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  1. Just to update this thread I am still awaiting Black Horse's response as I contacted them the other day and the claimed not to have received the 'death certificate' I had sent them. As soon as I receive a response I will post it here.
  2. Hey mate - yeah I am th exec (just awaiting the paperwork from the procurator fiscal) - ok no worries at all they should be sending me through their response tomorrow in which I will post on here and gain some advise before replying. Thanks very much.
  3. Good Afternoon Everyone, Unfortunately and unexpectedly my father passed away last Friday due to a motorbike accident. At present I am tying up his finances and have come to a bit of a grey area for myself which I am hoping someone can help me with. Last July my father purchased a brand new car on PCP with Black Horse (through Arnold Clark) - I will list all details; Cash Price of Goods - 18,077.49 Total Amount Repayable (inc. hire purchase charge) - 22,409.11 47 Monthly Payments of - 319.13 Final Optional of - 7,410 So far he has paid - 3829.56, the car has a guaranteed future value as listed on the agreement as - 7,112. Black Horse have given a settlement (automated) of - 15,688.29 which I cannot work out where they have got that from and until they receive the death certificate I have posted them, rightly will not discuss the account. The options I have been given are; purchase the car outright (no need I already have a perfectly good car), sell the car myself and pay any shortfall or let them sell the car for me at auction. I am at my wits end on this as the resale value of the car is probably only about 11-12k tops (less at auction) and I am trying not to get the shortfall taken out of the estate as the money will be needed elsewhere for funeral and lawyer costs. Can someone clarify the halves and thirds rule on this, i.e. will I only have to sell the vehicle to cover half the total payment value (11,215.81) or is it the total value owed on the vehicle at the time of settlement figure? And is there any other options open to me? As always any advise is appreciated and if you have any questions in relation to the agreement I have it hear with me. Thank you all kindly.
  4. Gents - just to pick up on this, I decided to do the correct thing eventually and contacted them. I've agreed a payment plan and the outstanding amount will be cleared by Feb 2019 (partner and conscience got the better of me). I do have a follow up question though - when the amount is cleared and it goes to 'settled' will it be removed from my credit file (as it will have been over 5 years since the default date) or will I then have to wait another 5 years from the settled date for it to be removed?
  5. The bank was - Lloyds TSB (now assigned to Lloyds) Default Date - 09/2014 My overdraft limit at the time was £550, I was £365 into it at the time of default, charges on top amount to £127 - totaling £492. I very much agree dx, however currently in the process of applying to a new job and it will be in my best interest to clear it as it will require heavy financial background checking.
  6. I did think as much, however worth a shot I'll let you know how I get on - I have heard conflicting stories on the matter. As always thanks for the help guys.
  7. Afternoon Guys, Very short question; apologies if it has been raised prior to this. Today I am writing off a £492 overdraft that I defaulted on in 2014, paying it in full - have always been on amicable terms with the bank in question. From this the bank has advised the account will go to 'settled' on my credit files. Has anyone had experience in getting the default 'removed' from the account, is it likely/unlikely and is there a certain way I should go about it? I understand that the default should stay on there - as it is a reflection of my situation at the time - however I am intrigued as it would help me for mortgage applications etc. As always, help is appreciated.
  8. Haha - my iPhone has been on the brink of destruction many times as a result of this. Just to follow up on my original post, I have had feedback from my sponsor - as I have declared everything it shouldn't be an issue at all. However they have advised I will be monitored during my probationary period and I will have to provide evidence that I am dealing with my debt appropriately.
  9. Wow - disappoint was not the word I meant to put in there.... "Once again this site never lets me down"
  10. I think this used to be the case however on the pre-registration forms its a requirement to declare defaults now. Fkofilee - your reassurance is greatly appreciated, I have heard from a few different sources that this is the case but you know how the human mind works haha. Thank you greatly for your advise, I read the other article as well and it was helpful. Once again this site never fails to disappoint.
  11. Good Evening All, At present I am at a late stage of a job application which will require 'Security Check' level vetting. The role itself is involved with financial matters - however not with large sums of money. I have been offered the role pending successful clearance approval however will have to hand my current notice in before it comes back with a decision. At present I have two defaults on my account totalling ~£9,400 for which I have yet to agree a payment plan (no communication from either lender in over two years) however I do have all intentions to repay when my financial situation improves. This role would give me that financial ability. The debts were for a personal loan and for an overdraft. I've to complete my clearance paperwork for Monday after which it will be a two week turnaround, I fully intend on detailing everything about why the debt came about, how much it is and my plans on how to repay it - I have nothing to hide and will be very thorough/honest. My question; has anyone been in a situation like this before i.e. applied for a security check with defaults on the account? And what was the outcome? Could anyone advise the likelyhood of getting this approved as long as I am fully honest and up front? As always I appreciate everyones help and if you require any more information I will be available again in the morning. Thank you.
  12. Guys - apologies for the delayed response. Thank you so much for your help - unclebulgaria67 she is managing fine in the UK, near perfect score so I am happy that if we just let it lie and make no formal contact we should be OK. From reading some other forums on here today I understand Credit Corp's reputation for harassment. Once again guys thanks for putting my mind at ease.
  13. Good Evening Guys, I've posted here previously and received some fantastic help so I am hoping the same can be done again. My partner has got herself into an interesting situation. She is an NZ citizen who lived in Australia for three years (where we met), before moving to Scotland with me when my Australian VISA expired - 12/14. When she left Australia, she left behind approx. $1500 worth of debt split between a credit card and a mobile contract. At the time we didn't have the finances to worry about it as the move to Scotland was priority. Since 12/14 she has had no communication from the credit card company, and only one email from the mobile provider asking/seeking payment which was early last year. However today we received a message from a family friend of ours in Australia advising that they had been contacted by a company looking to speak with my partner, they claimed they needed to speak with her or her family about a personal matter and wouldn't give any other details (apart from her fathers first name - which was weird). From checking the forums and contact number I now understand this to be Credit Corp. My questions to you brilliant people is - they clearly have limited info on her whereabouts, should we make contact with them and try and rectify the debt, or let it go away? Her main concern is that she is on a 5 year VISA here in the UK, after which she will apply for residency and we're not sure if that would affect it. Can they pursue it in the UK? I've read some of the previous threads on here however her case is a bit specific and I'm looking for a clear answer. Any help would be greatly appreciated. I 'm off to bed now (23:20, 3/5/16) however will be available to answer any questions tomorrow morning.
  14. Morning guys, apologies for the delay - yes he will let me know, I still have certain things coming through that I need so he knows to get in touch. I'm going to let it lie and see if anything happens - fingers crossed - but I'm not holding my breath haha. Once again thanks for the help and advise.
  15. Exceptionally happy.... however its a 50/50 I would have to grow rather large man parts in order to go through with. I think the best option to go for is to contact them and have a chat, maybe I can redeem club card points for money off? haha I just still think its strange they haven't been at my door for that amount of money.... Guys really appreciate your help so far!
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