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  1. Make sure you keep that email and print it out for safe keeping, just in case the PPC don't quite get the message.
  2. Waitrose rep will do nothing is most likely, get back on to them, ask for someone senior and at the same time find the email address for the CEO and email him/her. You want a firm 'we will instruct our employed parking company to stop pursuing you as the keeper sir' Get names and make records, record the call if you can.
  3. Because the NTK is out of time they can only pursue the driver, who you as the keeper, are not required to name. The phrase is 'no keeper liability created under POFA'
  4. Go and tell the Gym that you will be cancelling your membership and telling others to do the same unless they sort it out.
  5. Keep it, wait and see if you get a letter before action LBA and then come back here if you do.
  6. Something along the lines of Dear Legal 'Experts' your photographic 'evidence' shows my vehicle is clearly moving so not stopped, parked or stationery in any form. Please explain how you think you would win a court claim based on that?
  7. Isn't it out of time for the NTK? Offence on 25th October, NTK dated 13th November - that's 19 days
  8. Keep the evidence from Waitrose CEO to say it's been cancelled as the PPC may still try to enforce collection.
  9. If it's a no powers Debt Collector then ignore it completely, they have no authority at all and contacting them in any way is a mistake as they'll think they have a new mug to hassle and fleece. Scan up a redacted version of the letter.
  10. Hi Lookinforinfo, the original NTD and the subsequent NTK were thrown away by the RK, so no details on the dates I'm afraid.
  11. A DCA can knock on your door whenever they like, it would only be harrassment if they repeatedly did it. Just ask them who they are before answering any questions such as 'Are you Mr X?' and when they say they are a DCA just tell them to bog off and shut the door. Film them if possible.
  12. Thanks very much EB, I'll pass all that on, the only thing is I think that any paperwork received has been thrown away except for this last letter of claim.
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