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  1. I didn't update my bank account or credit card with my new married name - are they linked by the Registrar's office?
  2. Thank you for your replies. I've tried to close my current account online but the 'Close Account' button doesn't work. I called my UK bank who have told me I must visit a branch to close my account and I don't want to fly to the UK just to close my bank account. It would be difficult to explain to my husband. I looked at my old bank statements online and the address field has been updated to 'Gone Away' since May 2014 so someone at my first Spanish address has obviously returned bank correspondence back to the UK. My bank account has been in credit by small amounts (less than £150) - do they report on account balances or just that the account is open? Neither my husband or I have family in the UK, and my last UK address was a flat share where the average stay was less 12 months, so no one I know is still living there. I've tried to work out the amount owing, but I really can't. I had a limit of £2,000 and between closing it and stopping payments I paid around £800 but that will have been eaten up by penalties.
  3. Today I received an email from PRA Group Dear XXXX Ref 1234567 Capital One Discount Availability: 65% Please note this offer will expire on 15/04/2018 Accept Offer ------ In 2010 I had a breakdown after being bullied at work, and was placed on unpaid sick leave. I managed to make the monthly payments but was made redundant five months later. I got married two weeks later. I was a non EU national and our spousal visa was declined so moved abroad to Spain. I contacted the CC provider as I had PPI, but was told that I wouldn't be eligible to claim as I wasn't registered with a UK employment agency seeking work. I disputed my PPI asking for a refund as I wasn't able to seek work in the UK due to my visa situation, but this dispute was rejected. I asked for my account to be closed and asked for a payment arrangement . They closed it but wouldn't come to an arrangement. I kept making adhoc payments, with the last being in November 2014, but had another breakdown and ceased payments. We are still living in Spain. Before I left the UK I changed my drivers licence to my new married name but it has now expired. I did update my bank account to my new address but didn't change my bank account name. I've since moved to a different part of Spain but haven't updated my bank account address. I've exclusively used my married name here in Spain. The debt was around £2,000 but penalties will have been added since 2010. I'm resentful of paying the debt as I feel I got screwed by PPI and we are now settled in Spain so won't be moving back to the UK. Are they likely to track me to Spain? Should I close my UK bank account to avoid it being linked?
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