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  1. Never appeal to a PPC, invariably you'll remove your rights under POFA if you do.
  2. 6 loans from the same lender? Sounds like irresponsible lending to me, maybe a pathway for later.
  3. Tell your solicitor to send a letter to their solicitor saying unless they resolve this by 5pm on xx date your offer will be withdrawn and you will look elsewhere. I bet it gets sorted then.
  4. Fill in the forum sticky, it might be out of time for keeper liability, easy stop right there.
  5. De minimis as DX said, ignore everything (and it will be a lot of guff you'll get) until you get a Letter Before Claim, then send a response to the idiots threatening court action and copy it to Parking Eye the same as in post 14 in the thread DX quoted above. It will be a laugh if they take this to court. In future never appeal to the PPC or POPLA.
  6. If Octopus is not the current energy supplier they cannot apply through any legal procedure to force entry or fit a pre-payment meter.
  7. The 'if you maintain land for 10 years it becomes yours' is an urban myth. Chances are the land will be shared ownership or owned by a trust to stop building or closure of it with an easement in place for those that have the right to use it.
  8. Second hand vehicles should come with two keys, these days for motorcycles there's usually a master key which can be used for getting keys cut and a key with HISS built in (or other such security) which you use daily. If I was buying a used motorcycle and it didn't have both keys I'd be walking away.
  9. Remember a DCA has no legal powers and cannot enter your home or enforce the debt and add silly made up charges. They'll probably write you a few letters in scary red ink which you can ignore but keep on file. I would send the CEO one letter (not an email) with proof of delivery stating why you have disputed the invoice and made a payment based on what was agreed. Keep a copy.
  10. Yes you are. He needs to take proof of ID with a photo and his V5 for the vehicle, that's normal practice for getting a vehicle key cut. Also was the vehicle second hand? It's a legal requirement for all new vehicles to come with two keys.
  11. 14 days only applies to the NIP, it might be that a roadside stop is the NIP, so what you have now is just the resulting action.
  12. If it's a NIP it must be received within 14 days of the offence as far as I know, that might be different under the current circumstances though as it sounds like it's been delayed in the post.
  13. Can you move the car to a private driveway (not yours)? If not park it a few streets away. Do not open the door to the Bailiffs, talk to them through a window.
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