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  1. Tell your friend to block the number that they used to text her from, that way they will get an undeliverable report on the text message.
  2. If you have been making regular payments from 2010 until recently then the debt cannot be statue barred. You said you defaulted on the debt in 2008, in what way did you default? What debt were the payments from 2010 to 'recently' for?
  3. You need to get on to the Estates and Facilities manager for the NHS Trust you were contracted with who deals with car parking. They contract these idiots and they can email them and tel lthem to drop your case.
  4. Just in case it hasn't been mnetioned, Lakeside is all private property so diabled bays are not part of the blue badge enforcement scheme. Morally wrong to use them without a blue badge but not illegal.
  5. Exactly why I don't use supermarket deliveries any more, I was sick to death of getting near out of date food. If you hold a loyalty card get on the relevant twitter page and moan about it then email their head of office, quote your number and complain.
  6. Firstly you need to contact the Police, get a case number for fraud and a marker put on his vehicle, he'll get pulled and then maybe he'll stop. He's doing it because you're an easy target, change that.
  7. Are you a sole trader? If so then the insurance is in your name and the claim wil be the same.
  8. As usual CAB has some of the information and gets it wrong. While you shouldn't evade debt there is very little an Australian creditor can do while you are overseas and not resident in Australia.
  9. Desperate begging letter! This bit is laughable, they can't add admin charges or unicorn food tax and money for the Christmas beer up.
  10. Sounds like your number plate has been cloned, best get that registered with Plod and DVLA.
  11. NE Parking must be way down the list of bottom feeders as I've never heard of them. No you won't be paying these fleecers a penny. Fill in the forum sticky and do not engage with NE Parking unless we tell you to. Be prepared for lots of letters in scary red crayon telling you that your debts will mount up and the courts will plunder your bank accounts, none of it is true.
  12. Clearly double dipping, do nothing, do not appeal, wait to see if you get a letter before claim then come back here for an update. Be prepared for all sorts of scary letters in their best red crayon and their tame debt collector who is completely powerless and nothing to do with the process.
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