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  1. I have a sheriff court citation by Amex for credit/charge card debt and i was trying to fill in the details for ordinary claim but i don't have anything like "BOX E2" etc, anyway i've tried to fill it out the best i can and was hoping i can get some advice. Thanks name the issuing court: Glasgow Sheriff Court Who Is The Claimant: Amex Who Are the Solicitors: BTO What type of action? (Simple/Ordinary): Ordinary What is the claim for – 2. The Pursuer provided the defender with a charge card under account *******. The charge card provision is not regulated by th
  2. Hi there, I've just changed job which requires me to travel more. I work for a Global professional services firm and the policy states that if you are incurring more that £200 in expenses per month then essentially, you need to obtain a corporate AMEX. My credit history is diabolical to say the least. Do I stand any chance of getting this or should I just tell my line manager it isn't going to be possible for me to obtain one of these. I'd rather not apply and get declined... just would rather know a little about how it all works first. Can anyone help, I'm not sure wha
  3. How horrible can some women be! I had a similar with an ex. She had a credit card on my account. When we split up the card company wouldn't cancel it. They said i had to cut it up and return it to them. One day she called at my house and left the card - so i cut it up and returned it. I even phoned them and told them what i had done, again asking them to stop the card. They refused - "until it arrived". My ex made one call, said the dog had eaten the card and they immediately sent her a new card. Naturally they refused to do anything for me. Ditto the police.
  4. Hi Recently received a reply from Amex in reference to BA Amex card from 2005. Attached is what they sent. Can you please advise if this is enforceable in court of law? Thank you. Amx.pdf
  5. I wrote to Amex asking them to review my account for PPI on Amex blue card. I do not have any information or account details. Amex wrote back and said they cannot find any details, and unless I can confirm the card number, they will not review this further. The card was held in around 1997-99 I think. Is there anything I can do?
  6. Hi am trying to help some elderly friends with their debt problems they have a Amex account and they have been paying £1 a month for quite a few years They want to try and offer a full and final settlement but it would be very low - do AMEX do full & final? Have said that first they should get CCA which they have now done - have attached (hopefully) the priority application form for the blue card and original conditions - both are difficult to read - quite faint The application form refers to PPI terms and conditions shown in enclosed leaflet plus balance tra
  7. Hi there I've had an Amex card (Amex BA rewards card) for several years. Back in September 2015 I sent a letter to tell them I had moved house and provided our new address. However I was getting my monthly statements on line by email so did not question whether they had updated my postal address on their records. In September 2016 I set up a standing order to cover £1000 per month payment but unbeknown to me the instruction failed. Even though Amex had my phone number and email contact details they did not let me know payments were not being received. Instead they wrote to me at my pre
  8. cancookwill

    Amex /Allied

    Amex this week have just passed my wife's account to Allied the account is a gold card we ran into a little trouble and we haven't been able to pay in full I had hopped to be able to deal directly with Amex on this smatter as it is only a few months overdue unfortunately Amex have pulled the trigger rather quickly Allied haven't written to us yet they have just started with phone calls and an email I just wanted to get plan of action started pre harassment from Allied And to see if there is any way I can just deal with Amex Many thanks in advance cancookwill
  9. I have a UK Amex. I have disputed charges via a lawyer on the card which I did not make and Amex credited back these charges then reversed them. The amount is substantial and over £50k I have also had foreign transaction fees added to the account I knew nothing about. They now want payment and I'm refusing to pay as I do not owe them the money. I have lived in the US with a US address on my UK Amex account for the past 6 years. So am not a resident of the U.K. As I'm at a deadlock my account is now due to default soon and I will owe them over £50k. Can Amex en
  10. Hi, Looking for a little advice on how to proceed,I I have received a CC claim form from Amex\Brachers regarding an outstanding balance on my former Amex Corp Card. I got made redundant in January 2014, before leaving the company I submitted my remaining expenses to the company for payment (The company paid Amex dues directly). I calculated my personal expenditure approx £2500 and paid this directly to Amex in February 2014 and I received my redundancy payment at the end of February.2014. In March I received a letter for late payment charges on an outstanding balanc
  11. I have a query in relation to my AMEX corporate card. This is a charge card and is fully cleared once a month by a direct debit from my personal bank account. American express are withdrawing these funds on the correct day. However, my statements and online account always report that the payment has been made a whole month beforehand. This means that my online balance is almost always wrong and the statements are not a factual record of the account. Is this even legal?? Here is their "explanation" for why this is happening: This hasn't cause any prob
  12. Hi-at last I have the scanner and here are first of them-Amex-CCA they sent and new letter from NCO-do I ignore it or reply please
  13. Hi all, I have a corporate card through a very large organisation and I am leaving the company next week to start a new role. I have never missed a payment but the past month I have ran up a £2000 bill roughly. Stupid I know and I haven't missed a payment or anything. My question is..... My american express doesn't show on my credit file at all. I can not pay the full £2000 off in one go like you have to every month. If I didn't pay the bill my understanding and this maybe naive is that the company I used to work for has to pay it? If I d
  14. Hi, I hope someone might be able to provide some general advice. I am trying to reclaim £450 in Platinum Card membership fees, I have already unsuccessfully been through their complaints process and they've sent me the FoS leaflet. 1 - I've had both a British Airways Amex card and a Platinum Amex Charge card (with flexselect credit) for almost ten years. The latter has a membership fee of £450, paid in December 2 - I hadn't actually used the Platinum Card for two years until April 2015 when I tried to use it to pay for a hotel abroad - declined, despite my statement te
  15. Hi Guys After reading lots of useful info on here I have decided to get on top of my debts. Been paying Payplan since 2007. but have decided to take control. I have decided to CCA all my creditors. I have just received this from AMEX. I don't think it complies. However Amex say "these documents for the executed agreement between you and American Express". I'm not so sure? My ultimate aim is to offer one F&F offer to all creditor, If I can prove they haven't got a hope of getting judgement, the offer will be lower. One final point I now live in France and they know t
  16. Would really appreciate some advice on a CCA request & reply from AMEX. The account was taken out in 1997 and in response they sent me: A copy of a 60 second application form (these are not signed on behalf of AMEX). It is signed by myself but does not contain any prescribed terms. It does say "I agree to be bound by the terms and conditions which form of part of the agreement". The "apparent" terms and conditions - these are barely legible and a separate sheet, unsigned by myself. There is no definite credit limit documented - just that "we will decide in our discreti
  17. Hi!! I am trying to sort out my finances (many unsecured debts) and had to call up some dcas to get current balances. The one that looked after amex cc advised that it had been returned to amex and i should call them. I called and they advised that if i was wanting to set up a payment plan they assign to another dca and I would hear from them by end of week. Today, I received a letter from Amex stating they were willing to accept 40% and write off the 60% remaining as debt forgiveness? There is a time line to call them back I had not heard of this
  18. I have been persistently contacted and pressured by AMEX for almost 1 year after paying the debt off to their debt collector in full. I have contacted AMEX on multiple occasions telling then this but they say it's still outstanding. Insultingly the have now offered to reduce the debt. The payment has gone to their nominated debt collector and I've double checked that. The reason I want to think about legal action against them is for the psychological harm their debt collection practice caused to me. I don't want to go into details here but my doc is satisfied it was down to that. An
  19. Hi friends, I am on a mission to claim all the PPI I have ever paid to all my lenders in the past. Amex is the only lender whose statements I have failed to retain. I have their Application acceptance letter for the Blue Card that clearly says .... I have a couple of questions. I am not sure if I need to SAR this lender. I know through this letter the start date but do not recall when I cancelled the card. What should I say in the FOS about the end date? Will "please check your records do?" Note : Apart from the above letter I have just one more letter in t
  20. hi all,, does anybody know weither amex ever sells there debts on or if not any idea what f/f settlements would they give,,
  21. Dear Caggers The last time I had anything to do with AMEX was in 2009,when in response to a CCA request (for a debt dating back to the early 90s) they sent me an application form with the Prescribed Terms in a separate T&Cs document. I replied setting them straight in their error (sig and prescribed terms in four corners of document etc) and left it that they should no longer pursue me as they cannot prove the debit. They appeared to have taken this advice until last week when I received a letter from AMEX telling me that the account had now been closed, payment in full
  22. To be brief.. Amex passed my debt (£2280) to AIC who harassed me to pay even contacting my elderly parents (not lived there for 20 yrs) and their health is not too good. At the time my world had started to fall apart for various personal reasons. I paid AIC but they kept chasing me and now AMEX have said they will write off some of the debt so it's now abt £800 less than I paid AIC. I've suffered ill health from this. My bank say it was defo paid. Can I get the discount back from AMEX? Please help. .my health really can't take much more of this...
  23. AMEX have written to me offering full & final settlement out of the blue and unsolicited. The offer taken from the letter : "If you pay just 40% of your outstanding balance still owing, we'll waive the remaining £0.00 of your balance in full and final settlement. In order to accept this offer, please call Amercian Express on 0800-etc. This opportunity allows you to repay a reduced amount from which you otherwise owe us. From Michelle Upton Manager American Express Address Amex House Brighton." They call this a 60% Balance Forgiveness. In brief this concerns an Amex credit card t
  24. Hi Folks, I had sent Amex £1 and requested CCA. They responded by saying chargecards are not regulated CCA. I then asked the DCA in question the same question and they have now sent me the below attached application form purporting to be the agreement but there are no T&C. The application is a very poor quality yet they are threating me to court if I don't pay the DCA. Is this application form enforceable ? please advise as I don't remember ever signing an agreement back in Feb 2006 with T&C. I have also asked the DCA for default notice, termination notice but
  25. Hi, Can anyone give me an address at Amex that I can get hold of the corporate T&Cs? Basically, here’s the story: Whilst I was in my previous role for a large company, I had a Corporate Amex card. Due to various personal issues (mainly gambling and alcohol related) I ran up a debt of £19500. I have seen been fired and the company I worked for passed the debt on to me. I received various phone calls from Amex and Brachers regarding the account but as usual buried my head in the sand. I’ve now received a Statutory Demand and am in the process of s*****ng myself.
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