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  1. ...this link is better: https://consultation.hackney.gov.uk/streetscene/oldhill-street-tyssen-school-school-street/
  2. Looks like I am outside of that period: https://consultation.hackney.gov.uk/streetscene/oldhill-street-tyssen-school-school-street/user_uploads/delegated-powers-decision.pdf
  3. It's ok,thanks. Just checked on google maps and there is indeed another sign part way down Oldhill street that has the restriction on it. Just goes to show,just because you have been using a road for 30 years don't assume the restrictions will remain the same.
  4. ...sorry,when I try to attach the file it opens to the individual pictures. I don't know how to correct this? oldhill 4.pdf oldhill 2.pdf oldhill 1.pdf oldhill 3.pdf
  5. Received this pcn today for driving in a street during restricted hours. This is a fairly new restriction that I had no idea about. The only warning is on a sign above the bus lane on the main road that the restricted street is at a right angle to. As my focus was on the oncoming traffic and the junction itself, I didn't notice the new sign. As it is,I have never seen a restricted street displaying this kind of sign. Do I have any grounds for appeal?
  6. The Landlord has asked Thames water for a formal letter stating that the drain is the responsibility of the church.He will be contacting the church with this to see if prompts them to take action.
  7. I've tried speaking to them. The church is a Jehovahs witness one, so no vicar. They have assured me that they will pass on my concerns but the problem has persisted and they do nothing.
  8. I have an issue with a drain that floods the area outside the front door of a property I rent. The drain is in a private road, owned by a local church. Every time there is a heavy storm, the drain overflows and creates a large puddle up to 4" deep outside my front door. As cars come down the road to attend the church, water is pushed over the door stop and floods into the basement. I spoke to Thames Water last year and they informed me that the ownership and responsibility laid with the church. I contacted the church but no action was taken so Thames Water agreed to send someone to try to deal with it. The upshot is that the drain is not blocked but is badly constructed, so is unable to cope with large volumes of water. Both myself and the Landlord have repeatedly contacted the church but nothing is being done to fix the problem. Is there any legal action that can be taken to force them to address the problem?
  9. The only details provided were the PCN reference and the reason for the appeal.
  10. No, I didn't tell them anything, the appeal was anonymous.
  11. Latest attempt,I am guessing it should be ignored?
  12. this morning a second letter arrived ignoring my appeal and demanding £100. The demand is addressed to my wife as the vehicle is hers and I have given them no information about who the driver was. I am happy to take this further but can I do it without involving the registered keeper (my wife)?
  13. This is my plan after your advice earlier in the thread. Thanks.
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