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Found 24 results

  1. Hi, We are a married couple. We are entitled to tax credits but not universal credit (due to savings). However next week I am going abroad (out of the EU) where we are building a house. We are still a couple but as I understand it with me being out of the country I cannot be on a tax credit claim (even if this would reduce the amount we can claim). I'll probably come back to the UK in September, but that's not yet certain - it could be later but not earlier. Wife will come to see me in August for a month (she works in school so no problem) Apparently UC is bei
  2. I have used this forum a couple of times for myself but this time am enquiring for a friend who has MS and leukemia and is highly anxious at present. She had been on ESA until March, having been forced out of her teaching job in quite harrowing and underhand fashion a couple of years ago. She was put onto JSA and has been supplying bank statements to the Benefits Office here. She had been paying her rent out of rapidly dwindling savings until her savings fell under the limit preventing a housing benefit claim very recently. Despite her condition she has in the year that I've known he
  3. I need to make this enquiry for my friend, a woman in her mid-50s with multiple sclerosis who is hoping to set up home with her partner who is himself able and in work. My friend was a teacher and has tried to get back into teaching only to find that both the illness and the post-Gove era are thwarting her attempts. Her last week of classes made her symptoms unmanageable and she withdrew from the post with some pretty abusive-sounding treatment from the headmistress. My friend currently gets contribution-based ESA of about £70, though a letter she got this week says it will go down to £60
  4. So I will start with a brief bit on my situation - Two years ago, I was on ESA for social anxiety, failed the ATOS test and had to go on JSA. http://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/forum/showthread.php?327891-Help-with-applying-for-ESA-due-to-social-anxiety My disability adviser was/is great and I was referred to an organisation who dealt with people with disability's looking for work. The programme was for a year and they found me a placement, suitable for someone with my condition. This all ended and I was back to the Job Centre, where I was told I will now be refer
  5. My wife has been on pip for sometime now, I recently found out and applied for carer's allowance and have been receiving carer's for my wife for about 3 month's (she has ME as her main disability) During a recent visit to CAB on one of my bad day's they suggested I should be entitled to pip myself with my medical condition's and amount of pill's I take daily, I applied thinking I wouldn't get anything (knowing the problem's my wife has been through to get her awards and knowing the government cut's all the time) I got a SMS message from DWP telling me I have been awarded pip don't a
  6. In 2014, I was due in court for an alleged crime which was fitted up and racist. my wife and I signed to apply for LAA, and it was based on the earnings she was receiving as I was a poor musician. before the case date or I even had a Barristor, I had Rossendales harassing me to pay them £586. 00 per month, which I retaliated withe vitriolic replies. The case date was not set up until Oct, and by that time I had ignored all notices from Rossendales, and was going through nasty Divorce. As soon as I was divorced they started harassing me again, but I am fighting th
  7. I viewed a flat yesterday morning for a rental. I made a payment of 350 pound and was told the property would be taken off of the market when I make an offer. I was also told the money would be refundable if the landlord does not accept my offer. At the end of the day I made an offer of 340pw. The landlord refused and counter offered 350pw. I declined that and the agent suggested 345pw as a compromise. I told him to see what the landlord said, but had yet to discuss with my brother, who i was renting with. Having discussed with my brother, who was unsure about 340pw to be
  8. Another couple of (hopefully quick) questions. We don't get paid for staff meetings - they are out of hours but only about one hour every couple of months, although it's annoying due to getting there of an evening. Most of our staff are on minimum wage. Due to not being paid, as these meetings are not optional, does this mean this would drop workers under the NMW even if they have signed a contract waiving the right to pay for staff meetings? And... If you ask for a copy of your contract, how long does your employer have to provide you with a copy? Many thanks again f
  9. Hi I have just said goodbye to the lady that completed my PIP assessment. I have a diagnosed anxiety/panic disorder and Dysphagia which is a swallowing disorder. One question that threw me a bit, I do not leave the house unless absolutely necessary, and if I do, its with my mum in her car. I never go out alone, and will always have my mum or brother with me, so I am always with someone and I made this clear. I also made it clear that I do not walk anywhere, because I don't, it's not something I can deal with being on my own etc. The lady asked me if I could give my mum dire
  10. Hi Everyone, In November I have bought a car for my wife, but she said she wants something smaller to drive, so I decided to sell it. I was a legal owner of the car, V5 was on mine name and address. I'm not a car dealer, it was a private sale. This is a copy of my ad on AutoTrader: "Features & Description: 85k Miles with Full Ford Main Dealer Service History, Long MOT, Low Insurance, Cheap to drive, HPI Clear, 2 Keys, Excellent Overall Condition, Clean Inside and Out, Some Little Age Related Scratches but Nothing Serious, No timewasters, tyre kickers or bu
  11. Police called to home of Jan and Julia Tshabalala on Christmas morning Relative and neighbour discovered couple's bodies in West Sussex house Their two children, who had disabilities, were not at home at the time Hours earlier the children had Christmas dinner with their parents Thought that the couple were found dead after an apparent suicide pact http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2887735/Husband-wife-two-young-children-died-Christmas-morning-suicide-pact-deep-financial-trouble.html
  12. Holidaymakers who have an accident or fall ill while on holiday risk having their travel insurance claim turned down if they have had just two alcoholic drinks. The Financial Ombudsman Service, which adjudicates on consumer complaints, has warned that insurers are increasingly accusing customers of "alcohol abuse" in order to wriggle out of paying claims. It has disclosed the details of cases to highlight the issue. In one, the insurer insisted that a customer suffered from "alcoholism" even when medical evidence showed that they had consumed no more than two al
  13. My ex has recently got a temporary studio flat from the council with a view to getting her on the council property list. She is not currently working (FT mum) as we have a baby of 9 months. So naturally she is recieving the usual benefits (housing, IS, and whatever she is eligible for ect...) We broke up on good terms and she allowed me to stay weekends at her previous address (her mums) so i can spend time with my daughter as she lives quite far. At that time she wasn't receiving benefits. Now she is not letting me stay at her temporary place in fear that the council and the benef
  14. Just to give background. House repossessed in 2008, Husband made bankrupt but not me, because I wasn't on the mortgage so my debts weren't rolled into his. Have an outstanding overdraft with Lloyds TSB. I shut my account with a £0.00 balance in Jan 2008. After the house was repossessed I did pay for post to be redirected to our address but never received a letter from Lloyds. About 4 years later I received a letter telling me my account was overdrawn by about £600. I can only assume something was missed and Lloyds applied their MASSIVE OD charges afterward
  15. Hi there I have a couple of questions on ppi if anyone could help that would be great First my husband claimed ppi for an old debt he is just at the end of a trust deed, the claim was upheld and a cheque sent out when he received the cheque that day he got a call to say that as he is still in the Edinburgh gazette that the cheque was now sent in error and that it had to go pay his debts, it's probably a straight forward answer but this was quite a horrible situation if we had been told it was upheld but used to pay previous debtors then that would have
  16. A newbie CRA question ... which CRA should I be requesting data from? I've also moved house recently. I haven't told the DCAs about the move, but a couple have started sending me letters to my new address. Do I need to mention both addresses? Thanks for your help, Sue
  17. Good evening all. Ive not been on the forums for some time now due to a lot of personal reasons. I was however wondering if much has changed. When I was last on I had great help from a few people on here regarding agreements being enforceable. If I remember correctly there were certain criteria which had to be met to make an agreement enforceable and I had a battle on my hands with Halifax who, in response to a SAR, had sent me not an agreement but instead a copy of an applicationform which had been signed by me but not the Halifax. I had written to them to say the debt was i
  18. I have a NR loan and CC that was sold to the Co-op a few years ago, not through lack of payment. The Co-op have been accepting reduced payments on both since my finances went t*ts-up in 2003. They are now starting the old 'we won't accept anything less than £150 per month' routine. Just wondered if anyone had experience of CCA'ing loans and CC's that the Co-op bought from NR. Is it likely they got the correct paperwork when the sale went through??
  19. Hello, first post, just loving this forum. It has answered so many questions and removed many fears already but...... I have been on a DMP since 2003 with 11 creditors and £53k of unsecured debt. I was with the CCCS until Nov 06 when they got a bit upset that a joint account with an overdraft wasn't on the plan. I went self-admin as until then I had had no bother with any of my creditors. One of my loans was with Northern Rock who passed it on to First Credit a year or so ago. When with the CCCS they were fine now FC are hassling me saying I need to pay £140 pm against my offer of £2
  20. I have a loan that worst credit bought. The last payment I made was 1st March 2008. Is this debt SB'd on the 2nd March 2013? I have lived in Scotland for the last 10 years. And.....I have another loan that I last paid on the 1st June 2008. It appears on my credit files. When this becomes SB'd does it come of my credit file as it no longer exists??? Thanks for any help
  21. More news about them today here: http://www.staffordshirenewsletter.co.uk/News/Rugeley-couple-in-18million-debt-[problem]-had-no-magic-formula-20092012.htm
  22. Hello, I was on ESA in Leicester England and moved in with a friend who is on full ESA in Wales. I had not passed my ATOS Medical Exam and was waiting for my Tribunal hearing in Leicester. But now that I moved to Wales, suddenly a couple of Compliance Officers made us claim as a Couple when we really are not a couple. But anyway so now all of a sudden I received a huge package of papers from Leicester Job Centre, with all my Appeal stuff in it, and a letter saying something like that I will hear about my Tribunal Hearing soon. Now I am just completely confused because from wh
  23. hi! When I started my degree I was single mum with one child. I received full financial help. After time I started live together with my partner and I become pregnant with my second baby. As full time student I cannot get any housing benefit- they said it is because I am not single anymore, even I have one 5y old baby and second on the way. Also I cannot claim Income support- because this type of benefit is only for single parents. I cannot get Job seekers allowance because I am student. I cannot get ESA, they said if I can study that mean I can also work. MY Ch
  24. Right I'm going to keep this short as possible I have about 6/7 PDL's and have informed them all on a number of occasions I am on a DMP with CCCS. My first payment is due to go out 1st August. Theres 4 things I need advice on (all different companies)... 1) Quickquid took £200 out of my account last month even though they knew about the DMP etc, so I had it reversed. My bank [HSBC] wrote to me stating the amount woud be taken again since they had receieved proof etc. So I rang up HSBC, and told them while I did owe QQ money, I had not authorised the £200 and that I wondered if
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