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  1. Hi Does anyone know the direct contact details for the current CEO of British Gas? I did search this on the forum, but could only find details and info from 2009...... Any help, very welcome. Lindsay
  2. Thanks for your reply - Do you have any info on where/how i can directly email the CEO? how easy is it to find their details? I really want to pay via DD to qualify for the DD discount - this is a business account and the 4% discount per month makes it worthwhile, this amount X 4 (for the last four months) is a sizeable amount which they have prevented us from saving!!! Lindsay
  3. hi Really looking for some advice. I have an ongoing issue with british gas, this has been going on for over four months now and i dont know where to go from here. * I changed my account with them and needed to re-set the Direct Debit. Existing Direct Debit stopped.... * They then continued to try and take the money from the old account direct debit, despite new details and a new Direct Debit being set up. * Numerous phone calls resulted in two further new Direct Debits being set up and STILL they continued to try to take the money from the original Direct Debit instruction.... * All this time, I am losing track of what is owed to them, despite many attempts to pay my bills via direct debit. * We are losing our discounts because they 'Can't' take the money and i am spending countless hours on the phone, time when i am supposed to be at work trying to address this issue. * I even took a full day off work and had to cancel a family day out in order to wait in for a call from them and they never called * I have emailed them the details of the Direct Debit instruction many times and they've never replied * Now we have been contacted by a debt collector 'Buchanan, Clark & Wells' who are chasing the money we have been trying to pay them... . After speaking with B,C & W they informed us that they contacted British gas who told them that they weren't supposed to contact us as they were aware of our complaints, but that the staff member responsible for addressing this is away on 'annual leave' with no return date..... We are at the end of our tether and do not know what to do from this point on..... Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Lindsay
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