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  1. I owe one of my creditors £32000, (more than half of this is their solicitors costs) after speaking with Business Debtline and preparing a budget I offered them £440 per month. They got a order for me to attend court for questioning. I went to the court with the documents requested which were statments for all bank accounts, HMRC returns etc. Their solicitor was there and asked me questions regarding my income, (although they hadn't listed their questions before hand) After court the solicitor wrote and asked me to supply my bank staments since 2017, I replied they have seen all my current financial position and ability to pay. They have written back today to say they are trying to deal with this amicably and if I dont send through what they want they will get a court order and those further costs will be added on to my debt. Can they get a court order to see that far back?
  2. Hi guys, On the 12th of september I had just had a mis-carriage and been discharged from hospital. I also had a flight that evening at 9pm to a family wedding in spain. I rushed to primark to gather last minute things; whilst grabbing clothes i was struggling to hold all my shopping and couldn't see any shopping bags near me so i places a PJ set and a bra into my actual handbag. Through the stress and rush I went to the cashier and paid for everything in my hand which was (£40+) and did not pay for the two items in my handbag - which is a huge oversight on my half (but i was very stressed and under a time deadline.) I was approached by security staff who told me i had not paid for items in my bag which i instantly gasped at and offered to pay. However, at this point I can not recall if I had technically left the store as I do feel as if the security had approached me just by the exit. I was very cooperative as I was trying to catch my flight - however one of the security officers was making me feel very uncomfortable telling me how pretty i look and asking me loads of personal questions (which i refused to reply to as I did not see the relevance to the issue at hand.) He then began getting rather rude with me and I asked to see the cctv footage to see if i had actually left the store without paying. They refused to show me the cctv and threatened with police. Which on a normal day I would fight but I had a flight to catch and just wanted the day to be over. I have now received the infamous letter from RLP asking for £150.00!! Just wanted to know what steps I could take forward? Do I send an appeal? I actually am moving to NYC and dont want debt collectors coming to my family home whilst away. Thank you!
  3. My sister has been refused benefits because they think - erroneously - she is earning 130 a week, when in fact she hasn't worked since January. They said they based their decision on her tax return (actress, self-employed). When she asks, that's all they say. She needs to see their detailed calculations and what in the tax return they used to arrive at this wrong conclusion. Can we ask for that? Thanks.
  4. Hi all, I'm currently going through a move (renting) and am being asked to provide my company accounts to letting agents for their credit checks. Now I remember this seriously bugged me the last time I moved, as I run a Limited Company and it's my gut reaction that the company accounts are and should remain private. I'm paid via payroll on a regular basis as any other employee would be. I don't even submit full accounts to Companies House, so why should these nosy parkers get to see them? Is there any legal justification for them asking this or can I politely refuse, offering my personal accounts / payslips only?
  5. The Consumer Action Group Guide to understanding how the Credit Reference Agencies work. The guide to help you understand what Credit Reference Agencies are and how they impact on your lifestyle financial decisions and the information that is shared with Financial Institutions . CredAg_WIP.pdf
  6. The Consumer Action Group Guide to understanding how the Credit Reference Agencies work. The guide to help you understand what Credit Reference Agencies are and how they impact on your lifestyle financial decisions and the information that is shared with Financial Institutions . Credit Agencies Guide.pdf
  7. Over the next few years there are going to be some dramatic changes in some benefits, caps will come in and more help to be made available. Full details available here: http://www.disabilityrightsuk.org/ho...nges#early2017 All of this starts in January 2017... 'From early 2017 New Tax-free Childcare scheme aims to provide up to 1.8 million families across the UK with up to £2,000 of childcare support per year, per child, via a new simple online system. Trial start early 2017, with roll out beginning upon completion of the trial. See autumn statement 2016 and HMRC press release - 1 July 2015 Tuition loans will be extended to students wishing to do a second degree in STEM subjects (science, technology, engineering and mathematics) from 2017-18. See Spending Review 2015 page' From April 2019 'There will be a cap on the amount of rent that Housing Benefit will cover in the social sector to the relevant Local Housing Allowance, which is the rate paid to private renters on Housing Benefit. This includes a Shared Accommodation Rate for single claimants under 35 who do not have dependent children. The cap will be applied to all supported housing tenancies from April 2019, though Local Authorities will receive funding to meet the additional costs of supported housing in their area. For general needs housing, the cap will apply from April 2019 for all tenants on Universal Credit, and to Housing Benefit tenants whose tenancies began or were renewed since April 2016. See autumn statement 2016, DWP Secretary of State Damian Green's written statement and earlier Spending Review 2015 page' There is far too much to state so please look carefully at the main page and follow any links that may affect you from January 2017..... Maybe admin could consider making this a sticky so it does not get lost on this part of the forum. This new information could affect 1,000's of claimants one way or another! Especially those that get capped and are on Housing benefit too.. Please read very carefully as to what is listed and if you have any questions please start a new thread so your answers can be given for your situation, as all claimants have different needs and will get different responses. Happy Christmas to one and all ....
  8. I swapped the tags in TKMaxx yesterday (30/11). it's the first time I did something like this so don't know what happens next and would be grateful for help. . Got banned for a year from all TKMaxx stores in UK and due to a crime prevention system they operate also from all the shops in the Birmingham city centre. I was told it's the city centre only, but the leaflet seems to say otherwise, I'd appreciate if someone had the same experience and could advise, please. When asked if it means I'll have a criminal record now, the guard assured me it had nothing to do with the police and the only reason my name and address were passed to the officer already present (there were some police officers already, detaining two men) was to confirm my address as I had no such confirmation on me. Was told the store's solicitors will be in touch asking for a fine, which might be between £50 and £100 and if that's not affordable, I will need to let them know. I checked the leaflet after finding this forum, it is RLP . I wanted to pay, but not sure I should anymore? I wouldn't be able to pay it all or all in one go, so I would have to speak/write to RLP . I am very scared of another debt collector and also of possible court prosecution, don't know what I should do? I've been looking for a job for a while, RLP says they're allowed to share my record with potential employers. Does it mean I can only apply for positions open to people with criminal record? Or abroad (or maybe this doesn't make a difference as they'd check even from overseas)? I'm also scared it may count as another fraud, so would like for this mistake to be rectified. Thank you.
  9. Hi this will take some explaining but with try my best! My granddaughter ( aged 2 and a half ) decided she would play with the mouse on my pc while my back was turned, no idea what she has done but I now have a screen that has a big margin at the bottom! This means I can now see my desktop picture where before I could see the whole page, hope this makes sense! I have tried everything to get it how it was but can not find how to get it back, The zoom is 100% so that is fine, just at a loss to what to do, I did restart the pc in the hope it would rectify itself but nope! It is a bit hard I guess to explain this, and not really sure if can do a screen shot? I am not very PC Savy lol Thanks Sandy xx
  10. i have been dealing with housing options as well. this is about my landlord misleading me from the start with fraudulent tenancies. ie 1 making me pay a bond and months total £600 for my own tenancy in a two tenancy house 2 making me sign and witness the other tenants tenancy and £600 when, in actual fact, he had not paid a bond or months rent at all. i was told this three months later by the landlord in a recorded meeting 3 the landlord did not protect my bond and as a result of this, I am in a horrendous position 4 the landlord returned my bond 2 months after i paid it and then claimed that the tenancys signed were now actually a single shared tenancy 5 making me responsible for the other tenants debts 6 the landlord is now lying to the court in claims against me which i want to defend 7 he has mislead the court about arrears (that i was not in) etc etc housing options have applied for legal aid on my behalf. legal aid said i should apply for legal help but housing options applied for more legal aid and were granted full aid they say the notice the landlord gave me is wrong but they dont seem at all interested that the landlord commited fraud in the creation of the tenancies and the way i see it is that housing options are assisitng the landlord in misleading the court because if the tenancys were fraudulent, the landlord should be being investigated and housing options should be challenging the landlord about this and disclosing this to the court in the public interest. i believe when looking at the solicitors code of conduct, that fusion housing should be looking into this and not just seemingly trying to process me into alternative accomodation i asked fusion housing for a copy of the court bundle documents and have been told that i will need to make a data subject access request that will take 40 days to process if i want to see my own court documents. this is unhelpful as i am due in court on september 5th, in a couple of weeks. i would like to withdraw my permission for them to act for me and i would like to represent myself in court i need to make a notice of acting in person letter but am unfamiliar with the correct procedure to follow i understand the court can only allow me 40 or so days extra in the house. but really i want to defend the allegations the landlord is making against me. i have a solid defence fusion housing have said that i dont need to defend the landlords POC. as far as im concerned they are his particulars of claim and if i dont defend them i am allowing them to be on the court record. i really dont feel comfortable with the way this is bieng handled and the way housing options have seemingly taken over and are proceeding with my case i am alarmed to see that the solicitor is earning between £56 to £200 + an hour. i have no idea what they are doing with my file or what is happening i have asked to see my file and am now asking for a copy of the court documents. both are not forthcoming. any help or advice would be very much appreciated. housing options have applied for legal aid on my behalf. legal aid said i should apply for legal help but housing options applied for more legal aid and were granted full aid they say the notice the landlord gave me is wrong and that they will be representing me at court but they dont seem at all interested that the landlord commited fraud in the creation of the my tenancy. i find that alarming i understand the court can only allow me 40 or so days extra in the house and am desperately looking for alternative accomodation. fusion housing have said that i dont need to defend the landlords POC. as far as im concerned they are his particulars of claim and if i dont defend them i am allowing them to be on the court record. i really dont feel comfortable with the way this is bieng handled and the way housing options have seemingly taken over and are proceeding with my case i am alarmed to see that the solicitor is earning between £56 to £200 + an hour. i have no idea what they are doing with my file or what is happening i asked fusion housing for a copy of the court bundle documents and have been told that i will need to make a data subject access request that will take 40 days to process if i want to see my own court documents. this is unhelpful as i am due in court on september 5th, in a couple of weeks. can i do an acting in person letter to the court and charity and get some control back over my file? how many sets of wet signatures should there be when signing one contract? I am asking this because my landlord says there is only one contract attached to this house. when i signed my contract, i was lead to believe that the other tenant had a contract as well as me. both contracts were signed and witnessed. the landlord took them away to copy them i would have thought that if there was only one contract then there should be only one set of signatures there is something wrong here as there are now three copies of signed tenancies. each one has a different set of signatures. the landlord has them all but I have copies. I dont remember signing 3 contracts and my signature looks very odd in contract 3 ( which the landlord has submitted to court as the main contract) the reason i think there is something wrong here is because each one shows that a bond and months rent of £600 were paid at the signing of the tenancies and each one has been signed separately. it is clear to see as the signatures are not identical, so there were different tenancies that were signed does that mean these tenancies say there was 1800 paid to the landlord at the start of the tenancies or just £600? is this one tenancy or three? when i signed my tenancy, i paid £600.(bond and rent) the landlord now claims that there was one tenancy and that it is a joint tenancy when i signed my tenancy, the landlord and other tenant lead me to believe that he had paid £600 as well and i was asked to sign and witness his tenancy. i found out three months later that the other tenant had not paid anything at the start of the tenancys and i have been mislead from the start the landlord returned my bond after two months and did not protect it. when i gave it him back he tried to say he wasnt taking a bond and the £300 he took back was for the other tenants rent but later changed his mind i believe at that point the tenancys were changed and bonds altered , i became liable for the other tenants debts the other tenant had lived here for a few years before i moved in there was already a bond on the house when i moved in. the old bond was then repaid to the tenant after i moved in even though the tenant was in arrears and there were outstanding repairs when i moved in. when i signed and witnessed the new tenancys the tenant did not pay a bond or months rent but i was lead to believe he had by both of them because they had filled the tenancys to show he had paid £600. in reality, the other tenant was in debt at the start of the new tenancys and they had both lied to me now the landlord says it was just one tenancy and we are joint tenants and he wants his house back if it really was one tenancy why are there so many versions and why was i the only one who paid anything? i feel i was used from the start to get the old bond returned to the old tenant so that the landlord could get him out. the old tenant is heavily in debt and has made no attempt to pay rent or bills. the landlord has allowed this to happen and made no attempt to rectify this. i have been paying my rent and was paying the bills ( his debts!) although i cant access data about the accounts. the bills were in the other tenants name before i moved in. the landlord didnt change this. i believe there were already debts before i moved in and this is why they stayed in the old tenants name. the landlord has been free to manipulate all this and i am finding it difficult to get help or advice regarding the validity of the signed contract or contracts and i am confused as to where i stand. i realise the landlord can ask for his house back at any time but i think the way this has been done is very wrong. i would never have left my old home to be on a joint tenancy anyway and especially with someone who was already in debt i have repeatedly tried to discuss the tenancy, rent, bills and bond with the landlord. i started recording the visits. the landlord was doing monthly inspections and coming without notice. i was being bullied by them both. here is an extract of a recording of a visit without notice from the landlord where the bond was discussed. when the landlord gave me the £300 bond back in january, i gave it straight back to him. he took the money away but did not leave a reciept. I paid my rent into the bank a few days later. (AA is the landlord, AR is me.) ....... AA this is what I'm gonna do right, this is what I think should happen, yeah? So this £250, right, that you already put in and this £50 AR £300 AA is £300 right. By all rights yeah That money is next months money for you, yeah AR or my bond AA I'm not taking a bond. I cant take a bond right. You have a month or two months I think under the - that's why within two months I came to see you before the end of two months AR two months? You've 14 days to pay the bond in AA right so AR to the bond bank, but you didn't tell me for two months AA. yeah so it didn't happen. Yeah AR I could have got somewhere else AA yeah so it didn't happen, right but just hear me out here yeah? Look, I couldn't put it into the bond account because Mark, yeah ? Rightly or wrongfully, wrongfully, he didn't give me the money yeah? So that's why I said, sod it, give it back. There you go yeah? So the bond is, is, forget the bond, I'm not taking a bond off ya. like I says to ya, here, you know, foolish me or whatever, but, you know, I think that's my perogative" here is another extract regarding the bond .......... AR ...so had that tenancy ended then? AA it abso.., yes it ended, yeah. That's why you signed a new tenancy agreement with Mark AR Right, but why did only me have to pay a bond? AA right so you both had to pay a bond but unfortunately Mark was in rent arrears and he didn't have no money to, to, to kind of pay the rent or the bond money so that's when, remember when you? We, we, we took down, you gave me half of the bond money and to which later on I, I, I just gave that back to you because obviously it was quite clear Mark didn't have the money to pay the bond money so we gave that back" I feel that they have both really taken advantage of me and the whole thing about the tenancys and bonds is causing me great distress. I am trying to fully grasp what is/has happened here and how it will affect me.
  11. Technology advances-videos for you. Virtual Trip To Ireland. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3R5J8Je2j_4&feature=youtu.be
  12. http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-3503678/How-new-CD-player-torpedo-car-insurance-firms-refusing-pay-motorists-claims-basic-modifications-without-telling-them.html It would seem Insurers are increasingly rejecting claims, due to Policyholders not declaring information relevant to the risk. If people are in doubt about anything that could affect the risk, they should phone the Insurers to discuss and either get written confirmation or make a full record. The FOS report over 7,000 complaints about Motor Insurance, with 25,000 enquiries. People should be aware that the FOS do try to reduce the number of complaints they handle, by trying to filter out those they do not think have any merit or are not worth looking at. If people think their complaint is not being taken seriously by the FOS, they should obtain other advice by coming to consumer sites like CAG. Depending on the details, it could be worth pursuing in other ways. Remember that the FOS is funded by the financial services companies and has always been underfunded, so struggles to deal with the volume of complaints received. It is not unknown for some complaints to take well over a year to resolve.
  13. They really are a curse! I have posted a couple of times regarding the nightmare I have had with one of these companies. With all the claims being made regarding Payday loan companies, I can't see any difference with these loans. I really hope we get some sort of compensation for all we have gone through. As with all these type of loans, once you've borrowed from them, it can be a vicious cycle, but in my case, when I first started until I finished not one credit check was made. They did an affordability check but how does that prove one's ability to pay. The desperateness of someones situation may mean they forget some debts or elevate their income etc. Easily done in the heat of the moment. Great day when they are banned or compensation awaits!
  14. Apart from world peace, what would you like to see happen in 2016 ? And perhaps we can avoid any debate on the EU in this thread, in anticipation that a few take interest in this.
  15. Hi I'm Dan, just joined today after a morbidly disappointing realisation that credit agencies are a law unto themselves. So Hi all Hope I can be useful and hope people can help me to.
  16. Hi there, I am new to this and would kindly welcome some advice if anyone could help? I'll keep it brief and to the point. Work for global corporation, my head office based in UK. Employed by this company for nine years, no complaints at all. Had various directors, regional managers and line managers over these 9 years. Company was restructured late December 2014, I inherited a different regional manager and line manager in January (both who work in a different division and have no knowledge of the job I do, regional manger been there for at least 7 years, line manager only promoted to line manager in January 2015, previously same job spec as mine only different division). Was given a complete new territory in January unannounced (had been consultant for a different territory for over three years and built up good trust and sales with these customers). Regardless, went out and done my job, hit my sales target in January despite the whole territory being new. Two weeks into February had a conversation with my new line manager who was enquiring why the mood was so low in our team ( a team of ten consultants) and I had offered a suggestion that "maybe the constant negativity wasn't helping" . I said this as we had all received a barrage of negative emails and phonecalls from said line manager, and everyone was moaning about it, seen as we were a new team that had been put together in January, me being the longest serving employee out of the whole team said what I said. The day after, at 7.30pm I received a friendly txt from line manager asking if I could meet him the following day to have a chat about figures, I agreed as didn't think anything of it, went to the meeting location the next day, was invited into a room by line manager, next thing regional manager walks in (unannounced) asks me "do you know what youre here for" when I replied "it was my understanding I was here to have a chat about figures with line manager, he said "no, youre going to pick your way to leave this company". He said "you can either resign, or I will make your life hell and make you leave". You have until Tuesday the following week to decide. I told him after a barrage of abuse from him, I wasn't resigning. The next morning the abuse continued, wont go into detail just now but will if anyone wants to know the details, just want to get the main points out just now. The next day I met with HR as I was disgusted at what had happened and told HR everything that had been said and proposed etc. HR (after hearing my side of the story), two days later, they wrote back saying they had spoke to both concerned and that they had all agreed that they would all meet with me to have a discussion. I was horrified at this, I had been duped into a meeting were it was a 2 vs 1 scenario, no witnesses, was totally bullied and intimidated, no witnesses, and HR wanted me to meet with them again under the same set up, ( HR are supposed to be impartial but in our company they are not). Before this week came around I was that ill after the original meeting, had nearly crashed my car on a busy motorway after suffering a severe panic attack, more followed, that my GP signed me off work and prescribed anti anxiety medication. To cut a long story short, I raised a grievance, it was heard by same HR I had spoken to initially and another manager who offered me a "new position" when accompanying me down in the lift out of the meeting room once the grievance had been heard, I said nothing. It took them 5 months to conclude the grievance stating time out of office and work commitments. When the notes came out it was clear that both managers had colluded, also my notes were missing, when I asked about these, they then sent a diluted version of my notes, when I asked them that I wished them to be amended to what I actually said, they thanked me for the ammendum but stated it wouldn't change anything. They also added parts to my grievance which were not included, to absolve themselves I guess. My post was on a recruitment site straight after (I know this is not against the law but trying to give an insight). None of it was upheld. The two investigating, made the conclusion. In between the grievance conclusion and me stating I wished to appeal, the person I raised the grievance about was promoted. The Grievance appeal was heard by same HR person and finance director, was cut short as they had a flight to catch. I was then sent the notes of said meeting, it was so heavily diluted that anyone who didn't know about it would have a hard time working out what all of the fuss was about, my witness emailed their notes, after that, although a conclusion was promised by the end of last week, straight after my witness submitted their notes I received a "without prejudice" email asking me to accept a paltry amount of money. I would gratefully accept any advice on what to do next, if anyone has any questions please ask, I just tried to keep this post short (ish) and to the point. Thanking you all in advance.
  17. An interesting read today as follows "As a landlord, agent or solicitor, if you have used a High Court Enforcement Officer who did not follow the proper process, you could find that you’re liable for a significant claim for damages. In recent years, there has been a large increase in the use of High Court Enforcement Officers (HCEO) to evict residential tenants, which is no great surprise, as HCEOs can frequently enforce far more quickly than a County Court Bailiff (CCB) can. How could the eviction be illegal? At present, HCEOs can only use a standard writ of possession to evict trespassers, i.e. “persons unknown” such as squatters. For an HCEO to evict a tenant who remains in a property after a possession date, they MUST obtain permission from the County Court under Section 42 of the County Court Act 1984 to transfer enforcement of the order for possession to the High Court. Without this permission, any writ of possession enforced is invalid and any action taken under it will be illegal. Are illegal evictions taking place? In the last 18 months the High Court enforcement sector has seen a quantity of small ‘franchise’ bailiff firms, many operating under the authority of a single authorised High Court Enforcement Officer. Some of these firms are offering guaranteed seven day evictions of residential tenants, which does not allow time to obtain court permission to transfer up. It is our understanding that some of these firms may be applying for the writ of possession, without having previously obtained permission from the County Court to transfer up the order for possession to the High Court for enforcement, perhaps because they are not aware of this legal requirement. If any of these firms are evicting tenants under a writ of possession but without court permission to transfer up, then those evictions will have been conducted illegally. Exposure to claims for damages Whilst it is understandable that every landlord wants possession of their property without the lengthy delays regularly quoted by the County Court Bailiffs, the potential cost implications for a landlord for incorrectly evicting a tenant can be huge - claims for damages might come from both the tenants, as well as the local authority that had to rehouse them in emergency accommodation. As well as claiming for considerable damages from the landlord, the tenant may also make a claim against the bailiff company that evicted them and the authorised HCEO personally. If you think you may be affected If you have used the services of one of these ‘franchise’ HCEO firms, it would be prudent to now demand to see the court order allowing the HCEO to undertake the eviction. Be advised that this is NOT the writ of possession, but is a separate standard court order. If the HCEO cannot produce this, you could be looking at a claim for damages landing on your doormat any day soon. It would also be prudent to ask the HCEO company for details of their insurers." Story from Scoop today here http://www.scoop.it/t/lacef-news Info in full from here http://thesheriffsoffice.com/articles/are-you-evicting-tenants-illegally
  18. There is often a lot of confusion, fear and trepidation when those of us with less than perfect credit files have to go through the process of being referenced and credit checked for a new tenancy. A simple google will show that there is conflicting information out there about what landlord and letting agencies can and cannot see. WHAT LANDLORDS CAN SEE When you are credit checked for a tenancy only the public data can be seen and shared: Electoral Roll CCJs Bankruptcies Name/DOB confirmation WHAT LANDLORDS CANNOT SEE Any private credit data is not allowed to be shared: Defaults Missed Payments Arrangements To Pay Number of open/closed accounts Type of open/closed accounts As landlords do not share credit data they are unable to see credit data shared by other companies about you. It all comes down to reciprocity. To allay any further doubts Experian state on their website what can and cannot be shared to landlords: http://www.experian.co.uk/consumer/questions/askjames370.html And from Equifax
  19. Hi all, wondering if some-one can advise on this. Last year after a catalogue of errors and muddles with my pay and holidays etc, something happened and I had a melt down on the phone to some-one in HR (sheers frustration at being fobbed off and not listened to). It took me by surprise..didn't realize stress had been building up, so I finished conversation saying something like..I'm going to see my doctor and if I am ill you (my employer- public sector) have made me ill. T hat was on the 29th July 2014. I did go and see my doctor on the 1st August, (mainly to let them know the score) and continued to work as normal (part-time, evenings and weekends). I'd made it clear my job was not stressful it was all the management nonsense with my contracts, pay holidays etc that got me down and stressed , as I had to sort it all out in my free time in office hours.. Within a few days a letter arrived from the Occupational health service telling me to attend a meeting on Wednesday the 10th. The referral had been made on the 1st August. just two days after my meltdown on the phone with HR. So, Several questions. (the referral was for stress). a)are employers allowed to ambush some-one with OH like that out of the blue without even discussing the problem properly or formally even letting me know me I would be referred. b) I wasn't even on the sick and had never been on the sick. Did they have to right to refer me, especially without asking?( I idid get sent a consent form, with the appointment letter, but that had warnings about how if I didn't go it might affect decisions my dept made about me. I was stressed, not thinking properly, signed it and agreed to go to the appointment but made it clear it was under duress. c) The appointment was for a Wednesday 1.30, at a place about 8 miles away..in my free time plus I was expected to get there at my own expanse. As it happens I was afraid of driving in case I had a melt down again in the car (basically a high anxiety attack..sobbing not being able to breath etc.) . I asked for Time in lieu as I'd have to go on the bus,.., which would take ages. HR said no way but eventually relented and offered to pay for a taxi. Should they give me TIL as well as the taxi? The OH report basically said I was fine, just having a normal reaction to intolerable management issues. I continued to work for two months, while a review of the muddle with my holidays etc. was carried out. There is more but I'd like to see what people think about this lot first. Many thanks
  20. I parked in a council car park a couple of weeks ago and got a ticket, at first I couldnt understand why as I thought I had parked in a disabled bay which I am allowed to do. Someone was already in that space and they left and I reversed straight into the bay. However it turned out to be a restricted area, but looked like a disabled bay as it was situated on the end of the row of disabled bay parking spaces. I parked over where it said 'keep clear' so had no knowledge until I got the PCN that it was restricted. There were no other signs. I understand I was in the wrong, however if I didnt see the 'keep clear' signs under my car as I had no idea that it was restricted, surely they should have signs on the wall to make it clearer. I certainly would not have parked there otherwise. I have appealed it, but the onus is on me to check. Was their response. I happened to be in a rush and didnt think about looking under my car to see if I was parked correctly. who does in a car park. As i said a car was already parked there so didnt see the 'keep clear' sign. I just want to know, please, do the council have to have other signs, say on the wall to state that the area is restricted, it was marked out in yellow just like the other disabled bays. Im quite happy to pay it but if its a technicality that I dont have to pay Im all for that, I cant really afford to pay it if you get what I mean. Cheers guys
  21. I find this totally amusing. About a two weeks ago I sent further letters to my Creditors, one of whom is Nat West Bank, the following week I get a knock on the door from two local police. I had no idea why they were calling but eventually they said Nat West had contacted them and asked them to visit. Why, you may ask. Well, in the letter I said that the debt was making me feel so stressed, depressed, etc., that I felt suicidal. After chatting with the police for a couple of minutes, they left; as they went through the gate I said: 'See you next week then when you come back to check I'm still alive'. I should say I have been paying £1 per month on a regular basis to each of my Creditors for the last year or so. The letter was an update on my situation, and I have to say that of the two banks I owe money to Nat West have been the worst and most aggressive in their approach. Still, I was able to see the funny side of this. I should point out that I am definitely NOT suicidal, I am just fighting their way, by giving them something to think about in return for their aggressive stance. For those interested, or having similar problems, here is the guts of the letter I sent, please note that this was the first time I asked them to consider righting the debt off; but doubt they will - worth a try though. Also, the debt charity StepChange have been very helpful to me, as has this forum. Fight on folks! -------------------------------------------------------- Dear Sir/Madam I am in financial difficulties and not able to meet my normal monthly payments. I will make a monthly payment of whatever I can afford until more money is available. I have enclosed my monthly budget and a list of creditors. After paying my household bills, I can pay you £1.00. I will pay this each month and tell you when my circumstances change. Please consider reducing or stopping interest or any other charges on my account to help me during my financial difficulties. NOTE: I have a long history of depression and am currently taking medication for this. The stress of all this is causing much distress, depression and panic attacks, leaving me feeling suicidal. Please be advised that I will only communicate with you in writing. Furthermore, should it be your intention to arrange a “doorstep call”, please be advised that under OFT rules, you can only visit me at my home if you make an appointment and I have no wish to make such an appointment with you. There is only an implied license under English Common Law for people to be able to visit me on my property without express permission; the postman and people asking for directions etc., (Armstrong v Sheppard & Short Ltd [1959] 2 QB 384. per Lord Evershed M.R.). Therefore take note that I revoke license under Common Law for you, or your representatives to visit me at my property and, if you do so, you will be liable to damages for a tort of trespass and action will be taken, including but not limited to, police attendance. Yours faithfully
  22. Anglia councils plan own bailiff service Seven councils are planning to launch a revenues enforcement service, allowing them to bypass commercial bailiff firms. Breckland, East Cambs, Fenland, Forest Heath, St Edmundsbury, Suffolk Coastal and Waveney Councils. The Cabinet report (Anglia Revenues Partnership (ARP) - Internal Enforcement Agency Proposals) at paragraph 4.6 shows there's a financial benefit of doing away with their contractors.
  23. Hi, I'd really appreciate some guidance on the following: I've requested an SAR from Lloyds TSB a couple of weeks ago and yesterday, I received a letter from LTSB requesting a signature and completion of a Data Subject Access Request Form (4 pages of pointless questions as far as I can see). Tackling the form first, can I politely tell them to stick their form as I have already given them ample information in my original SAR letter with the £10 postal order and remind them that the clock is still ticking? Regarding the signature, I can go one of three ways: Continue as before, with a printed name only and enclose the template signature letter. Use the CAG Anti-Tamper signature. Get a mate to sign my name for me. Any advice on the above would be much appreciated. Ta, Krysp
  24. Hi guys, I need your help. I am having a difficult time to seek for solictiors in my local as many of them have declined to take my case on a legal aid due to over 3 years limitation. I'm still trying to sue the hospital for taking responsibility for caused my father's death by leaving the missing needle inside his body during his heart surgery bypass. They had left him trouble with his breathing after the surgery when they transferred him to high dependency unit which they was supposed to transfer him to intensive care unit, but they left it 3 days later. He kept being ill and getting better which it had occured 3 times already. His face went grey and they should have transfer him to the theatre surgery straight away but they didn't. They had put the room on his own where it was really dirty and filthy. He caught the MRSA infections and c.difficult. He had sepsis and pneumonia, they was not be able to keep up with him and they had gave up on him. They had switched off his life support machine to allowed him to die in peace without our permission when we was outside in the waiting room and we was not being allowed to be in the room with him. They was being negligent to give him poor care and treatment when they did not acting quickly enough to save him. I can't be able to get legal action against them, because the hospital postponded their response to preventing us taking legal action. I have tried to find my local solicitors everywhere after the incident, but none of them want to take it due to three years limitation when I was under the limitation. I wrote a letter to my local MP to get support with solicitors. I received a letter from my MP as he said that I should try to get advice through my local citizens advice bureau which I already did it. I responded his letter and i said that i have already done it when my local citizens advice bureau adviced me what to do to seek for solicitors. I got his responded and he said that he was not aware about the time limitation, so he said that he cannot help. I am very upset, angry and frustrated the way we have been treated. I don't really know what I am suppose to do. Can you please advice me what I would need to do to get advice with solicitors or if I need to see a lawyer on a legal aid? If it is not possible, do I need to write a letter to british medical association to get legal advice or what other way I need to do? Any advice would be much appreciated. Thanks in advance
  25. Back in 2008, before I discovered CAG, I made a Full and Final settlement with Clarity over an Egg loan. I still have all the correspondence and the acceptance letter from Clarity. Then last week, out of the blue, I got this letter from Egg: And today I got this from Arrow: It will now be well statute barred in any case, so it seems to me that I'm covered any which way. Either they accept the F&F letter, or they don't and it's Stat Barred. Do you think this requires any sort of response at this stage?
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