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  1. Hello, I am looking for some advice please. I have a standing order weekly to Fedex Europe paying off some outstanding import tax, however today I have received a Notice of Enforcement asking for £958 - includes a number of charges! I can happily print off the invoices for these payments and get these off to them, but I need to know what I can do re the letter? I have emailed them today asking for confirmation of whether any payments have been added to this account. I have until 31st March to get this sorted. Please advise. Thanks
  2. Well it seems like Provident are having issues. Being investigated for irresponsible lending and losing a lot of money on shares. http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-4814606/800-000-families-face-crisis-sub-prime-loan-firm-tanks.html
  3. Does anyone have the name, postal address and if possible email address for the CEO /MD of Swinton Car insurance please?
  4. Hi All Would anybody be able to find me the contact details for the CEO of UK Mail? I am beyond anger with these people. Three times in a row I have scheduled a collection of some bits I sold on ebay, they don't turn up, don't apologise, don't give any reason and don't give a rats ... I pay through the roof for it to be next day, and they don't arrive. The people on ebay then have a fit at me, and it reflects in the feedback. If I had enough money I would sue them for damage to my account
  5. CEOs of companies which fail to prevent problems with data security following cyber attacks face having part of their pay withheld under proposals outlined by a committee of MPs, which has also called for disclosure of data protection strategies in annual reports The Select Committee report recommended: Making advice on claiming compensation more readily available. Solicitors to provide advice to data breach victims Checking if existing measures are adequate. Clearer upfront info on cancelling contracts in the event of a data breach. Fines for companies that fail to guar
  6. She was stopped in a public place having dropped a butt outside of a shop before going back in. After she came out the shop, 2 men approached her asking to see her immigration documents (shes European and has every right to be here). They both were apparently very aggressive to her. Anyway she gave them a fake name, and an address she lived at many years ago. What could happen now? or is she in the clear?
  7. Hi i would be grateful for any clarification other caggers can provide. LTSB Gold Service Payment application form circa 1990's. across the top of the application 'Lloyds Bank Gold Service Payment/Photo Card Application Form' underneath Credit agreement regulated by the Consumer Credit Act 1974. this is very confusing as part of the document states under 'Security' 'the overdraft facility made available under this agreement is unsecured and shall not be secured or treated as secured by virtue of any mortgage, charge or other security which i/we may have already give
  8. Hello all! I have been reading this website for awhile and decided to join yesterday! I am extremely interested to get anyone's advise or experiences with having Bank of Ireland put on CIFAS, how to approach it and how it can be resolved. Many Thanks Lisa
  9. Anybody got an actual E-Mail address for the executive of Halifax without going through the rubbish customer complaints area??
  10. Does anyone know where Gavin Patterson works? I know his email address is gavin.e.patterson@bt.com but I'd prefer to use snail mail
  11. Recently the Manager at my local JD Wetherspoons Lloyds Bar, has lost the plot, and has begun barring people for raising concerns and complaints about the Pub. I am looking for the email address, or physical address of the CEO John Hutson, as the head office are incompetent at the very best, simply churning out standard letter templates saying how sorry they are, and generally saying whatever they think you want to hear. He is clearly threatened and is hiding something, otherwise he wouldn't have barred me, (getting one of his staff to do the dirty work). I would have thought that
  12. Hi Does anyone know the direct contact details for the current CEO of British Gas? I did search this on the forum, but could only find details and info from 2009...... Any help, very welcome. Lindsay
  13. Hi I'm trying to find out the name for the ceo for C&G. have tried googling the info but all that comes up is their complaints team - who are pretty useless. I've come across the name Andrew Longhurst but think this info must be out of date. can anyone help?
  14. does anyone have the virgin mobile ceo email address? i tried graeme oxby and i just got a delivery failure so not sure if thats still active thanks
  15. does anyone have the argos ceo email? reason i am asking is: i bought a bed feb 1st within 4 weeks,the metal legs were totally bent...im like 10 stone so not putting too much weight on it for that to happen,after i took it apart actually found it was the big thick screws that were bent. took it back and got it replaced great i thought. had this replacement about 3 weeks now and the legs are bent again so can only assume its the screws that are bent again. phoned the store and they are only willing to give me a replacement,which i am not really up for after this happening twice
  16. Please PLEASE can someone offer me some advice. I have had a small business account with British Gas for over 10 years. In 2010 I received an invoice from BG for several thousand pounds saying that my bills had been estimated for several years and here was a bill for what I owed them. Up until this point I always paid the bills they sent me and un be known (yes I agree this was my fault for not reading the bills properly) I hadnt realised they were estimated The recession had hit however and I was unable to pay this HUGE bill so I contacted BG. My turnover fell to £14k
  17. Briefly: I have a weekly payment card for Scottish Power, and due to some error, two payments last Nov were made but didnt get transferred, so its now 'lost in the system', I thought they had gone through, but on checking they hadnt. First I knew about it was a letter from SP saying that the weekly payments was terminated and pay the lot, I put my side to them that as far as I was concerned ( as I thought) payments were made Eventually, they produced a statement ok Fair enough I am trying to get them to advise an additional amount to cover the arrears and have been ma
  18. Here is a list of common notebook abbreviations used by Civil Enforcement Officers
  19. I was working in a pub called the Square Pig in the mentioned road, I had completed the work in the premisses, as I departed at 10:27 I can see a CEO standing right next to the van looking at my ticket which expires at 10:27. As I opened my van to place my tools in I said "Am I to late, as its not attached to the van", I had no response but they were still looking at there hand held device. I closed the van side door, went to the front got in, and went to drive away and was held up by a car, so I could not move, that car moved after 20 to 30 seconds so I could join the carriage way. Bel
  20. just noticed this location Any views ore comments http://www.nationaltraffic.co.uk/parkingZone/viewtopic.php?f=2&t=402
  21. Hi guys Could anyone supply me with Stephen Hester's, NATWEST/RBS CEO e-mail address and address please. I have looked on the internet to find multiple ones for him so would like the "real" ones. Thanks Guys:-)
  22. Hello is there anybody that knows who the CEO of Fashion World is and there Email address - I have been treated so badly by Fashion World today - I will explain - Today I got a letter from S C Gray Solicitors Ltd saying Fashion World had passed my debt over to them and I needed to pay within so many days ect I was really shoked by this because since the end of last year with the help of the CAB I have been paying Fashion World £5 a month by standing order through my bank account - I checked with my bank and they told me I have paid every month since it was set up so I phoned Fas
  23. Hi, To cut a long story short of total mistreatment, I need to contact the owner & founder of Interactive Life Forms which is the parent company to Fleshlight founded and owned by Steve Shubin. All support and helpdesk systems in both European & American websites plus their email addresses are rendering no responses. I am extremely angry at the level of poor service especially as the founder and owner Steve Shubin is an ex Los Angeles S.W.A.T officer. This non service is absolute criminal and they owe me £8.19 as when they refunded my order they did not pay the outgoing or incomin
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