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  1. I have just received X10 PCN's from Newham - all in one go. They date back to 17th August. I can see from reading threads relating to this area in Newham that lots of people have been caught driving through this "No Entry" sign which is really badly positioned. But to receive 10 in one go! If i had received the first PCN sooner (not over 3 months later) i would have been made aware of the contravention, and not driven through it again! Does my arguement stand up at all, or will i just have to pay all of the fines? There could even be more on the way as i honestly didnt realise it was a no entry road. Dreading the costs here. Wouldnt have done it had i seen the sign. Any help appreciated
  2. Good morning! This is going to be a different sort of post than what is usually in this sub-forum as no shop lifting took place. However later in the post there is some content relating to a medical condition which might put people off eating so please don't read if you've just eaten, are eating or just about to... Yesterday I went to do a network cable installation for a friend and needed to get the train home. I was thinking the train refreshments trolley was likely going to be a no-show so decided to nip into Tesco for a sandwich and coffee. As I entered the store the Tag Alarm sounded, this is something that happens to me frequently so I didn't react. I selected my sandwich, some Pringles and a Costa Latte. Walked to the till, Clubcard Accepted and payment made. The till offered me a receipt and for some reason one of my voices (I have Schizophrenia) told me to press Yes. For sandwiches I don't normally bother as it's a waste of paper. Went to the exit and a security guard offered a farewell, I responded in kind and exited the store, again the alarm sounded. I proceeded to use the Cash Point right outside and as I was doing so the security guard approached me about the alarm. They asked to see my receipt which I turned over without argument and to search my backpack which I declined for good reason. I also explained the alarm sounded when I walked in to which they responded "I didn't hear it because I was on my break" They asked me to return inside to which I also declined. I explained I had a train to catch, it was the last service of the day, so missing it simply wasn't happening. At this point I was just about to bid them farewell and walk away. I hadn't stolen anything, CCTV would prove that. The security guard hadn't completed a SCONE assessment by their own admission. I think I would've been well within my rights to walk away and on a bad physical health and/or bad mental health sort of day I probably would've done. However at this point I didn't really want to give them the impression I had stolen something so I opened a slight part of my backpack to show the sandwich and pringles. They handed me back my receipt and "hope you will be a little more cooperative in future as I'm just a person doing my job" and then wished me a safe journey. The main reason for this post was to better understand ones permissible actions in situations where they are 'apprehended' or 'approached' by security but have committed no act of theft or any act of crime at all for that matter... I have some understanding on this from pursuing my hobby/somewhat obsession of the Railway and taking photos/videos in public of trains etc. However I'm not sure how things like PACE or Stop and Search work in cases like this. An obvious question that some might now be thinking is "Why don't you just allow the search and be on your way" and that is a very valid point which I will declare in some anonymity on an internet forum but would want to hide from random people I don't know in public. *Graphic Part* I have incontinence and as such I carry a small washbag in my backpack that contains spare underwear, continence pads, wet wipes etc. It also contains a dirty bag for soiled underwear which on the visit in question was filled... Just imagine if someone had opened that on the shop floor how I or indeed anyone else would feel/react? Not to mention the health risk involved... I had surgery for the same condition that has left permanent nerve damage at one of the incision sites which makes any touch or brush of this area extremely painful. So being patted down wouldn't be a fantastic part of the day. Inside my backpack I also had some "tools of the trade" including some screwdrivers, drill bits, screw bits, RJ45 Crimpers, IDT Punchdown and a pair of very sharp cable cutters. These were all inside another separate zippable pouch thing for reasons which should be obvious. I must stress this isn't something I usually carry around just to go to the shop. Since I had to go into hospital some years ago that kit very rarely if ever leaves the house. But I had it with me today because I terminated 2 CAT6 Network Cable Socket runs. They say a workman knows his tools... I know those cable cutters well enough from bitter personal experience to know that if you accidentally catch your finger or the bit between your thumb and index finger inside you're going to have a very bad day. */Graphic Part* So another reason why I declined the search as I don't really want someone to rummage around inside my backpack, get some very nasty surprises. This leads me to the conclusion of what a person can expect in such a confrontation and more importantly things they may or may not be entitled to ask for or do. In a situation where you know that SCONE could NOT have been satisfied, and the only thing that drew the attention of security was an Alarm, would you be within your rights to politely decline further scrutiny and walk away if challenged? Especially if you had fully exited the store in question and had NOT stolen any goods or all goods were paid for? Or would you likely be detained and taken to a dark shady room out the back? Lets assume you are detained and taken out the back. Again this is purely for someone who has NOT stolen goods. What should one expect and what are they obliged to do? Do you have to give your name and address and under which legal grounds would this be? (So I can read up further on this area of law) I'm guessing anything in this room would take place under PACE so would one be within their rights to make a "no comment without legal counsel" response? Or does it not work like this? How do security personnel adjust to people with disabilities and/or mental health conditions? Is one at this point allowed to decline bag and person searches, specifically on medical ground. Although in a private room the embarrassment factor is lessened, it's still there and I'm made very much aware of that if you catch my drift... Also if the till offers a receipt but you declined to accept it (Like I do because I don't like wasting paper just for a £1.50 sandwich) how can you explain the goods are paid for but you didn't take a receipt? I assume the Till Server would still have it in their logs? Thanks for bearing with me in this long post. Something about me sets these alarms off on a regular basis, I have been trying to work out what exactly causes it when I go to my local Tesco by taking and leaving different possessions. I'm beginning to wonder if it's something in relation to the surgery I had... This all started not long after... Today is the most amount of scrutiny I've faced and I know one day I'll come across "That Guy" who sets out from home and just wants to ruin your day. So I'm just looking for reassurance of what is the done and not done things because I'm well aware this will happen to me eventually. Having to deal with a mental health condition like Psychosis and a condition like Incontinence is not an easy task. I'm not looking for any sympathy and to be blunt I don't want any. I do ask for a tiny bit of understanding though whenever I go out. But sadly I've noticed with everything else I'm leaving the house less and less and avoiding contact with just about anyone anywhere. So I think if I knew what to do assuming a false accusation I might feel better about going out again. Happy to take questions and / or constructive criticism. As for being uncooperative last night... I got my Karma... Train DID have a refreshments trolley and a lovely 87 minute delay Happy Early Halloween Shark
  3. Received this pcn today for driving in a street during restricted hours. This is a fairly new restriction that I had no idea about. The only warning is on a sign above the bus lane on the main road that the restricted street is at a right angle to. As my focus was on the oncoming traffic and the junction itself, I didn't notice the new sign. As it is,I have never seen a restricted street displaying this kind of sign. Do I have any grounds for appeal?
  4. Hi - I have received a PCN for an alleged "Failing to Comply with a No Entry Restriction". It is not quite straight forward and I would appreciate any guidance please on my chances of appeal? I started my turn into a wide side road when I noticed it was a Non Entry. I decided not to enter and was able to continue my drive straight out again as the entrance to the No-Entry road is huge (width of several lanes - and hardly any traffic as it was 11pm). The front of my car would probably have veered across the double white lines across the side road, But I was able to continue to drive out the entrance - it was like a u-turn but more of a wide curve in and out of the road entrance (if that makes sense). I waited to check that the main road was clear and drove off. I did not actually drive into the side road and had no intention of entering into a No Entry road. They have sent me very faint photos - if they have video footage (they have not mentioned it), they would be able to see I turned out immediately. The PCN does say they will exercise discretion if there are mitigating circumstances, but that's not reassuring enough. What are my chances of a successful appeal? I am within the 14 days discount period. The PCN says that if my appeal is rejected I will need to pay "the Penalty Charge" - doesn't mention a discounted rate. The full charge is £130 (ouch!). Many thanks for reading and any advice? Kind regards Sam
  5. Hope someone can advise me please. I am a landlord who has rented to a 'guaranteed rent' letting agency and they have been fine up to now. My house has been let via the local council housing as temporary accommodation. But, now I find myself in a situation where I need to either sell or remortgage and the tenant's son is refusing entry to another agency with interested buyers and also the biggest problem I have is that a surveyor is due to attend to survey the property next Friday and the letting agent is advising that I arrange with the tenant's son for the surveyor, which he is refusing. The tenant's son was very abusive and aggressive to a prospective buyer who arrived to view as arranged with the tenant (viewer intended to still rent out as a landlord) and the selling agent and viewer were forced to leave the property. What can I do?
  6. Not sure if anyone's seen this, I doubt it will make it onto the Can't Pay show. DCBL agent forces his way in to a residence where the occupant has told him he is not the debotor and does not know the debtor, Police are called and as usual support the agent in his incorrect actions https://tinyurl.com/yad63obg
  7. Hello It feels like I'm running round in circles at the moment in regards to our council Tax debt and the zero co-operation I'm getting from the Council or Baillifs in regards to paying it off! We owe 2 amounts to Baillifs Penham Excel 1x £934 and 1x £1465 - both way over what we actually owe the council! Baillifs have been 4 times now and each time I've refused entry into the house to do a walk in possession, but today he turned into a smart a*** and said he would go away and get an order to take away my car (no finance on it and only worth around £1200). This has really worried me as I have to have it to get my 5 year, who is Autistic, to school 3 miles away and then my other son to nursery. Can they take my car? If yes, then would I be wise to change the ownership to my Mum so if they come back to take it, it isn't officially mine? The baillif has insisted that we pay the first amount in full and maybe they will come to an arrangement for the second amount if I allow the walk in possession. No bloody way, does he think I'm stupid? I've read about people who've done that thinking they can get a good arrangement set up only to find they've been ordered to pay it off at £400 a month and then have no option but to pay it or lose there things! Spoke to the council to see if we can pay the debt off at £50 a month direct to them and they refuse to help as "it's gone too far now" and they said if it get's handed back by the Bailiffs they will go for a committal to prison! I slightly lost my cool with the woman I was speaking to and told her that this is going to leave us no other option but to go Bankrupt as we also have other massive debts in our name, a repossession order on our house (which is my number one priiority to pay every month) and no one is offering to help us! Is there any other way out of this? I did suggest an attatchment of earnings, but she said that would be at least £250 a month, the £50 we're offering would push us quite a bit. HELP!
  8. HI I would appreciate some help on this issue if at all possible. I lost my job in May 2017 and was unemployed for 3 months. I was paying £1386.00 per month for a small one bedroom flat in Clapham Junction and had been doing so since Dec 2014 (so nearly 3 years). As it became apparent I could no longer afford the rent I spoke to Kinleigh Folkward and Hayward who were the estate agents for the private landlord I rented off and asked if I could be released early from my tenancy agreement which was due to expire on 10th Dec 2017. After negotiation the landlord agreed the tenancy could be terminated once a new tenant had been found but the estate agents insisted I was liable for paying the letting fee until the end of the tenancy (10th Dec) irrespective of whether a new tenant was found. A tenant was found and we agreed an end date of 25th Oct (today) - I had hoped for earlier as I was able to move to my new cheaper property on 30th Sept. After I moved out I started getting phone calls from workmen asking for permission to enter the flat to measure up replacing the carpets with wooden floors. I agreed but rang the estate agents checking that no work would commence until I had ended the tenancy. I saw no reason why (as I was in fact paying effectively rent on 2 properties that the landlord should profit from the situation by getting rent paid whilst he was having works done.) I got in writing that no work would begin until I had completed check out. I turned up at the flat last night to discover carpets ripped up, some new flooring laid and a total mes. I then cancelled the professional cleaning company I had booked for this am. I went back there this morning to find the workmen there with keys and smoking in the flat. The check out clerk arrived at 10am and was quite appalled too. I have not paid my rent since 10th September as I have no trust in these people (either the agents or the landlord) to not try and rip off my deposit. Financially then I owe 6 weeks rent but there are 4 weeks rent held in deposit. My question is - can I legitimately say they have to cancel the tenancy at the end of last week thereby reducing my debt to them (the workmen told me they had been there all week)and what action should I be taking regarding unlawful and unpermissioned entry into what technically was still my home? I'm not interested in just causing trouble for troubles sake but rather in reducing any payments to them that I need to make. 3 months without salary this year has broken me financially and I just do not have spare money. I'm happy for the deposit to be released to the landlord but want to reduce any further bill by as much as I can.... Any advice will be hugely gratefully received. Moobelle
  9. Evening, What a quality football! Got a PCN from Newham council / Temple Mill Lane for 'disobeying no entry restriction' (no entry sign). Never happened to me before! Here is the situation: 1) It's a regular two way street with sudden 'no entry' signs for BUSSES AND CYCLES ONLY (pls see attachment from google maps) 2) The driver driven past the sign for about 7-8 meters BUT then put on reverse gear when it was safe to do so and driven back 3) Upon driving backwards the driver noticed an unmarked vehicle parked on double yellow lines with a camera and a grumpy person inside; obviously filming. 4) Got a PCN. Put together a long appeal and got REJECTION as follows: 1) DRIVER: As can be seen on the video, the driver pulled back when it was safe to do so and to prevent any potential accidents. COUNCIL: We sent you a PCN because our camera evidence shows your vehicle disobeying a 'no entry' restriction. The relevant sign is round, red, and has a horizontal white line across it. 2) DRIVER: There is no prior warning and thus a very strange layout when suddenly the street terminates with 'no entry' signs. COUNCIL: Whilst it is appreciated that sometimes coming up to a no entry restriction can seem sudden to a motorist especially if unfamiliar with the road, it is very clean in this instance that you had lots of time and space to turn around with no other vehicles in site at the time. 3) DRIVER: No safe way to reverse: two way street, cycle lane, busses, and traffic emerging from a car park. Hazardous traffic. COUNCIL: I note you stated there was hazardous traffic, but it should be stated that this does not mean that a motorist can drive through a no entry restriction 4) DRIVER: As per freedom of information act, requested a brakedown on much money they make on that spot, arguing that they prefer to keep it that way to make money rather than put a proper layout in place. COUNCIL: Please direct such requests to the information governance team using the details xxx.... 5) DRIVER: Enforcement officer has been parked on a double yellow line in an unmarked vehicle: does this mean any motorist can park on double yellow lines in the borough? COUNCIL: I note you have stated that the enforcement officers car was parked inappropriately. Please not that whilst our enforcement officers do their best to make sure that there are not causing any inconvenience to others, it can be difficult at times to achieve this to the maximum. However please be assured that our enforcement officers always do their best to avoid any inconvenience whilst enforcing. I disagree with these answers: clearly council is making money here and is not interested in putting things right. And clearly they do this by compromising safety of drivers/pedestrians/cyclists and ignoring the normal rules (unmarked camera vans parked on double yellow lines). Do you think I have good chances of appealing to Parking Adjudicator? How do you suggest to do this? Many thanks PS. On the google screenshot attached another driver is caught with the same 'offence', they are making millions there!!!
  10. Hi, just returned from Calpe in Spain and we were burgled in our Holiday Villa which was booked through a UK company. On our last but one day we locked all doors, windows and shutters and went out for 45 minutes, returned and all was OK outside, unlocked and went in and after about an hour noticed an iPad, watch, some jewellery was missing, our mobile phones were out on the sofa still there and nothing else was missing, all inside locks were still locked. Phoned the rep, whist waiting spoke to the one neighbour who said same thing happened last summer to a dutch family who had 600 Euro and an expensive pair of trainers taken but their GoPro was not taken, they reported to the rep and police came etc, we did not have insurance and wondered where we stand in that SOMEONE USED A KEY to get in, we had one and the Owner, Cleaners, Maintenance Etc have access to one, also previous guests, people with a grievance may have copied a key ? This Villa company does have a few mentions with other villas nearby on TripAdviser with similar stories, we used the Safe but it was only big enough for my bum bag containing passports, money and car keys etc The Guardia Police came and we filled out a report, they did not appear to be surpised or concerned. So a previous burglary should they have put NEW LOCKS on ? Are the UK Rental Company liable for lack of security and compensate me ? Any Advice please on where to go with this ? Thanks Milocoon
  11. In view of two similar threads regarding right of forced entry for criminal fines, it might be good to clarify the situation where the front door of the debtor's residence is not immediately accessible: Flat block with secure entryphone system no trade button Postie has access code Flat block with secure entryphone system with trade button Secure OAP extra care facility with entryphone, Resident might have a speeding fine for their mobility scooter when plates were cloned or camera garbles the reg no of a speeding car (actually happened to a Flint Pensioner) Gated development with entryphone to street gates are 2 meters high and electrically operated by keypad and phone to residence Presumably unless they get in when someone lets them in or they ring flats at random hoping someone will let them in they cannot force entry to the external main door.
  12. Supply start date Feb 2014 Dispute raised March 2014 based on start of contract meter reading and inaccurate bill. September 2014 Court date set for warrant application and stated to court the warrant process was being misused and the account was in dispute warrant declined as there was no need to attend my meter for any works or service. After the declined warrant application I agreed to have smart meters fitted and debt would be refreshed due to inaccuracy on contract start date. Debt has never been wiped as agreed, so account remains in dispute. The engineers came and declared it unsafe to sit a smart meter due to age of current gas meter, they wanted to replace the meter due to age but due to location would need to consult with national grid as walls needed to be knocked through etc etc and pipes re piped. Nothing materialised, I changed my supplier however as I have discovered today only the electric went through. I was unaware that the supplier was still supplying me and assumed I was on a dual fuel tariff with new supplier however it's electric only. I have today been issued with a notice to obtain a warrant due to debt of £3500. Last meter reading was September 2014. Have bot been provided with an accurate bill in this time. The meter still awaits replacement. Any advice on how to proceed? Upon phoning them They are adamant they either need 50 % payment or they will fit a pre payment meter and deduct 20% of every top up for the debt. I'm happy to have a repayment meter however the amount of debt is not correct
  13. I have been in dispute with Eon for some time now regarding my bills. My emails fall on deaf ears as Eon have responded stating that they will no longer discuss my dispute. As this thread depicts on many occasions, the inevitable Warrant of Entry was applied for by Eon in Portsmouth Court. I am from Derby. Now, as a Justice of the Peace, I am sure you are aware of the Magistrate Court Act 1980 (and in turn the Civil Procedure Rules 1998/9). These are legislation set in place guaranteeing the rights of citizens in regards to court processes. One major flaw in the letters all these bloggers receive is that these invites to courts are NOT actually from the court themselves, but from the Utility Companies. The Magistrates Courts Act is clear on the fact that only a Court can summon a person to a hearing, not a company and therefore the utility company's letters are NOT summons'. Therefore, without the court actually summoning you to court personally, there can be NO court hearing?! When I had the 'Human Rights Letter,' a term of which I had never seen written in law before, I immediately wrote to the said court to ask if they had my name down for a hearing on that date at that time. The response I had was negative. Hence, there never was any official hearing. Now in order for any warrant to be issued, the more recent (1980) Magistrates Courts Act, (which therefore has precedence over the outdated Right of Entry act (1954), is clear that there has had to have been a hearing, to which the court has an obligation set in law to invite you to in order to give you the opportunity to defend yourself (i.e have a fair trial, a cornerstone of British law first mentioned in the Magna Carter!). Therefore, if the court itself hasn't actually summoned you to court for a hearing then there is no official hearing. Secondly, even if there was a hearing, the court is obliged to inform the defendant (us) that the claimant/creditor (Utility company) has been successful in their claim. All correspondence from the Utility companies are not official court documentation and thus are fraudulent when impersonating the courts. When a warrant is issued the courts, again, have to notify you of the warrant, and this could only ever be issued following a court appearance at a hearing which we potentially were unsuccessful at. I have never been invited, by a court, to any such hearing and thus any warrant of entry made against me by a court is in dereliction of duty, i.e. the court / judge has not followed the correct, legal court process in which it is legal to issue such warrants. Furthermore, if we leave the Magistrates act aside and concentrate on the Rights of Entry act, in combination with the Electricity act 1989, 'if there is ever any genuine dispute between the consumer and the utility company, a warrant of entry CANNOT be issued. I wrote to the court regardless of their lack of protocol stating clearly that a warrant cant be issued for my property as there is an ongoing genuine dispute. At the supposed hearing that Eon (not the court) invited me to, the judge has an obligation, by law, to scrutinise and consider all evidence set before them in order to be completely clear that there decision on issuing any judgement (or in this case, warrant)(Magistrates act again). In these 'rubber stamping' situations it is almost guaranteed that the judge seeing the applications can never be beyond any doubt that they have considered all aspects of the case in order to issue their verdict. Especially when the courts haven't even summoned the defendant to the supposed hearing to put over their case. In short, all Warrants issued under this old Right of Entry Act are issued illegally, as the Magistrates Courts Act, which protects us to a more fair trial, takes precedence over the 1954 act and has been disregarded. Now I conducted all correct enquiries to the courts to make certain that there was no hearing, and they agreed there was no hearing. Yet still Eon turned up one day and broke in claiming they had a warrant of entry?!?!?! I threw them out and now face conviction through two counts of battery that the Eon staff alleged I inflicted upon them. I was defending my home from the elitist Big Six companies, by following the letter of the law, and still face conviction. These warrants are all illegal and it is about time these courts/judges are convicted themselves of fraudulent activity and of dereliction of duty, as well as the perjury crimes of the utility companies by providing misleading information to the magistrates.
  14. Good afternoon folks, I have been looking around for advice on the following as i am trying to clean up my credit files folowing completion of an IVA in August 2016. In summary, IVA started in June 2010, settled in August 2016. One of the creditors has finally updated the credit file at Equifax as below :- You can see that there is no default date on this entry, which should be the start date for the IVA. Is this entry going to stay on there for another 6 years from the settlement date, which should also be the date for te end of the IVA? If i have the default date corrected will the entry then disappear ? This creditor, Nationwide, seems to be reluctant to assist. Urkood.
  15. Hi all, Hoping someone could give me some advice. I'm with OVO Energy, have been since August 2016. My tariff was £45 a month dual fuel, 2 bed semi detached house. I live with 1 other person. I cancelled my direct debit in October and made a manual payment. I couldn't set my direct debit back up on the website so I left it and made a couple of small payments here and there, intending to set it back up again. I had two statements from them, one in Nov for £32.24 and one in Dec for £31.43. A man came to read the meters a week or so ago. On my online account it says that I gave them a reading on the 9th Jan and then they estimated a reading on the 14th?? It also says that my gas usage is up over 2000% (how??). I got home yesterday to a threatening letter threatening a warrant of entry and saying I owe them £296.25!!! I rang them this morning and they told me that they didn't use the meter reading that was taken on the 9th Jan because it was 'too different', and made me read the meters over the phone, which I did. She put me on hold and came back saying that I owe over £400! Apparently they have emailed and written to me, which they have, but the last two statements were for the reasonable amounts above, no requests to contact them - this is totally out of the blue and I'm pretty sure they have just pulled that figure out of thin air. How should I handle this? They've also told me that they have to take half of the amount at once before setting up a payment plan (seems to be a standard tactic they use). I'm pretty clued up with debt collectors and their ways and I'm not threatened by their letter - however I want to keep this from escalating as I don't want another default. I'd like to stop them in their tracks if poss. Thanks in advance!
  16. Hi guys. The other night I had the misfortune to have bailiffs from Marston's attend my property. I was asleep on the sofa my partner went outside to see what the noise was as we live on a partly industrial site and we have locked gates to the shared access. My partner came in frantic and woke me up to tell me that men who identified themselves as Law Enforcement Officers were here to see me.. I went out to greet them and instructed my partner to lock the door behind me. Stupidly neither of us had the good sense to video any of this because if we did then the following events may not have happened. I asked them what their business was they said they were there to exercise a warrant for unpaid fines. I replied that this was fine and I offered myself for arrest as they had led us to believe that they were Court Bailiffs and not Private Bailiffs. Whilst I was talking to them, one of them said they had the power to force entry yet never showed me any warrant.. .whilst I was being distracted by one Bailiff the other opened my rear gate and the next thing I hear is my partner screaming that the other Bailiff is forcing the French Doors open. Anyone that knows French doors will know that unless you have very thick bolts top and bottom that they are fairly easy for a 14 stone thug to push open regardless of how good your Chubb lock is on the handle assembly. Unfortunately I just have 2 little bolt locks at the bottom of the doors and they are only attached by half inch screws. I immediately rang 999 and asked for Police to report a case of breaking and entering.. .but once I told the operator that they were Bailiffs she said there was nothing they could do??? is that the case? All you need to burgle a house is a uniform and a bundle of lies. Now that they are both in the house they start just going through our things saying that they would be taking everything unless they received full payment of £700. To try and settle with them I offered them either of 2 cars, a 1 ounce gold chain or my Rolex watch left to me by my Grandfather.. .and they refused each of them and instead began to dismantle my computer and the 7 year old plasma TV I use as a monitor for it. My partner and I at this stage were terrified as the Police had turned their back on us, the Bailiffs didn't really seem to want to take goods.. .more like create a sense of fear, disruption and panic in our house. I told them I would happily surrender what I owned. ..gold chain, Rolex watch and 2 cars but as it was my partner's rented (furnished) house and not a joint tenancy nearly everything else belonged to either my landlord or my partner and I offered receipts to prove. They then said that they would be taking everything anyway and we could use the receipts that I had just offered to show them to claim what they had taken by applying to the Court. Then we get to the what they really want. .I said I had just given up my job through illness before Christmas and we simply didn't have that kind of money but I could get £300. They said "You must know someone who will lend it to you" and my partner then rang her Mum who paid it on her Credit Card. Now what this fine related to was a car I sold over a year ago to a car dismantler who was supposed to have applied for a new logbook informing the DVLA he was the new keeper but clearly he didn't. Now because the vehicle was neither SORN nor taxed apparently the DVLA can now 'do' you for no insurance. Now here is my guilt...I foolishly ignored their letters thinking that eventually the DVLA would be updated eventually. I then exacerbated things by ignoring the Court letters too. In my defence I suffer from PTSD and other mental health issues not to mention physical ongoing Pancreatic problems so I know it's bad but I do bury my head in the sand and hope everything will all go away. Not the actions of a perfectly mentally sound individual. Now what I have done so far to try and remedy the situation is send the DVLA a copy of the bill of sale for the car.. .and naturally they say it's not their problem now. ..so my next step is to deal with the Court. I also reported it this morning to the Police as a crime and let me tell you that is no easy task as the operator this time said she would pass it along to their crime team who would get back to me within a few days....no crime number or reference of any kind. I fully intend to help my partner's mother instigate a chargeback on her Credit Card although it seems to be ill advised on this site. ..as this payment was obtained solely under duress. Any advice or imput would be gratefully received. Thanks so much in advance
  17. Hello All I made this SAR request to the Energy Ombudsman (E-O) as I wanted to see what Npower submitted to them as evidence to back up their response to my complaint with them. Npower are reknowned for saying they have done everything correctly but not substantiating anything with hard evidence. My questions are: 1) There are some emails between Npower and the E-O where the NPower's persons details (name number email etc) have been redacted. Is this permitted? Why? 2) The E-O hasn't sent me any evidence from Npower to substantiate their response to my complaint (but they did include the emails I sent them as evidence) . Should they withhold this from me in SAR request? As this was the purpose of me making the request in the first place. 3) Can I do anything about the above to get the info I was after in the first place? Many thanks in advance Jimbo
  18. Hi all, Sorry if this is in the wrong place. I have just checked my credit report and their are 2 entries for the same debt. One listed under credit cards with the original CC company and another listed under other accounts with the debt purchasers name. They both have the same amount owing and same account start date, but the debt purchser has the first default (and nothing else) listed almost 2 years after the CC company applied the default. Just wondering if this is something I should be worried about as the SB date is approaching.
  19. Hi all, I have a letter direct from the local council's own court baliff demanding I pay my council tax bill with 14 days or he will ask the courts to commit me to prison. If I ignore this, would my entry in to the Royal Navy in January next year be effected? Would I have a police warrant for my arrest, or not?
  20. Hello Again All, I was bankrupt - discharged in April 2010. All the creditors have deleted their entries from my credit record except O2 who have an end of December 2010, instead of April 2010. I provided their Complaints Review Service person with a copy of my bankruptcy and discharge letter. They are demanding to see a full copy of my Statement of Affairs (presumably from 2010), stating that they have never received this. They state that they will not delete or amend any entry on my credit record without the Statement of Affairs. Surely O2 are not entitled to a copy? I remember sending this to the Official Receiver. Any thoughts as to how I should proceed would be welcome. Perhaps the email address of the CEO, if anyone has this? Thanks. AvengingAngel xxxxx
  21. Lending Stream Hi there, in March 2011 I took out a loan with lending stream (amongst others), which I didn’t pay back, Due to a gambling addiction (addiction fixed now:-)) All of my accounts at the time fell into arrears and therefore default, which I deserved But upon checking my credit file, all of my other accounts show a default date of around may-sept 2011, yet lending stream show there’s as Nov 2012 With the 6 year rule I was happy to wait till sept 2017, but lending streams is a more than a year later, I thought It was a reporting mistake so I called them, and they confirmed the same date Surely it should have defaulted within 3 months to 180 days like the rest, I’ve heard of lending stream being weird how they report things to the CCA’s Can I challenge this? I.e. you should have defaulted me sooner
  22. Hi all, I rent a house. My landlady has some issue with Npower an an outstanding amount. There was a letter, which I opened at her request, from last month saying they were going to have a hearing on a date now passed (but not when the letter was sent) to gain a warrant of entry to enter your home. I went out today and when I came back there was a gas pre-pay meter installed (outside) and a letter on the table inside. all the windows were closed and the doors were locked. I think they must have picked the lock on the front door. Is this legal? is there anything I can do about it? I am currently on ESA because of serious back issues, and receive housing benefit. as I say it was my landlady's debt, but I am renting the house. thanks in advance
  23. Hi I wonder if anyone out there can be of assistance. Just over 2 weeks ago it was my daughters christening. A very good friend of ours is a priest and he agreed to perform the ceremony. He actually lives in Texas and has visited UK on numerous occasions so we were thrilled when he said that he would pass through UK (perform baptism) on his way back to the US after visiting Nigeria. The christening was actually scheduled to take place on the day that he was arriving (1.30pm). As the flight touched down at around 7am we thought that would allow plenty of time. He secured the necessary transit visa and when he touched down at Heathrow he called to let us know that he had landed. An hour later (around 8.30) he called to inform us that the booking agent in Nigeria had made an error with the return flight. Return flight had been booked for 09:45 the same day. He tried changing it but the problem was that he needed to pay a surcharge but the American credit card he possessed was not able to process the fee. I said that I would pay but the airport officials said that I could not do this over the phone- only in person. Around 9.30 am I rushed over to Heathrow and made my way over to the excess fee desk. I explain the situation to the desk attendant and provide the Fr’s details and flight reference no. The attendant informed me that a new return ticket would have to be issued with a return flight either that afternoon at 2pm ($200) or the next day (£881). We opted for the next day as the christening was happening 1.30pm that very afternoon and there was no way that he would have made the 2pm flight. Before he authorised me to purchase the ticket he was confirmed that purchasing the ticket would allow him through. I purchased the ticket and waited for him to come through. I waited and waited. Around 10.30 I called him and he informed me that Immigration was not allowing him through. When asked why the immigration officer told him that a visa does not automatically allow anyone into the UK and that she has the authority to reject any visa and that she is using that authority now. He was told that he would be leaving on the next flight out to the US and that he could either leave peacefully or she would instruct her colleagues to bundle him onto the flight. I was shocked and could not believe it. No explanation was provided. In fact I spoke with Fr when he arrived back in the US and he told me that there were other junior immigration officers present that were sympathetic and when the senior officer left the room they apologised profusely and informed him that this particular immigration officer was anti cleric. Fr was put on the 2pm flight and I rushed back to the church and arrived an hour late for the service. Luckily our resident priest had been kept in the loop and had agreed to perform the service (solo). However before leaving the airport I had instructed BA to cancel the ticket and demanded a full refund. They tried to refund the money back onto my card but said that as the flight was paid in dollars it was causing problems (not sure why exactly). In fact no less than 3 members of staff (each more senior than the next) had attempted to give me a refund but ‘the system’ was not allowing it. They were only able to refund £87 for some reason. The rest they couldn’t do. I was provided with a customer service number which I tried later that evening only to be given a reference number for the issue. I have since received a response from BA- see below. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. I think I probably have a strong case for the mere fact that Fr did have all the necessary papers and secondly I had cancelled the flight and BA had already attempted to give me a full refund. However before I respond I would like to know if there is anything else I can say. Thank you.
  24. Hi, I have received a PCN for failing to comply with a No Entry Sign in Morris Place N4 London. It's a very confusing road which splits into a No Entry two thirds of the way down the road. What is particularly confusing is that there is still a 'Turn Left' sign at the end of the road - possibly from before a No Entry rule was introduced? This 'Turn Left' sign can clearly be seen on the photographs on my PCN notice. I've done a bit of googling and can see that this Morris Place No Entry has been the cause of much discussion previously with a number of people appealing and having success. I think some of the road signs have now changed (I don't think there was a No Through Road previously at the top of the road). Is it worth me appealing again? It was dark and I did not see the sign, I also used to live in Finsbury Park and it was always OK to drive down this road, but must have changed in the last few years. It seems ridiculous for such a tiny stretch of road. Any help would be much appreciated! Thanks
  25. I need to serve a section 8 notice, I'm on the premises & can open the door to allow them to serve the tenants notice. The residence is a private residential address. I'm already staying on the premises, & I can open the door from the inside, & allow the bailiff in to serve notice. Is this legal? The tricky part is, I dont have a tenancy agreement to prove I live on the property, but I can prove I'm the landlord. & the tenants still have a tenancy contract AST on the property. Basically can the tenants claim forced entry, or something, if I allow a bailiff entry to serve notice?
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