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Found 3 results

  1. Hello all! I have been reading this website for awhile and decided to join yesterday! I am extremely interested to get anyone's advise or experiences with having Bank of Ireland put on CIFAS, how to approach it and how it can be resolved. Many Thanks Lisa
  2. Hi All We are facing a horrid time with the Bank of Ireland Litigation team and are in urgent need of some help to set aside a repossession judgment. As time is of the essence I won't go into all the issues we have with how we are being treated by this Bank here (but will return to explain more later) Basically we have a very small portfolio of properties which is instead of a pension. So my wife and I are trying desperately to hold on to them as you can imagine. We have an adopted child with some special needs and financially we are struggling. The Bank of Ireland hold two of our mortgages and have instructed TLT Solicitors. Yesterday I successfully defended a repossession application on the basis that the Bank served the paper work to the wrong address. The judge agreed that as the Bank had written to us at our current address they had incorrectly served by sending papers to our previous address which the Bank claim is the only address they have on their computer. The judge ordered them to re-serve at the correct address and awarded us costs of £100. I now find that they have served again at our previous address for another of our properties and it has already gone to court. As I didn't know I obviously did not turn up for the hearing. The hearing was on May 10th. We have a tenant moving in this Friday. I urgently need to apply to have the judgement set aside but I don't want to make any mistakes. We cant afford a solicitor. Although the Judge in yesterday's case, in awarding us costs commented to the plaintiffs representative on his objection, "You're lucky it's only £100, it would have been considerably more if they had instructed representation." What do I need to do? Can I mention our case from yesterday as a president? I did not take any evidence of my earnings to court so the judge couldn't award anything for this but could I include evidence of my income in this application and request compensation for my time defending this. So to be clear our position is the Bank were fully aware of our postal address as they have written to us at the address prior to serving this repossession notice. We have also been talking to them and their solicitors for several months and no one mentioned this action. They have served at the wrong address. Please help us asap as we really don't want to lose our property. Man thanks to you all. We are so grateful for this forum!!
  3. Hi Everyone This is my first visit and post to CAG and I wonder if there is anyone who can help with my large problem. THE DETAILS: My problems arose when I was made redundant from a highly paid job in 2009 and found myself on jobseekers allowance of £63 per week ..... I have an interest only mortgage of £238,000 with Bristol & West (Now Bank of Ireland) - there are no arrears but I am on a fixed rate of 6.9% (Fixed until 2013 with an early penalty payment of £14,000) - monthly repayments are £1,206 The house is worth no more than around £230,000 I have a secured loan with Barclay's - originally for £100,000 and although I've paid back £49,000 over the past 4 years, the loan has a larger amount owing than first borrowed! There are arrears of around £7,000 and I am paying £945 per month in total (£89 over payment to SLOWLY clear arrears) - NB: NO PPI I successfully completed an IVA in August 2009 and therefore have no unsecured debt. The IVA was settled from my redundancy payout. MY QUESTIONS: Is there ANYTHING I can do to reduce the £2,100 per month I am having to pay on these two accounts? I obviously have a poor credit rating. Would Barclays allow me to sell my house and then the secured loan would be unsecured (actually it already is!)? I could rent a palace for the amount I'm currently paying! Would Bristol & West negotiate a lower settlement figure if I sell the house? (they are currently contacting everyone - me included - to try to get people to settle mortgages as Ireland is in trouble and they are desperate to clear their books - they told me they would be prepared to consider reducing the early penalty payment but I suppose it depends if Barclay's will let me sell). Can anyone think of any other solution? FINAL COMMENTS: These loans are crippling me, every month is a massive struggle. I calculate that I am working for Barclays & Bank of Ireland for the first 19 days of every month and it is driving me crazy. I fully accept I spent the money and took out the loans but the bad luck I've had in buying and selling my homes, bad advice on taking fixed rate mortgages and aggressive selling by Barclays so called 'personal account manager', didn't help me at all. ANY help or advice would be really appreciated. Thanks in advance.
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