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  1. Since being on furlough I have taken time to address certain issues. One of which is reviewing my bank statements and direct debits and I noticed that my electricity/ gas bills are in the region of £400 per month. I believe that because my readings have been continually estimated this has led to very high bills. I spoke with the energy company concerned (Scottish Power) and they had a higher elec reading on record (taken back in Nov 2019) than the current reading (which did not make sense). They agreed to monitor the reading for a week to see how much e
  2. My wife attends Middlesex University one morning when she was running late she quickly parked and called the parking mobile line. She received the text message confirming that payment for parking had been received for the day. When she returned to her car she saw a parking ticket. We challenged the ticket enclosing proof of payment and the text message received on the day. Barnet rejected the challenge (see attached) due to the fact that my wife incorrectly entered her registration number (she missed off a digit). Is there anything we can do? Parking ticket.p
  3. Thank you for the responses so far. My issue is the following- at no point when I purchased the ticket was I told that it was non refundable- I was never given an option to purchase a refundable or a non refundable ticket. On the contrary when I cancelled the flight and requested a full refund at no point did any of the BA staff inform me that the ticket was non refundable. Three staff members (each senior than the next) attempted to refund monies back onto my card. I was told that it was 'the system' which prevented the refund not the fact that I purchased a non refundable ticket - which I'm
  4. Hi I wonder if anyone out there can be of assistance. Just over 2 weeks ago it was my daughters christening. A very good friend of ours is a priest and he agreed to perform the ceremony. He actually lives in Texas and has visited UK on numerous occasions so we were thrilled when he said that he would pass through UK (perform baptism) on his way back to the US after visiting Nigeria. The christening was actually scheduled to take place on the day that he was arriving (1.30pm). As the flight touched down at around 7am we thought that would allow plenty of time. He secured the necessa
  5. Actually- it may even be longer than that. I just confirmed that the house was actually purchased in 1974 and tenant died 20yrs after and son has been there for last 20 yrs- Wow time does fly when your having fun.
  6. My parents are very elderly (mother 80 and father 93)- they say that the agreement was with the mother but this was years ago and they are unable to locate it. At the time of the mothers death the son was living in Philippines and rushed over with bride in tow once he learnt of his mothers demise. There is no agreement with the son.
  7. Thanks for the response. On both occasions my parents informed them and gave sufficient warning that work would be conducted on the premises. On the first occasion (ie central heating) the wife agreed and allowed work to be conducted. They even agreed to the double glazing to be done but when the workmen arrived the husband refused them entry.
  8. Thanks for the rapid response. In answer to your questions. I definitely did not receive PCN at the time nor did I receive one in the post. Do I then contact council and ask for it to be cancelled?
  9. Hi My parents live in Stoke Newington in a property which they purchased about 35 yrs ago. At the time of purchase three rooms of the top floor was occupied by a sitting tenant (elderly lady). The tenant passed away about 10yrs after the property was purchased but then the son (who occasionally visited the mother) inherited the tenancy. So now the son lives with his wife in the property. They have lived in the property for the last 15yrs or so. My questions are as follows: a) Are there any new laws surrounding inherited sitting tenancy - are they still protected to the extent that they ca
  10. I received this PCN a month after the event. The ticket was not issued at the site as I drove off before it could be attached to my windscreen. Is there not a time limit by which tickets have to be received? Plus £130 seems excessive. Allowing no option to pay 50% reduction fee- I thought they had to. Please advise.
  11. Hi all Thanks for all the advice/ comments received. Just to update you all the corporate company ended up paying the outstanding invoices in full. It was then agreed that I would continue at the revised rate for June and July but the August payment would be at the higher rate. I received full payments for June and July. My contract completed at the end of August but to date I have not been paid my August costs plus my expenses (which date back to last year). In total I am owed nearly £30K. My question now is what action to take? The agency which I have the agreement with and whom i addres
  12. I have been with this particular company for the past 2yrs and the project that I am working on will be ending in August. My contract is to be extended in June for 2-3 months to assist in closing. Due to these recent developments I doubt v much that I will extend my contract.
  13. I was under the impression that a verbal contract is sufficient.
  14. No I do not have a contract with my agency that specifies new rate. So is that what it boils down to?
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