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  1. Last thing I'm going to say on this matter as using this website about rail problems is completely pointless when too many people here work for the company and seem to have a protect their own mentality. The way you get spoken to around here just for wanting justice against members of National Rail staff, who aren't above the law, is disgusting. I spoke to the station manager, and as all the rail employees that posted in this thread full well know, the RPO was completely in the wrong and I did nothing wrong. Snatching the ticket was perhaps the wrong thing to do, but apparently reasonable
  2. They are heavily biased. The fact that they stated that it is perfectly acceptable for a member of National Rail staff to set fire to an object, but if anyone else does so they will be arrested is proof of this. They will be dealt with appropriately Anyone with even an ounce of common sense knows that the RPO is the one in the wrong. I agree. My mistake was attempting to purchase a ticket from SWT. I will only use FGW from now on. Damn customers trying to purchase train tickets! What are the crazy fools thinking getting in the way?
  3. ---Quote (Originally by Old-CodJA)--- If you have clear _evidence_ to support an allegation,then take it up with the TOC, however it seems that you have already been tothe Police and they do not accept that you have evidence to support anyallegation of an offence. ---End Quote--- I've been to BTP. Not the police. A brief chat with thepolice saw them see this as a crime, but they told me I would have to take itup with BTP. BTP claim that it's acceptable for a member of staff to set fireto an object, but a crime for a customer to do so. This isn't the first timeBTP have had one ru
  4. Thanks Old-CodJA. Nice to see we're back to some common sense and helpfulness around here. If this was the RPO's intent then he certainly didn't make it clear. He could have clarified what he was doing but instead he chose to ignore my request for him to not burn my ticket and in fact denied that he was even doing it. I think we'll both agree that he should have explained this to me rather than deciding to rip my railcard up. I have spoken to some of the people in queue who witnessed the incident and it came across to them that he was attempting to set fire to my ticket as well. So wh
  5. ---Quote (Originally by 45002)--- Football is more important to you then ! ---End Quote--- Because if you hadsomewhere you had to get to you would immediately drop it to report someone tothe police, even though you could do it later in the day. I'm not buying thatfor a second. ---Quote (Originally by 45002)--- http://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/forum/showthread.php?285498-%A3600-Fine-Threat Or http://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/forum/showthread.php?254251-Train-Fine ---End Quote--- Neither of those.It was something technical li
  6. ---Quote (Originally by sailor sam)--- Definitely. And if it had happened to me as exactly theOP describes, it would of been me calling for the police. ---End Quote--- I would have done. But I haven't missed a home game inthe league since 1999. There was no way I was ending that run because of theRPO. I've just checked my YPC and that was purchased from aFGW station and not a SWT station. Does this mean SWT have no rights to havestolen my photocard? I think this might come under a different rule thantickets as I recall having some sort of problem with the card in the
  7. I'm on my way home now, so I'll make the report when Iget back to the station where theincident happened (I wonder if I'm supposed to still be banned from there). Just a thought. I purchased all of the tickets which Ineed to claim expenses back from FGW. DoSWT have the rights to take them even though they were purchased from another company? I'm probably correct in thinking that this isn't the case as ticketsare property of National Rail andtherefore all the different rail companies under them. As intimidatory behaviour was mentioned I wonder if itwould also be wo
  8. As The Urbanite stated, I was questioning the principle, so the route I took on this particular day is irrelevant. I can confirm that both routes are valid as both National Rail and the guard on board the train that day verified this. I regularly travel different ways there and back when I'm travelling to and from multiple different locations. After hearing this from this particular guard I was worried that one day I might have a run in with a jobsworth RPO who would be able to justify issuing me with a penalty fare. Old-CodJA has confirmed my suspicions that this particular guard was wro
  9. The incident should be on CCTV. There were also a fewwitnesses who I personally know at theback of the queue who saw the whole incident. Good to know that him attempting to burn something couldget him sacked. I don't know his namebut I could easily identify him. I had a run in with him a few years back. He reported me but SWT didn't evenbother contacting me about the incidentas I clearly wasn't attempting to dodge a fare. How would I go about reporting this? Would I go to thepolice or would I have to settle for a complaint via SWT's complaintsprocedure? I
  10. A crazy day at the train station today. I went to buy a ticket. They could see I was in a rush as I was constantly looking back at the boards as my train was about to leave the station. One of the ticket sellers asked to see my Young Person's Card. He made me pass it underneath the barrier so he could have a closer look at it. He claimed he was unable to read it clearly. However, when he asked a younger colleague, with better eyesight, the younger colleague confirmed that the card expired in September 2013. An elderly RPO then came along, took th
  11. Both routes are permitted routes. The National Rail website lists both routes and the ticket costs the same price. The question is: If a journey has more than one permitted route can you travel via one of the permitted routes on the way there and via a different one of the permitted routes on the way back, providing you have an 'any permitted route' ticket?
  12. Not really. That was two years ago. I don't know if the rules have changed since. Unless you're confirming that the guard on board the train was wrong when he told me I'd have to travel back the same way?
  13. The other day when I bought a ticket, the conductor on board the train told me I was travelling in the wrong direction. I told him that I wasn't as I'd looked online and it suggested this route as it was the quickest on the way there. When he input the data on the machine he confirmed that I was correct. I asked if the ticket could be an any permitted route ticket as I would be travelling back the other way. He told me that while 'any permitted' meant I could travel in either direction, once I had started travelling I would be restricted to that route, meaning I would have
  14. I contacted the employer again today and explained that it would cost me £50 to travel to the interview and I asked if they would be able to help cover my expenses. They told me not to bother coming and that they would reject my application since it was unreasonable for me to pay to work. I wasn't stupid enough to sign that, which is why I have to pay for all travel costs myself. I can see the logic behind that. antone explained the reason well. There's also the fact that this isn't the type of work I am qualified for and if I was to take this job I would be moving in t
  15. I'm on the work programme, so this isn't an option.
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