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Found 28 results

  1. Does anyone have the name, postal address and if possible email address for the CEO /MD of Swinton Car insurance please?
  2. Hi just want some advice here, there's probably not a lot I can do and I think I'm probably a bit 'bang to rights' but do want an opinion or two if anyone can offer anything of the sort. I live in a household with a lot of cars, and even though swinton wasn't the cheapest we went with them as we didn't want all the cars insured by different companies. Anyway everythings gone fine for about 6 months and everythings been paid on time. Today I've got a bunch of letters (one for each policy) informing me that the policies have been cancelled, I am not sure why this is - my sister who is also affected rang them up and they say they can't help at this time (I'll get clarification on this if I can), but it's probably because of a missing utility bill we were supposed to send? Now it's not been requested of me, like my proof of no claims bonus was, so this is news to me. What's bothering me the most, is that each policy has been cancelled for each car - and all the letters were received today together yet are printed on different dates, giving 7 days notice. Now some letters were printed a couple of days ago, but the letter for the cancellation of my car was printed on the 5th of this month, and delivered alongside a letter printed on the 18th for another policy. Which means (and i've just checked askmid to confirm, in the last week i've driven across the country a couple of times completely uninsured and completely unaware, and i'm sure i'll have come across a tax checking camera in all that mileage. Losing the insurance policy is one thing, I'm not thrilled about this. I don't evade having insurance, however in court ignorance would not stand up. I know it's christmas and post can be late (actually it's not as I've just received a bunch of parcels I ordered day before yesterday using standard shipping rates). I suppose I'm asking if i've grounds for complaint. I've still yet to figure out why the policy has been cancelled, but I'm not happy about the me driving for over a week uninsured part. The car is now off the public road.
  3. evening I have insurance with Swintons I missed my payment, in a sense, it was due to go out on the Monday but they tried to take it on the Friday before, it didn't clear as I hadn't put the funds in due to the fact I expected it to go out on the actual date which was the Monday. As a result I received bank charges which put me overdrawn, meaning I received a further bank charge which in line made my payment bounce again at the 2nd attempt. Now I have a letter saying the cancellation has began and cannot be stopped and I have a £50 fee on top of my outstanding balance with them. Anything I can do or do I just have to suck it up? Cheers
  4. I very recently took out a new insurance policy with Swinton; this was to replace an existing policy which was also with Swinton, although at a different branch. I gave the new Swinton branch all of the necessary info to set up a new direct debit for the new policy, and then cancelled the existing direct debit for the cancelled policy. I have just received a Statutory Default Notice, served under Section 87(1) of the CCA, from the new branch!! It states that it has been issued due to the fact that I have cancelled my direct debit!! I phoned them immediately and explained that the only direct debit cancelled was for the 'old' policy with a different branch. They stated that as they use the same reference number for all of their direct debits, in cancelling my direct debit for the old policy, their systems believed I had also cancelled the new direct debit. They have re-instated my direct debit over the phone, apologised for issuing me with a DN, and offerred £20 in compensation. I am not concerned about compensation per se, but have raised a complaint with them which they say they must officially respond to within 20 working days, as per the FOS rules? I have asked for confirmation that the DN will not appear anywhere on my credit files, along with more minor questions. Is it likely that the DN will be registered with CRA's please, when I've done absolutely nothing wrong?? They told me on the phone that this won't happen, but I thought all DN's would end up on credit files? As the issuing of it was completely down to their own flawed systems, and no payment has been missed, can I try and bring them to task in some way for their ineptitude please? Is there anything else I can do to ensure the DN will not appear on my credit files please? The complaint I raised with them was done over the phone; will this be okay if I need to take things further please?? (I have had an email from them today, explaining that they have opened a complaint on their complaints system, on the strength of my phone call to them). Many thanks to anybody who can point me in the right direction.
  5. http://www.insuranceage.co.uk/insurance-age/news/2379614/fca-fines-and-bans-three-former-swinton-senior-executives?utm_term=&utm_content=FCA%20fines%20and%20bans%20three%20former%20Swinton%20senior%20executives&utm_campaign=IA.Daily_RL.EU.A.U&utm_medium=Email&utm_source=IA.DCM.Editors_Updates "Ban follows enforcement action in 2013 and Halpin, Bowyer and Clare have been barred from senior roles at FCA regulated firms. The Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) has fined three former senior executives of Swinton Group a combined total of £928,000 and banned them from performing various roles at financial services firms. The FCA's action follows previous enforcement action taken against Swinton in 2013 when the company was fined £7.4m after it adopted an aggressive sales strategy that resulted in mis-sales of monthly add-on insurance policies. A culture of pushing for high sales and increased profit without regard for customers had developed at Swinton according to the regulator. Peter Halpin, former chief executive of Swinton, was fined £412,700 and is banned from acting as chief executive of a financial services firm. Anthony Clare, the former finance director, was fined £208,600 and is banned from performing significant influence functions at financial services firms. And the same ban has also been placed on Nicholas Bowyer, former marketing director, who was fined £306,700. Competence All three have been banned on the basis of showing a lack of competence in their respective former roles. Tracey McDermott, director of enforcement and financial crime at the FCA, said: "A culture was allowed to develop within Swinton that pushed for high sales and increased profit without regard to the impact on the firm's customers. "We expect firms to put customers at the heart of their business. These three directors should have recognised the risk to customers and redressed the balance so that the drive to maximise profits did not jeopardise the fair treatment of customers. "Those with significant influence within firms are responsible for setting the tone and the culture; they set the example that others will follow. Action "Today's enforcement action should serve as a timely reminder to those at the very top of firms that the FCA is determined to hold individuals to account where they fall short of the standard we require." A statement from Halpin reads: "I sincerely regret any possible unintended detriment suffered by customers. "I acted in good faith at all times and it is of some significant comfort that the Regulator did not impugn my integrity, nor find that my conduct was improperly motivated by incentive arrangements". Swinton was also fined £770,000 in 2009 for failures in its sales of PPI"
  6. I have a policy with Swinton and went into their local branch to get a quote on a new car that we had been thinking of buying. Their price was more expensive than elsewhere, so I asked how much it would cost us to cancel - The insurance for the car was £139 per year (old car TPFT) and they wanted £50 cancellation fee plus £39 for the remainder of the policy.. I have already paid 9 monthly instalments of £11.00 The girl in the branch said she could leave the direct debit as is and continue to pay it till it comes to an end, so I said ok. I thought she had meant just let my insurance run and continue paying my normal amount , but today I have a letter stating that my monthly payments are increasing. So they have added the above charges to the direct debit. 1. The insurance is in my name but the DD comes out of my wifes account. Can they just up the payment without her consent? 2. I never cancelled the policy. I have nothing from them confirming this either. 3. I also have a credit agreement here that they have asked me to sign and return (branch copy) but somehow I never got round to sending it. Thank you.
  7. Hello, Just wondering whether Swinton Insurance would have records of myself contacting them in 2007, 2008, 2009 & 2010 - both by telephone and letter. As this is such a long time ago, I am not sure whether it is worth me making a Subject Access Request with them. The Subject Access Request is in relation to this thread: http://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/forum/showthread.php?425787-Car-theft-insurance-didn-t-pay
  8. I have just renewed my insurance with them 2 weeks ago, and last week they sent me a letter stating that they had not received my signed credit agreement within 14 days and so are charging me £24 for this. The issue is that I did not receive the credit agreement in order for me to sign it! is it worth me ringing them to try to get the charge removed or is there little point?
  9. Can anyone advise or give opinion please? We are about to move home and my present insurance company has told me that I cannot move my policy onto our new home and it will have to be cancelled and we have to start a new policy. They want me to pay a £50 cancellation fee, which I feel is unfair because I do not want to cancel my insurance- I just want to move home and have my new home insured. On top of that, as I pay by Direct Debit they say I have to pay off the rest off the policy which has 6 months to go. They say they have paid the policy up front for me and allowed me to pay by DD so the remaining part of the policy has to be paid. Why should I have to do that if we are not insured for our old home and will be paying for a policy on our new home? They are making us pay £50 cancellation when we do not want to cancel and on top of that we have to pay another £100 to pay off our policy before starting a new one. If you buy a new car, the insurer will transfer the policy and make adjustment to the payments. I feel that what they are doing is completely wrong but they argue they are within their rights. They say their cooling off time has a cancellation fee of £25 if you decide not to go ahead!!
  10. my insurance due on 10/01/2014,but I had already told swinton that I would not automatically renew even so they took a direct debit payment for the new instance in December, so I cancelled direct debit,after going on comparison site swinton where still cheapest so I signed and set up new direct debit,this was on 29/12/2013,on the 9/1/2014 I had a letter from swinton telling me that they had cancelled insurance because they couldn't collect direct debit and they are charging me £50 even though I was 13.50 in credit with them and the monthly amount was £6.20,I phoned them and explained and I got the impression they didn't like how cheap I had got insurance,any advice
  11. Hi, Yet more grief with the above company. This is more of a warning to you than asking advice. A stolen car hit my van which was a write off. I made a claim then decided to withdraw claim and use the MIB. Now before i ceased the claim i have been getting unsolicted calls from ambulance chaser company's. The only people who knew about the accident were the Police and the insurance company. I written a letter of complaint to Swinton head office in Manchester saying why have they passed my personal information on with out my consent and breaching the data protection act. This is the response they give word for word.(main juicy bits) I write further to your complaint received on the 25 September 2013 regarding the number of calls that you say you have recently received from Third Parties, who attempted to discuss any claims that you may have had. You believe that you are receiving these as a result of Swinton passing on your data to these Third Parties. The investigation has included discussions, with external suppliers and business partners who manage our customers claims on our behalf. As a result of these discussions it has come to light that there has been a breach of data, not only in respect of our customers but other companies as well. I would like to take this opportunity to reassure you that the breach is limited to claims details and is not as a result of any action by Swinton. I can confirm that this breach of data is in the process of being further investigated by the relevant authorities. In view of this i am unable to provide any further information at present. However, once concluded letters will be provided to those affected by this. I advise the information Commissioner is aware of this matter. That's the ins and outs of the letter. So just be on your guard with this company. Also there chasing me for cancellation charges on my insurance but im playing the i want answers to this debarkle first so i suggest you freeze the charges or write them off as a goodwill gesture. There passing the buck it seems and i firmly believe its there cock up and not a business partner of Swinton. Now why would the under writers want to get involved selling information seems to baffle me to. Can't be that much to be made from it and the risks out weight the results. Thats just my opinion. If this is in wrong thread please move and sorry in advance. Michael
  12. Basically i used comparethemarket.com to get a quote. I put the reg of the vehicle in the search box and it came back as a totally different vehicle. So i manually put the vans details in and even then there was no match for my exact vehicle. I have told Swinton this and they told me to contact the DVLA. To which i did, they told me the system they use was correct and my vehicle matched there records so that leaves me thinking that comparethemarket.com system is wrong. Now this is the juicy bit. I have had to make a claim as a stolen vehicle has hit my vehicle. It will be written off no doubt. Will my insurance be invalid if there is a difference in the wording of my vehicle body description? I have a 1997 ford transit td swb transit (minibus) it is insured as a 1997 ford transit 100 76hp semi hi roof (nearest accurate description i could find.) Im stuck in the middle to what to do. DVLA are happy and there system is fine, Swinton are saying DVLA are wrong and i think whatever system Comparethemarket use is wrong. Please help and advise and thank you all for reading and helping. Michael
  13. Swinton failed to inform customers that the policies were optional and separate from the core cover Insurer Swinton has been fined £7.4m and has set aside more than £11m to compensate customers after the City regulator found it had mis-sold add-on insurance policies over a two-year period. It is the biggest fine of its kind for an insurer and comes days after the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) announced an investigation into the market in add-ons. The FCA said that between April 2010 and April 2012 Swinton had sold personal accident, home emergency and motor breakdown policies to customers without providing enough information about the terms and conditions or cancellation process. The policies, which made the firm £93m, were sold alongside home and motor insurance, but the FCA said Swinton had not made it clear that they were optional extras and separate from the core cover being bought. The insurer failed to properly monitor sales calls and its aggressive sales strategy meant it failed to treat customers fairly, the FCA said. The problems emerged when a new chief executive, Christophe Bardet, was appointed at Swinton and conducted a review of the business, and the insurer reported itself to the regulator. The firm set aside £11.2m to compensate customers who were victims of mis-selling, and in summer 2012 it contacted more than 650,000 policyholders who it believes may have been affected. So far it has returned £1.9m. http://www.guardian.co.uk/money/2013/jul/16/swinton-fined-mis-sold-insurance-add-ons So you mis-sell insurance, make £93m, get caught and fined £7.4m, pay out £1.9m and set aside another £11.2m. That still leaves a cool £72.5m that you otherwise would not have earned if there had been no mis-selling at all. I bet they couldn't pay that fine quick enough.
  14. Hello all, Having a spot of bother with the Swinton. Not really sure how to go about sorting it. It's a long story so I apologise in advance. I took a policy out with swinton on the 9th of January 2013 for car insurance online. Two days later I received a courtesy call for a Swinton rep who explained that I would receive some documents to sign and would need to return them in 7 days failure to do so would incurre a £24 charge (Nice welcome). He mentioned my no claims and that I would need to send to a copy a.s.a.p. I explained that I had not received it from previous insurers. He then told me I had 14 days but also said 'Don't worry, if you have any problems we can contact them on your behalf'. I contacted previous insurance and they said they would send one out. A few days later no sign of my Proof of no claims and we were hit with snow. I called Swinton to explain and suggested with time being short and weather being bad that it would be easier if they contacted my previous insurer and requested proof be faxed. I was told that Swinton does not contact previous insurers and that it was down to me and if I did get the PNC they said I would be charged an Admin fee and I would have to pay a higher premium. Slightly annoyed now as this was not what was said during a courtesy call, I said that I would have to cancel that snow isn't my fault. So seeing a I had 3 days of the 14 day cooling off (or so I thought) I wanted to cancel now. I was told I could cancel but I would have to pay for time on cover (fair enough) £50 cancellation (annoying be fair enough) and additional £74 for Admin fees. Not happy - told the guy I would call back. Called the Ombudsmon they said the £74 sounded suspect. Called Swinton again talk to someone different who said not to worry I actually had until the 9th of Feb. Ok I thought.. Couple of days later I received a Cancellation notice from Swinton as I had not provided PNC within the 14 days. Quite annoyed I wrote a letter of complaint. As it was a weekend I would be able to post it recorded until the Monday, during this, Swinton took first payment of the supposedly cancelled policy so I had the bank reverse it. The Monday morning I received PNC so I sent a copy of it with a letter (recorded) to Swinton complaining and giving 7 working days to reply. I had no reply. I called was told that it was an admin error and the policy was still in place. Due personal matters I reset the direct debit and carried on with the policy. Originally I set the D/D up for the 29th of each month due to Feb only having 28 days this year Feb payment would go out on the 2nd of march and then marches payment would go on the 29th and the 29th there after. Feb's payment went out on the 2nd. March 29th payment didn't. I called Swinton.. again... And was told that according to their system D/D payments where set for the 2nd of each month. fine I thought until last months payment went out on the 2nd and the 29th. Really annoyed at the miss information I reversed the 29th thinking Swinton had made a mistake and left the D/D setup so payments could be take on the second as agreed. This morning I received a letter from Swinton telling me that my insurance has been cancelled and I now have seven days to pay £244. If I do not then they would charge the card used to make the deposit. If that fails they will pass on the debt to a collections agency. I don't know what to do. Phone calls get me nowhere. Writing to them gets no replies (even sent recorded and threats of ombudsmun). The ombudsmun can't step in without a dead lock letter and I would need to follow Swinton complaints. Which means writing to local branch (who don't reply) and then to head office and going by the calls I have made will more than likely divert matters back to local branch. I'm happy to write to these idiots but time is very short. I can't really take the hit of paying £244 to Swinton and then X amount on another policy. Any suggestion would gratefully received. Thank you all. Gaz Again sorry about the novel.
  15. Last year I had to scrap my car and called in to my local office to cancel the insurance. The rep was really offhand and kept telling us that the amount we had to keep paying was because it had already been advanced to the insurance company. I had no problem with that but his attitude stank. So much so that when the house insurance came up for renewal we changed brokers. We informed Swinton and their provider and still they tried taking money out of our bank account. Then came the threats to send the account to a DCA. Two weeks later another letter turned up with a cheque for overpayment. Guess where we will be getting our other insurances from. Big clue..... Not Swintons.
  16. Hi folks. The OH received this little missive today. We think the story behind it is this. We cancelled a car insurance last year when it had to be scrapped. Of course we had to pay for early cancelation fees to the insurer, Swinton and a proportion of the cash-back promotion, which were being paid for by reducing the DD. Just before it would have been renewed the OH stopped the SO and asked for the final figure to pay, which would have been payed by card. This was requested by letter. What she received was several letters stating she was behind with payments etc. with the usual threats to pass it to DCA's the last one was dated 28 th Feb. However on 25th Feb she received a letter stating that after all recalculations she was having money paid into her account. We have had numerous calls from CRS but nothing in writing until this. Should she just ignore it, or send Swinton a "What's going on letter." Cheers [ATTACH=CONFIG]43007[/ATTACH]
  17. Here is my experince with dealing with Swinton's and a copy of my complaint that I have sent to them today. My advice is always check prices online and never deal with a Swinton's branch offices where there main aim is try and get as much money out of the customer as possible. I took out car insurance for my Citroen C3 on 2nd Dec2012. I am now taking delivery of a newChevrolet Spark 1000cc on 01/03/2013 and called my local branch to change thecar details. I asked your representative David to change the policy andwas informed that I couldn't and would have to take out a new policy costing£348.16 an increase of £217.51 on my existing policy despite the fact that theCitroen is insurance group 6 and the Chevrolet is insurance group 3. I checked on line and found that Swintons quote for 12months insurance for the Chevrolet was only £132.17 which is £215.99 less thanDavid had quoted me. I then calledSwinton's quote line to ask if I could amend a policy when buying a new car andwas told that I could for a fee of £25 which is not what David told me. I then called in to the Cannock office and asked why I hadbeen told that I couldn't amend my policy and was told that I could and thecharge was £25, I asked why I was quoted £348.16 and was informed that thecharge was £25 + any extra that the insurance cost for the particular car. I then checked on line to get an up to date quote for theCitroen and Swinton's price was £178.56 which confirms what I already new thatthe Chevrolet wouldn't cost more to cover than the Citroen. My complaint is that I was misinformed by David about beingable to amend my policy and asked to pay £348.16 when I should have had to payonly £25. I phoned David and asked him to cancel the new policy andhave had to now insure with a new provider at a cost of £163.24. Although they were not as cheap as Swinton'squote of £132.17 I would prefer to pay the higher price rather than return to acompany who are happy to mislead their customers in this way.
  18. Can anyone advise please? I changed my home insurance from company A to company B (swinton) in December 2012. As the renewal had come up from company A, I decided to look for a better quote and came up with company B. Filled in forms gave them bank details and had policy at hand before old policy ended. There was 2 weeks between one and the other ending and starting. In those last 2 weeks we had a broken window and had to claim off policy A although it was due to end soon after .Remember I had already filled in all the details with B and disclosed all there was at that time. At renewal time with policy B I would have had to disclose the latest claim with policy A. Started with policy B and all was well until I had to make a claim this week. They said as I had not disclosed my last claim to them with policy A, they would not be able to pay out. I feel this is unfair as I had already disclosed all to them at the time I took out the policy and did not realise I would have to until renewal. I am not happy in the least about this. I hid nothing from them at the time of taking out the policy. Has anyone any advice please?
  19. Hi My house insurance was due for renewal in december - i had a leeter from Swinton and called them telling them that i was moving but details had remained same as previous year although I may be looking for landlord insurance as I was renting my proprty out. The chappie wasn't very forward in offering me a quote so i decided to look elsewhere. i paid my last direct debit and then cancelled as i had not asked them to renew for me and thought i was paid up end of. i have moved and recived a letter to the old address stating that i had to pay them a cancellation fee of £50 plus £191.74 for this years cover - which I dont want anyway !! I called them up and spoke to a 'girl' who told me that I have to go instore and prove that my house is insured elsewhere and if there are any gaps in the dates I have to pay swinton the difference ! The 'girl' also told me they would be using the card i used when I originally took the insurance out to take the full amount out of my account on tuesday 5th if i dont go instore before then - I explained to the 'girl' that under no circumstances do i give permission for swinton to take the money as I have not asked for the service! - she explained that she wasnt going to get into an arguement with me and I did my very best to remain calm at this point ! Apparently when I took the insurance out I am obliged to enable them to automatically renew my insurance ? now I understand why the first chap had no intention to quote me as he thought it was 'in the bag' ! if im not even living there how can they possibly expect me to pay them ? it states they will try to take payment and if this fails, they will try taking the following month and after this point i will incur a £25.00 charge and my details be passed to a debt recovery agency !! any suggestions guys ? many thanks!
  20. As im going through my non priority debts this is debt 4 of 17 not on CRA with swinton insurance for cancelling an insurance premium i had with the for car insurance now the debt is for £726.71 from 2011 to april 2012 heres what swinton say dated outstanding balance left on direct debit £1319.43 insurer refund - £740.91 as swinton were the broker cancelation charge £148.19 total oustanding £726.71 now are these charges fair ? next they passed the debt to ARC europe ltd DCA who wrote out on 17 may 2012 saying debts been passed to them and i owe £751.71 they phone atleast 6 times a day next letter dated 28 may 12 from trevor munn solicitors stateing unless patyment there going to issue court proceedings next letter dated 13 june 12 trever munn solicitors asking for payment and to contact a agent at ARC europe ltd or an extra £125 is going on top of the debt around august 2012 as i was working and i couldnt bear the phone calls all day i agreed over the phone to make a £5 payment via visa debit and £5 aweek thereafter which week 2 my job contract finished and i was back on JSA so i never made the next payment next letter came from trevor munn solicitors again dated 3 sep 2012 steteing i failed to keep up agreement an whole debt of £751.71 is due what happend to the £5 i gave em legal proceeding will comence etc next letter dated 13 sep 2012 from ARC europe ltd saying there willing to accept £5 every week again any ideas on going forward with this as im on JSA now and i was foolish to give arc my debit card details for wich i cancelled card and have a new one so they carnt acces my debit card any ideas what to do first as they phone me 6-8 times a day thanks DW
  21. I took out a motor insurance policy with Swinton back in April. The policy was taken out online then passed to my local branch. They wrote to me asking for proof of no claims and to complete the credit agreement form, to which both were posted to the local brach. A week later I received a letter asking for proof of no claims, but as the letter stated that if I had sent it back within the last few days please ignore the letter. As this was the case I ignored the letter. A week later I received another letter stating that the policy would be cancelled within seven days if I did not provide proof of no claims. At this point I called my local branch and was advised to ignore the letter as they had proof of no claims and there was no further issue. Just over a week later I received a cancellation letter and a cancellation charge of £50. At this point I wrote to my local branch and asked why it had been cancelled when they had all relevant paperwork. No response was received so I called the office but the phone just constantly rang. I sent a further letter and still no reply. I cancelled the direct debit as I had already paid a months premium which covered more than the period I was insured and was not prepared to pay any further premiums or charges as the fault was with their local branch not myself. No response was received until today when I received a letter from Regal Credit Consultants demanding £131.68! I called them this morning but the stroppy operator wasn’t interested in anything I had to say, but just that the outstanding balance is now legally owed and they were going to pursue no matter what. This includes external doorstep collectors. I am now in the process of writing to them detailing the situation and stating that I do not owe the amount stated and that any collection agent calling will be turned away. What I now need is advice on where I stand legally with this. Do I take it up with Swinton head office or do I go to trading standards? Any helpful advice will be gratefully appreciated. Thanks.
  22. Every year I always shop around for my car insurance, I never auto renew it, my car insurance was due in mid May. At the end of April I got a phonecall from Swinton's Stratford-upon-Avon branch and I told him I was NOT renewing my policy with them as was not happy with how my policy had been dealt with or the renewal price, I'd got the renewal info a day before, he said it was the best price I was getting, my response was to again say I am not renewing my policy with your company. I bought and paid in full for a new policy with another company, a week after the renewal date the 1st envelope from Swinton arrived with my 'thanks for renewing your policy' and the documents enclosed , I phoned up and asked what they were playing at as I'd already told them I was not renewing etc etc, get told I have to return the documents and provide proof of insurance. The 2nd letter with the 2nd certificate etc arrived within 3 days, so I made a round trip of 28 miles, gave them their certificates and bumf back, they refused to print out my certificate which was the only proof I had as my insurers are online (my printers broken) they refused to accept the cert number as proof (most other companies do this OK), so I got angry and told them to f off and they were getting no money out of me for something I didn't want or ask for, I also told them I had cancelled my direct debit and warned my bank (normally I pay in full). Since this I have had a few letters mentioning about my direct debit, then they're going to reapply for my direct debit and now they want £120 for fees for this product I never wanted to start with.............................the saga is ongoing
  23. I'll try and keep to the point on this post... My Mother has used Swinton since she started driving 10 years ago or more now, made one claim (Which was paid in full by the third party) and lived at the same address. She recently found that she was actually paying more for her insurance than me (22years old, Vauxhall Chavalier, Living in Essex...) and asked Swinton what the problem was. They informed her that she had various other policies that she'd never asked for and Mum asked for the rep to knock them all on the head at no cost, which was agreed. Now, they're sending DCA's after her for a £40 missed payment, inflated to about £200, which she doesn't have. This isn't the first time I've heard of Swinton giving tin-pot DCA's Carte Blanche to do as they please and add on completely absurd fees, but why? She's now insured with a small, independant broker who she pays in cash on a monthly basis and has been nothing but helpful, so why can the new broker be honest, and not be adding on life cover, accident cover and all this tripe? She's saved 50% by going to a proper broker and I've even been in there and paid on the odd occasion and have nothing but good things to say. The Swinton Reps in Mum's town are all 16 years old and just want to sell another policy, even when you're going in there to make a genuine query on an existing one! Can the DCA be ignored and told to go away? Swinton have no losses to show as the policy was up anyway, the final payment had been made and Mum just wanted shot of them. They're charging this over-inflated cancellation fee when in fact, the policy was due to cancel only a fortnight after!
  24. Hi everyone i have been reading all the problems that you are having with swinton and insurance, i have recently had a financial review with the bank and it came to light that i am paying for insurance (motor breakdown) and (home emergency gold) both equalling £16 month which dosnt sound a lot but it adds up. i know that i never took out this as i have both of these from my bank and have done for over 6 years. i did have car insurance wit them and this was cancelled a year ago and i have a suspicion this has been done with out my permission as they had my details from the car. i know that when i rang to cancell the car last year it cost and think that this is going to cost me big time again. if its been a year then they owe me £170 at least so why should it cost me now i know if i just cancel the direct debit in the bank they will chase me for the money and im sure threatening letters would be sent i need some advise quickly please who to contact and how to stop paying thanks karren
  25. I understand Swinton are the insurance broker so can I contact the insurer direct and so not have to pay a cancellation charge. I have one month left on my policy and they want to charge me £50 to cancel. I said i wouldn't bother but they said if it comes to their attention that the vechile is being insured some where else then they would cancel the ploicy and still charge me. I thought i was doing them a favour letting them know so they didn't send any renewal quotes next month
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