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  1. compact law link: Yes this applies to the court's maladministration of justice
  2. There was no chance i could have turned up to the hearing as 1) the court told me that had no record of a hearing in my name at that date and time and 2) i am from Derby and the fabled hearing (or as you put it, Eons room hire) was in Portsmouth. Any legitimate court hearing HAS to transfer the proceedings to a court close to the defendant. I still dont understand this term 'human rights letter,' as human rights act only applies to government bodies and not individual companies, if this fabled Human rights letter is in conjunction with the human rights act, then Eo
  3. As far as I am aware the right of entry act does not specify that they have to give notice or not? It does specify though that if they obtain a warrant that they must send you a copy before enforcing it? Also, as it is known as a hearing (and not simply an application), then any hearing cannot be ruled without notice. Yes I have read so much about council tax liability sessions also, the same things apply there regarding fraudulent court summons and hearings.
  4. Well i have asked both the court and Eon similar questions regarding the supposed hearing and warrant. The court have responded stating that in order for them to send me a copy of the warrant I have to pay £10? The court is yet to respond when I have asked them which judge presided over the hearing? They have stated that there is no method of appealing the warrant, and only Eon has the power to cancel the warrant. They have not responded to my question of what evidence they had to consider at the supposed hearing. since when was Eon a higher authorit
  5. Correct, but there still needs to be an official hearing for any case in a court, and the court is obliged to invite you to that hearing. There is no legislation in place which allows any third party (be it a utility company or even the local council) the legal right to issue summons to hearings.
  6. I fear you are both correct but we have to do something one day or else everyone will keep getting treated incorrectly. What I have done is reported breaking and entering on my property by Eon, so at least the police will have to investigate the validity of the warrant now. The trouble is complaining about the courts and judges actions, thats only ever going to fail i think, but i shall try regardless. Bear in mind I have still not ever seen any said warrant, despite several requests, and in order to appeal a warrant, you require a claim number. AS ther
  7. I have been in dispute with Eon for some time now regarding my bills. My emails fall on deaf ears as Eon have responded stating that they will no longer discuss my dispute. As this thread depicts on many occasions, the inevitable Warrant of Entry was applied for by Eon in Portsmouth Court. I am from Derby. Now, as a Justice of the Peace, I am sure you are aware of the Magistrate Court Act 1980 (and in turn the Civil Procedure Rules 1998/9). These are legislation set in place guaranteeing the rights of citizens in regards to court processes. One maj
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