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  1. I had my interview yesterday as there was an alegation made that someone was living with me and they wanted details of my property I own. As I had moved out the property in 2014 due to possible repossession and moved to a council property they were questioning if I ever let anyone stay there and receive rent I let a friend stay there but never received any money, cut a long story short I am bk living there and the officer kept asking me so u haven't received any money for ur friend staying there while it was empty I says no, then at the very end she says an alegation had been made
  2. I will give them a call on 28th and explain there will be insufficient funds available for the 30th and an it will be available on 5th Jan when I get paid if they don't retry im guessing it's about 7 days later? I will ask see what they advise, will they accept this? Considering I've paid then missed then paid???? They did say as I paid in October November that it stopped doorstep advisor what is that for? Is this a step they take before trying to reposess? Thanks
  3. Hi I have a mortgage with BOS I have been in arrears since 2011 and didn't pay at all for a year or so stated payments again in April till July then missed aug and sept then set up new arrangement and paid two In October and one in November the direct debit will be missed on 30th as I don't have enough but it will be in my bank on 5th jan will they retry or is it best to call and explain? My arrears are 9800 Thanks
  4. It's been a week and had no contact from them will they leave it now till after xmas?
  5. I went today and they says they tried to contact everyone who had appt today as the officer was off sick, they took my updated telephone number and someone will call to rearrange they said the two officers on today couldn't see me, is it wishful thinking they will forget if only that was the case.
  6. Should I inform the baby's dad an allegations been made? Will he be called in? Would it look good if I provided documents from him To prove his address etc?
  7. Thank you for your replies, I will take with me bank and post office details, utility bills and mortgage letter which details all my income and outcome. Should I get in touch with him and let him know I'm being accused of such an allegation? Will he be given a chance to hand in his bills etc should I ask him if he could provide a copy to me? I want to show we have no links plus I will advise them of his relations with the person making the allegation
  8. The letter says about they have to make sure everything is correct with my benefits and to bring id and bank statement sonic telephoned them and that's when she told me it's a compliance interview because an allegation has been made that someone is living with me and that was it.
  9. Hhi We have no financial link whatsoever in fact I don't even know how and what he gets paid that's his personal business, I use a post office account which shows my income of benefits any bills I pay are prepayment gas and electricity and I have only just started paying bk my mortgage which I pay by using a member of my family's card for the time being till I open a bank account I do have one but it's been overdrawn for months and I don't use it. As I say he only drops by if he is passing and it's to check on pregnancy, that's what I'm scared of is because I am pregnant they are going to
  10. I have seen online some ppl have been asked to fill in form of questions at the meeting is this the case or will the ask the questions i habe contacted CAB as I have a disability that affects my mobility and have seen they do telephone interview is this correct? Can anyone shed any light of what the questions they ask? Thank you
  11. I havent used his address at all or him use mine I only moved back here 2 weeks ago and at my previous place he never lived there either all utility bills and mortgage is all me. We have been friends and that is how it will always remain and i will explain his to them but i feel hey wont believe it cause we are having a baby????
  12. I am currently receiving ESA support group which i appealed over a year ago and won. I have recently moved back to my mortgaged home ( it was empty due to pending repossession process), I am currently pregnant but we are not together, we have never been in a long term relationship, he has his own property and doesnt live with me, he will pop in on occassions to check how the pregnancy is coming along, we dont get on and know that being in a long term relationship just for a child would not work. The DWP advised that an allegation has been made that he lives
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