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Found 17 results

  1. Hello all... Today I received a notice email from them that someone will visit the above address within 14 days (there is no address listed) This is for a company I got roped into joining online back in 2016 and never received the products for so I cancelled my monthly payments for this company called Enagic. Nothing happened for 3 years until around a month ago when I got an email from CLI telling me that I owed £998 and that they would be chasing me for the debt owed. Same emails as you've had above and they've sent 3 since. I am very worried
  2. My partners car was stationary in a car park on 06/01/2017. There is a fee payable of 50p for 1 hours parking. The driver of the car went to the machine, realised they didn't have change for it, and returned to the car. The car left. The Reg keeper wasn't driving. When they got back to the car, a plastic envelope with a piece of printed cardboard was inside with the name MyParkingCharge.co.uk on. It has a serial number on it and a date only, hand written. It has no offence date, time, day, location, penalty details, appeal details or registration number of the car. As far
  3. Do CLI have any power to raise a CCJ for a debt that they do not own, e.g. a foreign debt?
  4. Afternoon all, I’ve received a ‘formal debt recovery notification’ letter from some outfit called Credit Limits International (CLI), asking me to make payment for a debt owed to the ‘Corpo Di Polizia Municipale Di Firenze’, with regards to the Italian Highway Code. I’m unsure as to what the debt is for - I’ve not received any notice prior to this. It does, however, have a ‘Car reference’ that appears to be a number plate. All I can think of is that my wife and I hired a car during the summer of 2015 - when we got married (!) - in Florence, and perhaps it refers to tha
  5. I am being chased for a debt by Credit Limits International based in Kent. I defaulted on a mortgage in France ignored them for a while as I read it on this forum they managed to get hold of my mobile phone number and started calling me. I spoke in depth about my financial situation and they advised me to speak to a debt charity (step change) They found the whole thing a bit confusing as it was a debt abroad. I have several questions: Are CLI working on behalf of my bank or have they bought the debt? Can they take me to court? Various sites say if the
  6. Hi All, We recently submitted a claim to the Halifax for PPI on a loan which was sold to us on the basis that the PPI was a necessary stipulation of the application. After 8 weeks of complete silence from the Halifax we today received a letter. The upshot is that they are refuting our PPI claim on the basis that they sent a letter to us 4 years ago stating that they had reviewed their PPI sales process and found that our PPI policy 'may' have been mis-sold. They apparently outlined common failings and invited us to respond if any of these concerned us. Now, apart from not even reca
  7. Background: A widow, aged 90, on the basis of ignorance, initially refused a pension based on her husbands earnings. She didn't realise her error, and when she approached the organisation to redress the error, it was suggested that she may have been too late. Question: What is the legislation which suggests that Trustees of a Pension Fund may ignore a legitimate beneficiary of a pension fund, and may justify that they may not have to distribute a pension from that fund, because of the time element.
  8. Hi everyone, Is there a time limit on how long you have to take an organisation to county court once you have received a final response to a complaint? I received a final response in November 2014 and then never took the matter to the ombudsman service. Since I am outside the time limit now the organisation have refused to allow the ombudsman to investigate. I appealed this to the ombudsman jurisdiction team as there were extenuating circumstances, however, this has today been rejected. Does the same limit apply if I wanted to pursue the matter in court? Than
  9. Hi Guys I need help for my relative, she is on ESA WRAG income related , shes claiming over a year now and have not received reassessment letter yet. She has some savings around £15000, can anybody confirm if she is ok and her ESA payments will not effect if she let the relevant authorities know about her savings. Thanks
  10. Changes to Bankruptcy and DRO limits from 1st October 2015 https://www.gov.uk/government/news/improved-help-for-people-struggling-with-problem-debt
  11. i have a HSBC Basic bank account, and my withdrawal limit is 300 per day. however, i need to withdraw 350 tomorrow, is it possible for my local branch to raise my withdrawal limit to 350? if so, would it be an instant process? what documentation would i need to take with me? reply soon Thanks
  12. Hello, this is an 'academic' query I'd like to ask. I was doing some background reading recently around ET matters (I'm doing some voluntary work at a CAB at the mo) and I noticed that there was a time apparently when tribunals were limited to a costs award of £500 against a claimant (a golden age?). Could someone tell me when this all changed? I imagine it must have been years ago given the blank look I got when I asked at work. (I assume that when the limit was removed it may have had a similar effect on the number of ET claims submitted as had the 'recent'
  13. Hi I requested that a default entry be removed from my credit file due to the entry been inaccurate. I provided evidence in the form of a letter from the creditor which clearly states in it that the default notice that was issued was defective. Therefore if the notice is defective then the entry is incorrect and breaches the DPA. Experian emailed me back today stating they had asked the creditor and the creditor informed them the entry was correct. What planet are these people on exactly? They simply state that as the creditor has said it is correct then they cannot remov
  14. Asking for a friend. Could someone please point me to the current rules on capital limits, cut offs and reduction ratios for someone who is receiving IR ESA WRAG, SDA, DLA (LRC & MRC) and in receipt of LHA and CTA ? It would be helpful if they were in some sort of simple, tabular form because my friend is profoundly dyslexic. I know this is a big ask. I can work on reformatting information but thought I would ask here, as the information might already be out there in a dyslexia friendly format. Thank you in advance, wise folk of CAG
  15. Hello, first time user, sorry if this is in the wrong place or anything! I was interviewed in my home in April 2012 by a Compliance Officer from the SSA and for the last 15 months it has been constant requests by the decision maker for documentation, which I have always complied with and supplied to them. It's to do with my exceeding the savings limit for the last few years (I thought it was higher than it was). But 15 months is a long time, it is actually delaying essential medical treatment, and I have letters from my doctor and my specialist to describe how essential this treatment is,
  16. Hi all, I had an accident in work on August 12th. Today, I had a letter from my employer that I need to attend a disciplinary hearing next week because I initially failed to report my mishap to all and sundry. Is there a time limit for when the incident actually happened and when my employer can call me for a disciplinary? Funnily enough, I asked for a copy of the incident report I submitted to our jobsworth, sorry, very efficient H&S rep, to show my creditors that I'm not pulling a fast one when I tell them I can't pay my bills due to being off work after an accident. On
  17. My question is based on a sale of goods act and trading standards infringements by Xerox (UK) Ltd. What I need is an answer to the questions at the end but will try and tell you about our dispute. I now have evidence, 6 years later, that Xerox (UK) Ltd and their Premier Partners Zerographic System Ltd sold, at the time, expensive digital printing presses that had a known fault and were over specified. The document they used in their statements in Feb 2012 to say that we bought the wrong machine (the route of the dispute in 2006) was a Customer Expectation Document (CED) that was pr
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