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  1. No action is best until the experts have answered, don't be in a rush to respond as they are a powerless DCA anyway and can do nothing.
  2. When was your last payment made on the account? The statue barred clock starts ticking from the defaulted date, so not the last payment but the first payment that fails. They could just be phishing to see if you respond, bearing in mind you have changed your name they might not even know it's you they seek.
  3. Hi Guys, Mrs Homer's friend has received another scary DCA letter and is again quaking in her boots at the thought of being taken to court and having to hand over her children in lieu of payment. Can you run your eyes over the attached letter and tell me what you think please? PCN_DCA_letter_redacted_08_03_2019.pdf
  4. I thought the statute barred date was from the date the debt defaulted rather than the last payment? For example you pay March payment but pay nothing else going forward, the statute barred date is 6 years from the date of the failed April payment?
  5. Oh I forgot to say that even if your boyfriend moved in with you, you would still not be responsbile for any CSA payments or his debts, you are seperate entities unless you get married. If the ex has involved the CSA then let them settle the amount he has to pay, I gurantee it will be less than he would pay voluntarily unless he is a very high wage earner. For example my partner earned minimum wage in a full time job and had to pay £7 a week - she had to provide living expenses which included the rent I charged her The funny thing was that after a year her youngest decided he wanted to live with us so the tables were turned and beacuse of the ex's attitude my partner went to the CSA and they forced him to pay about £80 a week from memory - he wasn't happy!
  6. Having read your latest response I would suggest that you contact the Police via 101 and tell them the ex is making false allegations and request they pay her a visit and tell her to stop before you make a harrasment complaint.
  7. Hi Gayleyh, You boyfriend does not live with you and does not appear on the council tax bill for your home - if that's accurate then print a copy of the council tax bill and keep it handy. If you get a knock on the door tell the person asking he doesn't live there, if they say they are bailiffs and prove their ID give them the copy of the bill and tell them to foxtrot oscar - it's nothing to do with you. They will no doubt ask you to give them his actual address, if they already have that and you are comfortable with giving it then do so, but do not give them any other info as you are not obliged to give them your details (although the council tax bill will show that unless you blank out your surname) I had a similar experience with my partner's ex who actually tried to name me in court and get me to appear to present my earnings as his ex now lived with me - the judge laughed at him apparantly and asked him if he thought everyone should pay for his kids except him, when he replied he thought I should as I now 'had his wife' despite the fact that they were divorced long before we met, the judge told him he was stupid and that all taxpayers pay for his kids anyway as he's an unemployed oaf. My point being that this is probably malcious on the part of the boyfriend's ex, sour grapes if you will to try and cause trouble for him so you kick him into touch. Don't fall for it.
  8. That's what I said DX but obviously it's just a title error on their behalf and Mrs X XXXX does exist and is the registered keeper of the vehicle. Someone said if they went all the way and issued a summons the Court would dismiss the error as minor so it couldn't be used to say no case to answer.
  9. Hi Guys, Mrs Homer's friend has received this and it's made her very nervous. I've told her it's the usual threatogram from a powerless Debt Collector but as usual she thinks we should reply. Is it worth sending anything to say "debt is denied, no RK liability, refer to your client" or not? Also I notice they are still writing to Mr X XXX who does not exist - it should be Mrs X XXX PCN DCA letter 21_02_2019.pdf
  10. Hi DX, I did say that in an earlier post but one of the regulars advised it would make no difference if the claim was in the name of Mr rather than Mrs as it was a small error.
  11. Hi Guys, Mrs Homer's friend has received the attached threatogram from PCM and wants to respond to point out they are writing to Mr X when there is no Mr X and the RK of the vehicle is Mrs X. I have told her any communication with these people is pointless but she is unerved by their threats. Is there any point in her writing to them and pointing out their error? NTK chase letter 28_01_2019 redacted.pdf
  12. I don't think there's any harm in sending a new CCA request, it sounds like they won't be able to comply, this time keep your records safe though! As DX said, just shoo the door stepper away and tell the family to just shut the door on any one else that calls.
  13. Hi Guys, yes I've tried to persuade her that she should do nothing, I'll ignore it for now and pick it up with her when she gets the DCA letter.
  14. Guys, Mrs Homer's friend is getting squeaky about paying this and wants to pay or appeal to the IAS so the 'procedure' has been followed should they take it to court. Having read their rejected appeal letter it states that if you appeal to the IAS their discount is withdrawn and the RK will have to pay the full amount - surely that's not legal? Is there any harm in appealing to the IAS as long as it states the same as the original appeal (no RK liability)? I know it's pointless.
  15. Guys, one thing I've noticed is that on the rejection of appeal letter they have referred to the registered keeper as Mr X XXXX where their actual name is Mrs X XXXX. Only the title is wrong, the initial and name is correct. How much, if any, difference does that make?
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