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  1. Hi Stu007, have you got an excel spreadsheet copy of this pdf? It's very difficult for me to edit. Thanks.
  2. Shelter have told me they can only deal me if and when I am evicted, and also they said that, prospectively, they wouldn't consider it as a proper eviction as there's no rental contract. The CAB in my area is pretty much useless.
  3. It was a proper guest house; now it looks like a halfway house, but legally this is not a social hostel. They are on booking.com and a few other portals. I decided it myself. I was working back then and it was at a stone's throw from work Thanks.
  4. I've decided to post this in the Homelessness section, despite there being several issues at once and I need your advice, but mods, feel free to move this to a different section if necessary. My situation: - Just about to become 50 - Have lived in a terrible and dodgy guest house for 2.5 years. It wasn't dodgy and terrible when I went there - When I went there I had a job and a single room. Now I've been on the dole for some time (on and off) and I am forced to share a room with other people. - New people and new staff have come through the years and they have brought... how can I say.. dirtbags! Dodgy and abusive gits, people with a hefty criminal record, etc. - The owners are the same but have given up on patrolling the place. They only come every now and again. - Over the months I've been verbally abused by both staff and guests, mainly because I'm not in their circle of booze and drugs and what have you. This afternoon I was threatened by a fellow guest for petty reasons. I managed to speak to the owners. One of them says he'll do what he can but I can't trust him anymore. - I'm struggle to find a job and leaving the place immediately is not an option. Virtually no landlord would rent to a 50yo unemployed, at least not in my area. So, in other owrds, I'm stuck here. - Part of the staff (the dodgy ones) hate me and they told me straight in my face that they'll do what they can to convince the landlords to kick me out (I have no formal rental contract. I pay month to month) and I think they are very close to their goal. So my questions are: 1) In the immediate what can I do? I was thinking of calling the police but what can they do? And the landlords have already hinted that if I call the police, my future at the place is at stake. 2) If they do kick me out, can I receive help as homeless? I'm on benefits, but I have some savings (under £6k). Please I beg you not to think I'm just an intentional bum. I was in IT circa 10-15 years ago but my career is finished and I have nowhere to go. Thanks for reading.
  5. There are details that I can't reveal here but suffice it to say the Council assumed too much based on too little information to throw my application in the bin. Thanks but I can't see anything there that can help me. At this stage I cannot take the Council to tribunal because the appeal is still being reviewed. In the meantime I got a call from the Council. They insisted they are under no obligation to give me an estimated time for the decision. So in theory they can drag it forever. I think they made a massive mistake and they would have to pay me back to January. They only said they can give me an emergency loan if I run out of money. I told them if I don't receive a repky within 4 weeks, I'll write a formal complaint. Alternatively I'll write to the ombudsman.
  6. Hi all, Last February i applied for Housing Benefit. I was already in receipt of JSA, so I thought the case was straightforward. The Council came back in late February disallowing my claim. I thought I had a rock solid case, so I sent a letter of appeal straight away. I phoned the Council and they acknowledged that the letter was received 1st of March but they say the appeal has not been reviewed yet. I asked them how long it should take and they reply that there's no timescale. Apparently they can take the time they want. I asked for a manager to call me back and they said they don't have an obligation to do so. In other words they're playing hard ball. I wonder what I can do now. I can't appeal because my appeal hasn't been assessed yet. Any suggestion will be appreciated.
  7. Thanks all for your input, however I'm still a bit confused. In the case of my ex colleagues they did not set up any CPAs but they just issued a one-off charge for 'damages'. Allegedly one got £400 in extra charges but this is third hand information. The bottom line is: am I better off just cancelling the debit card or the current account altogether?
  8. Hello, I am on the verge of cancelling my debit card with my bank for a number of reasons and I was thinking of a prepaid card. I would only use my card for occasional online shopping (mainly Amazon). I need a card that I can load manually with cash at some office and ideally charge me no fees. I have looked on the MSE comparison site, they all seem to charge a fee if you load the card at the Post Office. Has anybody one of these cards and would you recommend them? Thank you
  9. Thanks for your reply dx100uk. I did not set up any CPA with them. I only paid week by week swiping my debit card, same as my (ex) colleagues. Would this offer me more protection? I would like to avoid cancelling my debit card or my current account altogether. Nothing has been charged to me yet, but my ex colleagues have had charges.
  10. I have been renting a room in a B&B for some time. I was initially part of a large group so I know many ex-lodgers. I made my initial booking via website, then I extended my booking verbally every week and paid by debit card. The initial booking was for myself only and no special authorization was made by me for the hotel to recover any money from my account in case of damages, as it would be otherwise normal is case of large groups. Evidence is now emerging that some of my colleagues and other former lodgers have been charged on their debit/credit card weeks or even months after they left the hotel on the ground of 'damages'. We know that our colleagues are disputing these charges. One of them stopped his debit card (before the charges) but it looks he has been charged anyway. Some other colleagues are foreign citizens and have left the country or maybe don't know the law (I confess I don't know it either). We also know that the hotel is on the verge of default and these fraudulent charges come out of desperation. I have stopped paying by card and I pay only cash now, but the manager has reminded me he has my card details and that if I leave he can charge me if he wants to. I and my remaining colleagues are obviously thinking of leaving but are afraid they can play a trick on us. Of course if something happened I could request a chargeback but we would like to avoid all the hassle and stop our debit card altogether. So I went to my bank and I have been told that even if I stop my debit card or issue a new one, the hotel can still force a charge on the account. It seems that the only sure way is to cancel the whole bank account. I wonder if this is true and if there's another way to protect ourselves from these criminals.
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