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  1. You'll need to make contact with the financial services regulator in France, Autorité des marchés financiers (AMF). I'll list their contact details below. Autorité des marchés financiers 17 place de la Bourse 75082 Paris, Cedex 02 France Tel: (33 1) 53 45 60 00 Fax: (33 1) 53 45 61 00 Email: rel-int@amf-france.org Internet: http://www.amf-france.org/
  2. FCA's response A debt collection firm which is based in France, collecting on a debt for a mortgage in France, would fall outside of our remit as the financial services regulator of the UK.
  3. Please can you guide me as to why the letter is illegal
  4. Just to keep you updated. Came home to this today, been signed for as I didn't see the name on the envelope. It repeats the same from the email. Time to close down the hatches. dco.pdf
  5. Apologies for bringing it up again, just needed the reassurance from you guys, Sometimes the contact from someone chasing makes you feel so vulnerable, but I guess thats what they want to achieve. Thank you for being here
  6. Thank so for the support dx100uk, this has been haunting me for over 10 years, last payment was in fact over 10 years ago
  7. Hi dx100uk Thanks for the quick reply, do you think these guys have purchased the old debt or are just chancers ? Thanks
  8. Good afternoon all, well its been quiet on the DCA front for over 12 months, then today I received an email from a new french dca, This is the first time a company has used the word 'will' to describe an action, Any advice is most welcome. Dear xxxxxxxxxx Your Caisse d’Epargne debt based on the contract n° xxxxxxx has been placed for collection in our office. You owe us 166 877 € ( £ 147354,02) If you wish to discuss payment terms you may contact us at the below number. All future payments should be made to the below address. Any payments tendered now or in the future as payments in full or as an accord must be sent to: DSO CAPITAL Service Judiciaire 26 rue de Chambéry 75741 Paris Cedex 15 Phone : +33 1 77 45 87 28 Mail address: judiciaire@dso-capital.com We believe you have good intentions of paying this account. Unless, if within 15 days after receipt that notice, you won’t going to pay that debt, we will start legal enforcement action which allows us to take things you owe and sell them to pay your debt. A copy of this notice has been sent to our Attorney and Bailiff in order to proceed Enforcement Actions if you won’t pay. This is an attempt to collect a debt. Any information obtained will be used for that purpose. Best regards, DSO CAPITAL Legal service Mme FIDAN Serap Juriste Contentieux Tél: / Fax: 26 rue de Chambéry CS 81532 75741 Paris Cedex 15
  9. Should I not respond to the letter telling them I don't consent to their visit? or just wait to see if they turn up?
  10. Good evening all, Can anyone help me with the latest letter, they are saying that they will send a collector to my home address, Is there a response I should send them or just ignore. My wife is getting worried as she is a home most days and wouldn't know what to do if someone turned up. Thank you
  11. Good afternoon all, Quick update, I have had two further letters from this DCA, first was just before Christmas and the second today, Is this one anything to worry about? My friend who is a solicitor seems to think that the french bank have waited to long to get judgement against me, I take it that without Judgement the can not collect, Oh, and both letters were final notice before appropriate action is taken to recover the debt, Is this just about them trying to get a commission? icl.pdf
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