one pair of lenses I use them for a day and then store them in a holder using Tesco or equivalent saline solution. I continue to use a pair a day until all seven holders have been used and then use pair one again. It helps if you put numbers on the holders with indelible ink. I then continue to rotate the lenses and in this way one pair will last me approximately seven uses. The number of time may vary, sometime a pair may only be used twice and may then feel 'gritty' and have to be discarded beca
  21. More than 80 payday loan websites are breaking the law or are pushing the limits of existing rules to woo customers. Financial Mail has uncovered sites targeting the vulnerable, offering damaging advice and potentially bending the rules. A dossier containing the results of the investigation has this weekend been passed to the Office of Fair Trading. In it we name lenders that regularly advertise on TV. Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/money/cardsloans/article-2237977/We-hand-payday-firm-dossier-OFT-80-firms-breaking-law.html#ixzz2DLnNdBUc
  22. Episode 4 covers parking fines on private land will post link later when its up on iplayer
  23. There is a retail centre car park beside where I work operated by a well known Parking Enforcement Company. I park in it just about every day. Over the pasty few years I have tried to stick to their 3 hour limit, but have had about a dozen parking tickets from them, all of which I have ignored and they have gone away. You can pay a pound to park in the car park all day, but I never have. Recently, I have decided to try and beat their system. Basically, I'm parking in the car park all day every day and have done for the past 2 weeks. No tickets have arrived yet. My theory is that
  24. Hi:) Noticed this article this morning: http://www.dailyrecord.co.uk/news/scottish-news/atos-scandal-benefits-bosses-admit-1344278 Excellent reporting I am just disgusted that other newspapers are not running the truth as the Daily Record are. Thank you for fighting ATOS victims corner:whoo:
  25. Hello, MotorMile now "own" a debt from WagedayAdvance have been contacting my work every single day 5-10 times a day leaving messages, threatening bailiffs to visit. Doesn't scare/bother me in the slightest but Ive just contacted them and got into a huge argument with one of the staff members asking them to stop calling my work and harassing me while trying to force me to pay a non priority debt. I booked 2 weeks holiday off from work to enjoy with my family and received them while i was away. Now hes basically saying if i can afford a "holiday" i can afford to pay my debts and a d
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