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Found 6 results

  1. I've decided to post this in the Homelessness section, despite there being several issues at once and I need your advice, but mods, feel free to move this to a different section if necessary. My situation: - Just about to become 50 - Have lived in a terrible and dodgy guest house for 2.5 years. It wasn't dodgy and terrible when I went there - When I went there I had a job and a single room. Now I've been on the dole for some time (on and off) and I am forced to share a room with other people. - New people and new staff have come through the years and they have brought... how can I say.. dirtbags! Dodgy and abusive gits, people with a hefty criminal record, etc. - The owners are the same but have given up on patrolling the place. They only come every now and again. - Over the months I've been verbally abused by both staff and guests, mainly because I'm not in their circle of booze and drugs and what have you. This afternoon I was threatened by a fellow guest for petty reasons. I managed to speak to the owners. One of them says he'll do what he can but I can't trust him anymore. - I'm struggle to find a job and leaving the place immediately is not an option. Virtually no landlord would rent to a 50yo unemployed, at least not in my area. So, in other owrds, I'm stuck here. - Part of the staff (the dodgy ones) hate me and they told me straight in my face that they'll do what they can to convince the landlords to kick me out (I have no formal rental contract. I pay month to month) and I think they are very close to their goal. So my questions are: 1) In the immediate what can I do? I was thinking of calling the police but what can they do? And the landlords have already hinted that if I call the police, my future at the place is at stake. 2) If they do kick me out, can I receive help as homeless? I'm on benefits, but I have some savings (under £6k). Please I beg you not to think I'm just an intentional bum. I was in IT circa 10-15 years ago but my career is finished and I have nowhere to go. Thanks for reading.
  2. so i live at home with my mother, shes divorced and theres only 2 of us in the house. i am claiming ESA in the support group, i give her 50 out of this every time i get paid and also pay for most of the shopping weekly we got into an argument and she wants me out saying i do not "help her" with the bills. surely the 50 i give her weekly out of my is enough? so on top of this i got some backdated money, 2000 to be exact. i told her i will give you 600 and put the rest in my savings account. she kept asking for 1500 -1800 and im thinking wtf? so finally decided i will give her 1200. cool i got 800 left. 2 weeks later she asks me to help her on bills so needs some money, i gave her 500 of my 800 so now i have 300 for myself. few days later she said i want to put all the bills in your name you should start paying them now, WTF? what about all the money i gave you wtf was it for ? so i told her straight piece of my mind now she wants me out the house. i really want my own place but have no idea how to go about it. i cant work since i have a very rare illness that prevents me going outside for more then 1 hour. feels good to rant about it but need advice too am afraid of leaving to go out for my GP appointments incase i come back and my stuff is outside
  3. I have recently been kicked off ESA by Atos, scoring zero points with mental health issues, I recently seen citizens advice which done the mandatorily reconsideration for me, I should have scored about 30 odd points but none of the questions that citizens advice showed me were asked, the mandatorily reconsideration phoned me the other day asking me questions, I got so stressed I couldn't do it so put the phone down due to my condition, she then phoned a few days ago telling me I still score 0 points I explained I got stressed and couldn't speak but that didn't help so I lost my cool with her and swore, anyhow I got the letter through this morning saying they uphold the original decision, also on the letter says that the Atos medical examiner said I looked fit and well and was well tanned and muscular, it was the middle of August of course I would look tanned I think anyone did the summer we had, I was even crying in front of her due to not seeing my children and my father recently passing away, but she lied and made out I was alert I couldn't even keep eye contact with her, but she said I did, what are you supposed to do go in there with a rope around your neck is it, anyway I'm thinking of appealing what do you guys recommend? i seen my doctor on Monday he give me a sick note for 13 weeks as he agrees I am not fit to work at the moment and said he was not surprised with the decision as they are doing it to everyone. Thank you
  4. Hey Guys, New time user of the forum. I've been on ESA for quite some time, with Depression, stress and anxiety. I had my "Medical" assessment with ATOS in May 2012 and I recieved my letter 4 days ago, telling me I scored 0 points. I want to file an appeal and downloaded the 4 page appeal form from the website but I'm not 100% sure if I've got the right form. Its basically the personal details, representitive and a small area for reasons.... Is this right? I struggle with my depression and I'm on normal antidepressiants plus a thing to control heartburn etc as the tablets have damaged my stomach and I also have relaxents 3 times a day for when I get panic attacks etc. I'm struggling to explain my reason for why the report is wrong. The medical seems to focus on physical issues but mine are mental. Is there any guidance to completing the form (I know everyone will be different etc)...
  5. Hello, I have a query. MIL lives with us in AST property. She lives in an annex room. Her name is on the tenancy agreement, but she did not sign it (my husband and I did), as she separately and verbally agreed with the LL (she is 89) that she could stay here until her death or needing to leave the property for health reasons). She contributes to the rent. We received (just me and husband) a Section 21 notice, giving us eight weeks to move. They put her name on the Notice, but it was not addressed to her. And she did not sign the tenancy agreement. I think the LL thinks it unneccesary to give her a notice of any kind and she will just move with us. The trouble is, since we moved here 2 years ago her mental condition has deteriorated although we know she does not want to move. Her carers who come twice a day, etc, are known to her. If we moved it would be very detrimental. We are prepared to fight her corner and stay here under the conditions she agreed with the LL, but she is not mentally capable of representing herself. Can we do this on her behalf? As she didn't sign the AST she can't be served a S21 notice anyway and therefore it would come down to what they agreed. The LL will, needless to say, lie. We live in the country and the LL wants the house for immigrant farm workers. She must have some rights with regard to this situation even though she is not able to do anything herself. Grateful for any advice!
  6. Delightful experience at the job centre today. The advisor I was seeing today went through some terms in my jobseeker's agreement. She asked me if I'd applied to an agency like I was asked to back in February. I told her that I hadn't as the list of agencies I was provided with requested personal information, including account details, without offering any terms and conditions as to both why they needed this information or what kind of payment they would be taking for their services. She then told me that she would be raising a sanction doubt as I hadn't adhered to the terms of my agreement. I informed her that this issue was from months ago and I was under the impression it had already been dealt with as the advisor I was seeing at the time accepted my reasons for not signing up with one of the agencies offered. She then requested the advisor's name, so I told her only for her then to tell me that that advisor no longer worked there so they would be unable to look into it. She then continued to fill out the sanction doubt, so I asked her if she would hand her details over to a company without being provided with any details. She declined to comment but told me that as I hadn't adhered to my agreement I can't receive my money until the issue has been resolved. At this point I asked to speak to the manager, to which she replied 'I am the manager'. Silly fool. I pointed it out to her that her name tag said 'Advisor' at which point she said 'I'll just go and get a manager'. When she came back she informed me that all the managers were currently busy so I would be unable to speak to one. I then asked for her surname as her name tag only provided me with her first name. She gave me her surname and I wrote down her name so that I wouldn't forget it. The moment I started to do this she then asked me to leave the building, which I did after I finished writing down her name. What happens now? I wasn't provided with any information. Do I go in as normal on my next signing on date? Do I have to wait for a letter from them? Should I phone them? Something else? I'm also going to make a complaint that an advisor impersonated a manager and I'd like to know the correct procedure for lodging such a complaint. Thanks
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