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  1. Hi guys, Thank you for your replies. Just to clear it up, this was my first offence ever in any sort of way. Never had a criminal record prior to this, but my reading was 147 from what I can remember.
  2. Hi I got caught for D&D back in July 2017. I also had no insurance and no MOT. I received a 3 year driving ban, and an 8 week prison sentence suspended for 2 years. I was out of a job for a while and a lot of issues were going on in my life at the time. I was wrong and I hold my hands up. It is not something I have done again, or would even think about doing again. Anyway, I managed to get myself sorted. I went to AA meetings and managed to get myself a job. I've been in this job for about a year and half and I have not drunk alcohol for the same time.
  3. Hi, I have a vehicle parked on my drive. I cannot drive it as I have been disqualified from driving for 18 months. I still would like to keep the car insured in case of theft, fire or damage. Is there anyway I can get insurance? Note that I've looked at laid up insurance policies but they seem to require a valid licence. Any help appreciated.
  4. Hi, Could someone give me some advice please? I started working for a company in May 2018. I started as a temp from an agency with a weekly payment. This was supposed to be for 3 months, then if we performed well, they would interview us, and potentially keep us on. I was told I was given an interview in August, and they decided to offer me a permanent position, advising I would go permanent from September. I was then told as it was so close to the payroll deadline, they would ask the agency to keep me on as temp for the month of September, and would actually make me permanent
  5. I briefly told my GP about it, but as I had discussed another matter earlier, he booked me an appointment to see him on 21st Sep because I told him the headaches had returned since I had been sitting in the lit area if the office.
  6. Thanks for the replies guys. I've spoke to my employer, and they've basically refused to make any contribution to the cost. Also apoke to my opticians, and they confirmed I was told I had astigmatism which they think could be the cause and asked me to use glasses more often and contacts less so. They said they can write a letter saying I have astigmatism but it'll cost me £55. Renegade - how does it work if I ask employer to refer me to occupational health department? I had a uick Google search earlier and it seems it still means I would have to pay for their service? I've
  7. Hi, I have been working in a call centre for almost a year. I have always sat in an area where there are no bright lights as the lighting would sometimes give me headaches. Prior to a couple of weeks ago, no one had questioned why I sat there. Two weeks ago, my team was appointed a new manager as the previous manager had moved to a different department. My new manager has made me move to an area where there are bright lights and the headaches have returned. My manager has told me she can let me sit in the designated dark area (area specifically designed for people that suffer with issues
  8. Yeah he gets council tax reducation whilst living with the family member. At the moment, he has not informed the council that he's left his own house and is still paying full council tax. That's why he wants to know if he will be able to get council tax reduction on his own house as well whilst he's not there. Essentially, as he's getting ESA, he would like to get council tax reduction on both places; his own property, and where he's living temporarily.
  9. Hi guys, just a quick couple of questions. 1) Person A owns a house. He cannot live at the property temporarily. He is also signed off sick by his doctor and gets ESA. Because of this, he is living with a family member. The family member is on income support. They get countil tax reduction. What he wants to know is, would he also get council tax reduction on his own mortgaged property as well?
  10. Hi guys, I hope someone can help. I've checked the forums but my situation is different. I bought a property on 14th March 2017. There were tenants already living there until 31st August 2017. They didn't pay me any rent and in the end I had to give them a section 8 notice to evict them. At this time, I was living with my parents. I moved in 2nd September. I got a letter from the Council saying I owe them £600 for "long term empty". I phoned them and told them there were tenants living there up until 31st August, and I gave them the name of the person, and informe
  11. Hi, Yes I've started my claim for JSA again, but I haven't as of yet signed. My first date would have been on Xmas day, so couldn;t sign on, so my first sign-on appointment is on 8th. My doctor signed me off for 1 month for my sprained ankle. Can't really walk for long periods on it as it's swollen. I actually did get a sick note which I realized yesterday as I must have popped it in the medicine bag. I'm still on JSA, not moved to UC. Also not claiming housing benefit as I have a mortgage, but have claimed for council tax reduction. The reason I'm so annoyed that I don't g
  12. Thanks for the quick response. My claim was closed after week 1, as the job center called me in and asked how many hours I had worked. Since I had worked 24 hours in week 1, they said they would have to close down the JSA claim immediately. I have found out that I do live in a Universal Credit Full Service. Also just used the Entitled To calculator, and it says I should get JSA and council tax reduction. But it doesn't ask anything about my previous job or wages, I suspect it would be the same case that as I got paid £545, I wouldn't get any benefits for 1 month. As
  13. Hi guys I searched the forum but couldn't find any info on the situation I'm in. I was on JSA from October to mid November 2017. I got a part-time job which guaranteed me 12 hours a week. I started that on 14th November. They gave me a contract until 31st December. However, they cut that short as work had diminished. i left my job on 14th December. In the four weeks I worked there, I worked 24 hours in weeks 1 and 2, and 12 hours in weeks 3 and 4. After week 3 had finished, I called JSA to see if I could get extra benefit money as I had only worked
  14. Hi, Thanks for the quick reply. My gripe with them is that they never informed me of the charge. I genuinlly thought it would be a free service, paid for on the NHS. If they had told me at the time that it would cost me £30, I would have told them to forget it, and informed my bank that I would not be paying for the letter. Considering they never told me the fee, I shouldn't be forced to pay up for it I'd assume.
  15. I got a voicemail from my doctors’ receptionist saying I have a document waiting for me to be collected. Had no idea what this could have been. Went to the doctors after work, and the receptionist hands me a letter, and says it will be £30 please. I remember that I had a medical form from my bank which I gave to the doctors to fill out back in September. But I never returned the form to my bank, and the bank just moved on, without ever asking for it back. When I handed in the letter to the doctors, the doctors never mentioned there would be a charge for it. P
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