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  1. Hey, I've now received a NTC asking for the drivers details. The parking ticket was issued on 18/02/15 and the NTC was dated 07/04/15 which was 48 days between the ticket and the NTC however I didn't receive the ticket until day 50... Is it down to the 48 days (dated on their letter). Whats my next step?
  2. Hi All, I've just realised that its been exactly 30 days today since the Charge Notice was stuck to the windscreen. How long do they have to issue the written charge notice to my postal address? Cheers Drew
  3. Hi All, Thanks for the info, I'm just waiting at the moment for the notice to keeper - I did read about not confirming the drivers details etc. I did do this for an overstay ages ago, but that was straight to letter, as it was ANPR cams on the entrance/exit in Norwich. Someone did come over and say the "officer" was sitting in a car and it took him only a few seconds to issue the notice. As I was walking away, he was walking towards me.... In reality he could have shouted and I'd have moved, there were other spaces that were empty - but they try their luck at generating an income.... I hope these guys are on commission only, because as people start refusing to pay - the companies would struggle for staff....
  4. Hi All, I accidentally parked in a disabled bay on 18/02/15, for around 14 minutes. The bay was not clearly signed as disabled other than the floor paint, (no other signs etc). I was watching a car trying to park in a bay directly behind where I was parking my car rather than concentrating on the floor paint so I didn't notice it. I returned to my car to find a Parking Charge Notice stuck to the window, for £100 or £60 if paid within 14 days. Had it have been for a lower amount I'd have happily paid a fee as I did park incorrectly but there is no way I want to pay either the £60 or the £100 fee. I'm aware these are nonenforceable but wondered what I needed to do as this was attached to my car, rather than via the post. Norfolk Parking Enforcement are an Approved BPA operator and use the POPLA appeals process, but do I need to wait for the letter through the post or do I deal with it now?
  5. Hi All, Recently my girlfriend was assualted by a uniformed local bus driver... This is a letter we propose to send to them however we are looking for some advice. Obviously all the names and details have been removed. Do you think this is strong enough without being rude?
  6. Hey, I have written out the appeals form as follows: How does that sound? Is there enough relevance to the issues or do I still need to pad it out? Thinking about it I walk with a perminent limp in my left leg (same motorbike crash - not my fault, I was hit by a car that was lost...) I'm also waiting to hear about surgery to my left ear as I've lost hearing and I'm currently being assessed at the University Hospital here, with the assumption that surgery is the most likely option. They state that I do not have a hearing aid and can hear well in a room at 3m, which is partially true. In a silent room with 2 people talking then yes I can, however for example in the supermarket, all the noise etc I cannot hear the person next to me as it all merges together. In an office with the radio on and 2 or 3 people on a phone I struggle to hear whats being said etc. Thank you to everyone so far who has helped with advice etc. I'm new to the appeals process etc and you sort of think that the fact you are ill is hard enough to deal with. I had a breakdown around 3 years ago now, it took me around 9 months to recover to a functioning state but even then I struggled with daily life. I lost a large profitable business and a loving relationship due to that round of illness and yet these idiots decide that 90% of benefit claims need to be cancelled so they bully and invent lies just so people are thrown off. All these things with mental health are in the forefront of TV adverts and processes at the moment but what on earth do they think the stress of this process does to people. Even people who are physically unfit for work are now being diagnosed with stress and depression due to the worry these things cause. Its just disgusting and the sooner this government realises it is killing the population of the UK the better!
  7. Hey, I've just checked the notice I got to say I'm not entitled to ESA, it states the face to face interview was 18-05-12 and I'm not entitled to ESA from 03-08-12 however the date of the letter is 17-01-13 so I've got no idea why it took so long to write to me, I've been receiving payments right through but today was my normal payment day and nothing in my account (as expected). The letter telling me the findings of the medical is an ESA65 01/12 So I'm assuming I'll need to request the ESA85. Do I need to put every single reason on the appeal form or do I just put one reason and then wait until its passed to the actual appear process to give all details? I've actually just filled out a claim form for DLA as according to the website I may be eligible for that, but obviously I'll follow through with this appeal until one or the other is resolved.
  8. Hey, The form I'm using is dwp.gov.uk/docs/ gl24dwp.pdf - the last 4 pages. I've spoken to my doctor about this and he was not shocked I failed the ssessment but said he would happily write me a letter etc - I need to ring the surgery tomorrow and let them know what the letter / report needs to say... How much information do I need to put on this form? Should I be saying its completely incorrect etc? I've not got a copy of the actual report, just a typed assessment of notes from the "medical" I dont understand how my doctor can say I'm too ill to work - I see him every 4 weeks. I spend 20 minutes with someone who decided there is nothing wrong with me...
  9. Hey Guys, New time user of the forum. I've been on ESA for quite some time, with Depression, stress and anxiety. I had my "Medical" assessment with ATOS in May 2012 and I recieved my letter 4 days ago, telling me I scored 0 points. I want to file an appeal and downloaded the 4 page appeal form from the website but I'm not 100% sure if I've got the right form. Its basically the personal details, representitive and a small area for reasons.... Is this right? I struggle with my depression and I'm on normal antidepressiants plus a thing to control heartburn etc as the tablets have damaged my stomach and I also have relaxents 3 times a day for when I get panic attacks etc. I'm struggling to explain my reason for why the report is wrong. The medical seems to focus on physical issues but mine are mental. Is there any guidance to completing the form (I know everyone will be different etc)...
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